Friday, February 12, 2010

Lets Talk Highlights of the Ford Fiesta

The buzz about Fiesta has given us clear signals as to what features are hitting our customers' sweet spots. Here's a quick rundown of a few of these top features. Fiesta's kinetic and fluid European styling along with its lively color palette gives the the Millennial consumer the kind of cool look that makes a statement. Fiesta is already a sales leader in Europe and the best selling car is Asia. Who knew? Its global/Euro heritage resonates with Oregonians that appreciate such things.

Fiesta's roomy interior is great. In fact, 6 footers are comfortable behind the wheel even our own Ryan Johnson, Service Advisor. There's plenty of room for cargo especially in the 5 door hatchback. And leather? Sure, its available and with heated front seat cushions. Ladies love seat heaters.

Fiesta is a proven winner with 32 years on the road around the world. With its revolutionary small car packaging and technology it boasts 15 class exclusives.