Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy People Make it Happen

Our community is a better, more

diverse and an extremely entertaining

place because of the efforts of a few

really busy people:

Dina and Kerry Parmenter: Yes,

there were lots of parents that

worked really hard on behalf of the

Gresham High School Choir last Saturday

in assisting us with our “Drive 4UR Kids

Event”. However, as a business owner, I

was really impressed by the fact not only

did Dina and Kerry spend all day

volunteering, but they left their business,

in yes, the capable hands of their staff.

That is a huge sacrifice.

Christina Price and Cheryl Swart:

Again, there were lots of volunteers,

but Christina Price, a local Edward

Jones representative, and Cheryl Swart, of

“The Outlook”, went above and beyond to

make the first “East County’s Got Talent” a

huge success. Over the past months they

have sacrificed their own personal gain to

put together a unique show with fabulous

local talent!

Lori Stegmann: Everyone has said

that East County should have its own

Cinco de Mayo event. Well, Lori has

stepped up to chair this “first of its kind”

event at Plaza del Sol (Stark & Burnside)

on Cinco de Mayo. It will begin around

3:00 p.m. and continue until dusk. There

will be lots of family friendly entertainment

for FREE!! Please attend and may we

suggest after the event to dine at one of the

great Mexican restaurants in the area.

We can’t pay these people back for the

time they have given to our

community. It is priceless! However,

there is something that we can all consider,

we can Shop Downtown Gresham.

You just might want to drop in and see Dina

and Kerry at Elegantly Funky. Of course you

read “The Outlook”, but you might suggest

to a friend to subscribe (the coupons more

than pay for the subscription) – that would

make Cheryl happy! And, of course if you

need an Investment Advisor or an Insurance

Agent, look up Christina or Lori!! They have

earned your business 10 times over!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Save the Earth! The 2011 Ford Fiesta cloth inserts and bolsters are made from 30% post-industrial yarns that normally end up in a landfill.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Ford Fiesta gets an estimated 40 mpg highway fuel economy. That's better
than Honda, Fit, Nissan Versa, and Hyundai Accent!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fiesta is strong like bull. Over
50% of the structure is made of ultra- or high-strength steel.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Gresham Ford is among an elite group of Ford dealerships to be recognized with The 2009 President’s Award by Ford Motor Company. The prestigious award honors dealerships that have excelled in automotive retailing in 2009, by providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

This year, Ford honors 380 Ford dealers across the country for delivering a superior customer experience in sales, service and overall ownership of their Ford vehicles.

“We are so proud of this award, especially since it comes from our customers,” said Bess Wills, General Manager at Gresham Ford. “Our entire staff is committed to delivering the best customer experience possible and we’re very pleased to be recognized for that.”

Gresham Ford also is known for its active participation in community events and, through Ford’s Drive One 4 UR School program and other efforts, has raised more than $10,000 for area schools in recent years.

The President’s Award was developed in 1998. Dealers become eligible through survey responses from customers related to their service, satisfaction and overall dealership experience.

“The President’s Award signifies our gratitude for those dealers who reach beyond daily tasks and make a difference to their customers,” says Frederiek Toney, vice president of Ford Customer Service Division. “We award our dealers for their outstanding commitment to our customers because just as Ford strives to deliver the highest quality products and technologies to customers, our dealers share that same passion in providing a world-class experience in vehicle sales and service.”

About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 198,000 employees and about 90 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and, until its sale, Volvo. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce presents East County's Got Talent

Do you have your tickets to two of the FUNNEST!! Events in East County?  First - East County’s Got Talent – April 23rd at the Mt. Hood Community College. Buy your tickets now for $10. If you wait and buy
them at the door, they will be $15. You can get them at the Gresham Chamber of Commerce Office or call Gresham Ford and we will assist. Staff at the Gresham Outlook also have tickets, so there is no excuse not to get those tickets now!! This will be a great show and really one that you cannot put a price on, but yes you can attend for $10!! I went to the auditions and all of the acts I saw were worthy of a much bigger venue – let’s say the Rose Garden or Broadway!! This is Rose Garden/Broadway Talent at East County Prices!!  Second – “Soroptimist Evening of Wine Tasting and Buffet Dinner” – Friday, May 14th at Persimmon
Country Club. This is simply a fun evening of great wine, wonderful food and lots of FUN fund raising for our
community. This year’s event will support My Father’s House, My Sister’sHouse, Gresham Barlow Education Foundation and Mt. Hood Medical Center Foundation. What better than to have a great evening out and support ALL of the above at the same time!! That is truly a Win-Win!! Tickets for this event are $45 and can be purchased by calling Lani Wild, 503-665-7800.

