Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Advance Trac with Roll Stabilty Control from Ford

Presenting Advance Trac with Roll Stability Control from Ford Motor Company.
• The system combines information from several sensors, including the steering wheel angle, lateral acceleration and yaw rate, to determine when the vehicle begins to lose directional control. So when you are a little overly zealous through the curves your vehicle will help save you from flipping. When the system senses wheel-slip or the loss of traction, it applies braking where needed to keep the vehicle tracking safely on its intended path. It is constantly checking your wheels something crazy like 60 times a second.
• Unlike competitor’s systems, the Ford-exclusive RSC system uses a second gyroscopic roll-rate sensor to accurately measure the vehicle’s roll rate. Using the roll-rate sensor, RSC can adapt the level of control to the loading conditions of the vehicle. If an unstable condition is anticipated, the system selectively applies individual brakes and modifies engine power to enhance vehicle roll resistance. Additionally, RSC uses the information from the roll-rate sensor to provide not only roll control, but enhanced side-slip control over competitors without a roll-rate sensor. This technology was launched nearly ten years ago. Ford is truly leading the way in safe SUV's. These three technologies are working together to address safe driving.

If you visit Gresham Ford on 242nd and Powell Blvd in Gresham you can see how the AdvanceTrac button on the instrument panel and how it provides the following electronic stability enhancement features for certain driving situations:
– Traction Control (TCS), which functions to help avoid drive-wheel spin and loss of traction
– Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which functions to help avoid skids or lateral slides
– Roll Stability Control (RSC), which functions to help avoid a vehicle rollover
With all this technology remember, you can't deny physics so drive safe.
Click Here to see a YouTube Video that details this fascinating technology.

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