Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fiesta Proves Itself

Fiesta has already received rave reviews in
Europe and Asia, and it’s scheduled to go
on sale in North America next summer.
Over the last several months, the
100 Fiesta Movement agents have
been spending a lot of time in their
cars out in public and online using
a variety of today’s media. What have
the agents discovered about Fiesta?
This car is ready to deliver on all fronts.
Here’s a sampling of their latest updates.

Stylish Inside and Out
Fiesta’s sleek design, attention to detail and use of
premium materials set it apart from other small cars.
It looks great with accessories too, for that
personal touch. Key features include:
• Available 4-door or
5-door configurations
• Chrome accents
• Aggressive low roofline
• New, vibrant exterior colors
• Edgy interior design that
features premium
materials throughout

Fun to Drive and Connected
With its European driving dynamics, precision
steering and lightning-fast gear changes, Fiesta
is as fun to drive on city streets as it is on the
expressway. Key features include:
• Ford of Europe-developed vehicle dynamics
• Engineered for low noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
• Electric power-assisted rack-and‑pinion steering for nimble,
precise response
• Multifunction display in
center stack
• SYNC®(1)
Fiesta agent Hilary McHone put
more than 20,000 miles on her
Fiesta in the first three months
of her “missions.” Agents
Brad and Emma
took their Fiesta on
a 48-state tour …
comfortably in style.
Exterior Design
Fiesta agent Jonathan
Nafarrete photographed
Fiesta in front of some of the most creative and
colorful street art in and around Los Angeles.
Which was the work of art? It was honestly a toss-up.
Check out his video on fiestamovement.com;
select agent Jonathan N., and click on the
Style/Design mission to watch.

“Its peppy little 1.6-liter Duratec four-banger delivers
an acceptable 118 hp and 112 lb.-ft. of torque in
surprisingly smooth fashion for such a small engine,
but getting at that power is made all the more fun by
a lively five-speed manual with gears spaced just right
to keep you in the fat of the power band without
constant rowing.” — Natalie Neff, AutoWeek
Courtney Force, NHRA driver
and Fiesta Movement agent, was
impressed with the Fiesta technology
features, such as Push Button Start,
Bluetooth®(2) capability and voiceactivated
Fiesta is designed to meet safety standards
around the world. Key features include:
• Ford of Europe-developed
Intelligent Protection System
with up to seven airbags
• Frame is stiffer and lighter
than previous European model
• Up to 55 percent usage of
high-strength boron steel
Fiesta’s 118-horsepower 1.6L I-4 engine is
designed for power, fuel economy and low
emissions. It meets the demands of the
European and American markets for
well‑appointed, fuel-efficient vehicles.
Agent Seth Beck, aka “Fiestavus,”
reported average fuel economy in his
1.6L manual Fiesta of 32.1 mpg. His
best fuel economy was 38.1 mpg.
He also reported an average 275.5
miles per fill-up. Check out his stats at
Accessories, Aftermarket
and Performance
(1) Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Only use mobile phones and
other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so. Text message features,
including text message traffic alerts, are designed to work with SYNC’s text message-reading
feature or when the vehicle is stopped. Never read text messages while driving.
(2) The Bluetooth word mark is a registered trademark of the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
Fiesta is designed to meet safety standards
around the world. Key features include:
• Ford of Europe-developed
Intelligent Protection System
with up to seven airbags
• Frame is stiffer and lighter
than previous European model
• Up to 55 percent usage of
high-strength boron steel
Agent Ryan Dembrosk took an
interesting trip to the “Will It Blend?”
viral video studio in Orem, UT. Ryan
was on a mission to determine how
boron steel would stand up to this
truly unique test. Check out his video.
“I’m averaging 40 mpg from L.A. to San Francisco.”
— Agent Beto “Mooncricket” Lopez on TwitterTM
Fiesta is ideal for accessories and other vehicle personalization
features. Some noteworthy Fiesta aftermarket performance feats:
• A rally-race-prepared Fiesta placed second in the 2009 Pike’s
Peak International Hill Climb, driven by international rally star
Marcus Grönholm, earning him Rookie of the Year honors
• Fiesta claimed two winning spots at the X Games Rally
Competition Finale, including the gold medal won by
Kenny Brack at the wheel of the Olsbergs Motorsport
Evolution Ford Fiesta. Brack’s teammate Tanner Foust won
the bronze with the ROCKSTAR Fiesta
One Ford,
a Global Vehicle
Fiesta is the first truly global vehicle to arise
from the One Ford strategy. Approximately
90 percent of its content will be shared
all over the world. Fiesta will be built in
Europe, Asia and North America. It will be
sold on those continents as well as Africa
and Australia.
Fiesta’s key selling points:
• Kinetic design inside and out
• A new level of premium content
for the small‑car segment
• Dynamic performance
Spotlight On... Inside information you can pass on to customers.
Check Out Fiesta in Travel Mode
Fiesta European model shown
Each month, agents receive an assignment and embark
on various “missions” built around a central theme.
The themes are:
• Travel
• Technology
• Style / Design
• Social Activism
• Adventure
• Entertainment
The Fiesta Movement
Miss ions
In the first month alone, Fiesta agents
drove nearly 250,000 miles, which
puts them on pace to drive over
1.5 million miles during the
course of the summer.