Friday, February 19, 2010

3.5L Eco-Boost Engine

• Simply put, EcoBoost provides the fuel economy customers demand, with the performance they need — the power of a V8 and the economy of a V6
• Achieves the balance of power and economy through two key technologies:
– Twin turbochargers which provide power
– Direct injection which provides fuel economy and reduced emissions

• Let customers feel the performance, then marvel at the fuel economy through a test-drive
• Take your customers through a situation using quick acceleration — like pulling away from a stoplight or passing another vehicle on a road. Let them feel the peak torque across a very wide engine speed range. Talk about its usable performance that’s available all the time. They won’t need to wind the engine out to get the performance out of it
• Paint a picture for customers. Have them think of the direct injection system like the mist from an atomizer bottle that you spray to keep yourself cool. EcoBoost creates a fine spray that atomizes the fuel, making it easy to ignite and burn completely

• Inform customers that EcoBoost has been designed and tested for use without any special operating precautions. They don’t need to sit and idle before switching the engine Off. They don’t need to observe special oil-change intervals, and they don’t need special oil
• Be sure to tell your EcoBoost customers that direct-injection engines mechanically sound different than other gasoline engines. In certain environments, when standing outside the vehicle with the engine running at idle, you may notice a slight ticking sound. This is a normal operating condition for high-pressure, direct-injection fuel systems

Available on:
2010 Flex
2010 Taurus