Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ford Fiesta follows the Truck of the Year

All-New Fiesta and
Transit Connect
Follow Global
The Ford Motor Company
strategy for moving ahead
in the 21st century
can be summed up
in two words:
“One Ford.”
What Is “One Ford”?
The “One Ford” philosophy was developed
to create a more consistent and compelling
connection with customers worldwide, while
better leveraging the company’s global assets
and capabilities.
“The progress we have made in working
together to create a ‘One Ford’ global
enterprise during the past two years gives
us a unique competitive advantage in
today’s environment.” Ford President and
CEO Alan Mulally
So What Does
That Mean to the U.S.?
In simplest terms, it means this: In North America we will continue
to need and have great products specific to our market such as F-Series,
Fusion, Escape and Taurus. But what it also means is that in certain
segments where manufacturing efficiencies can be found, we will see
some of Ford Motor Company’s proven, global platforms come to the U.S.
Here are two key examples of “One Ford” at work:
The 2010 Transit Connect is designed
to meet the needs of small-business
owners with a combination of low
operating and ownership costs,
payload capacity and cargo space.
More than 600,000 Transit Connects
have been sold since 2003, in 58
countries on four continents.Fiesta, Ford’s new well-appointed
subcompact car, is creating
buzz and curiosity in a variety
of markets. This car has already
received rave reviews in Europe
and has recently entered the Asian
market. The U.S. version is slated
to arrive mid-2010.In early April, at the New York Auto Show, the first group of
Fiesta Movement “agents” was introduced to their specially
built Fiestas. This select group of 100 agents was selected from
a large pool of applicants that applied by submitting videos to
become a part of the Fiesta movement.
While at the show, some new agents were introduced to the
press. Each was on hand to talk about their impression of Fiesta
after their initial test‑drives of this exciting new, global car.
Following the New York Auto Show, other agents from around the
country took delivery of their Fiestas and, over the course of the
next several months, will take their cars on a variety of “missions,”
introducing the public to Fiesta. As part of the plan, each of their
missions will be recorded and posted to a variety of cutting-edge,
highly connected media like YouTube, Flickr and Facebook.

Designed for the specific needs of small-business owners, Transit Connect
can be customized for almost any job. Highlights include:
What’s Going On with Fiesta Right Now?
• 22 mpg city/25 mpg hwy.
• Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight
Rating (GVWR) of 4965 lbs. on
Wagons and 5005 lbs. on Vans
• 1600-lb. maximum payload capacity
• 135-cu.-ft. maximum cargo volume
• Over 4.5 ft. of cargo area height
and width
• Two rear cargo door designs that
open 180 degrees (standard)
or 255 degrees (optional)• Overall compact design
with a low 6-ft.-8-in.
roof clearance
• 39-ft. turning diameter
• Front-wheel drive
• Excellent visibility