Life is never boring in East County!!!

Bess Wills
Gresham Ford, General Manager
The Dealer with a Heart

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gresham Ford is now on Facebook

Gresham Ford is just one of the many Oregon Ford Dealerships to be on Facebook.  Bess Wills, General Manager, shared with her staff that relationships were what the Ford blue oval really stood for.  One of her favorite books is Wheels on the World.  Bess consinders herself a student of Henry Ford himself.  One of Her favorite quotes is "You CAN"T build a reputationon what you are going to do" Henry Ford. 

Gresham Ford utilizing Facebook to further build their relationships with the community.  Just last week the Gresham Ford team loaned out their new Hot Dog cart and in turn helped the Sam Barlow High Track team be more sucessful.  The Gresham Ford "Contribute to the Community" program benefits many non-profits and charities in East County.  The first facet of the program provides 10% of your purchase in the Gresham Ford parts and or service department to your charity of choice.  When you purchase a vehicle at Gresham Ford you can choose to donate $100 to your charity of choice.  Bess also loans out the hot dog cart to provide non-profits a "vehicle" to rasie money.  When you step into the Gresham Ford showroom you immediately see many large red hearts on the wall.  Each heart is the name of a charity or non-profit that Bess has helped.  For more information contact Annette Wetzel-Ramirez, the community relations director at 503-489-1605. 

Ford affects the community in many ways.  The latest adventure, Swap your Ride is creating many Ford fans.  Ford loaned non-Ford owners a new Ford vehicle to drive for a week.  The drivers didn't want to give the new Ford cars and trucks back. 

It has been a lot of fun seeing the reaction of die hard Honda owners saying that they didn't realize how nice the Ford Fusion was to drive and how advanced the technology was.  Ford vehicles have been significantly underestimated.  Ford has a new direction, One Ford. Gresham Ford greets this program because it is doing a great job of educating the public on the features and benefits of Ford products.  We know that our Ford vehicles are superior and now its time for everyone else to see it also. 

Each Gresham Ford sales professional has a Facebook account.  Even the Service advisors at Gresham Ford have Facebook accounts.  "It has really helped to connect and communicate with our customers," said Ryan Johnson, Certified Service Advisor shortly after the implementation.  The staff of Gresham Ford has begun to embrace the technology and the new side of Ford.  The Drive Smart Ford logo is a popular one around the dealership. 

Gresham Ford is a full service Oregon Ford Dealer serving the Portland and Vancouver area.   

Super Excited about the Super Duty

The Gresham Ford Fleet Department is super excited about the 2011 Ford Super Duty.  Commercial customers will appreciate the all new Ford built from the ground up truck. 

Gresham Ford Fleet knows that fleet customers need trucks that are able to do a specific job. Their reasons for buying may be just as specific, for example: a functional and dependable vehicle, low operating cost, high power and torque requirements.  Many of our Commercial Fleet customers have depended on Ford trucks for decades and trust them to support thier business.  Commercial customers are expected to make up about 20 percent of the Super Duty market. Ford Super Duty Pickups offer these buyers a variety of weight classes, heavy-duty suspensions, powerful powertrains and a number of heavy-duty options.  If you are confused by all the options contact the Gresham Ford Fleet department. 

They serve Portland and Vancouver as well and can clarify all the options available on the new 2011 Ford Super Duty Trucks.  Small Business often need to depend on their vehicles to make a living and many small businesses trust Ford and Gresham Ford.  These small businesses are often single-vehicle owners/operators or those with fewer than five vehicles. Many of these buyers are “mixed use” operators, meaning that they use their vehicles for both business and personal purposes. Many of the Oregon Ford Truck owners use their truck to haul dirt bikes and four-wheelers.  Small-business customers are expected to account for about 30 percent of the Super Duty market. Because their work trucks may also double as family vehicles, these buyers may be especially interested in comfort and convenience features.  The new 2011 Ford Super Duty trucks have more room than ever, even for tennagers.  Heavy-duty Recreational uses also compliment the Ford Super Duty.  Customers who want a truck with enhanced towing capabilities for a large travel trailer, multi-horse trailer or heavy boat. They’re also looking for trucks that can be used as campers. These buyers are expected to make up about 50 percent of the Super Duty market. Because of their special requirements for towing, off-road use or extra passengers, these buyers may be especially interested in four-wheel drive, dual-rear-wheel models or the 4-door SuperCab or Crew Cab.  All these configurations are available through the Gresham Ford Fleet Department.

For commercial customers, buying an F-250/F-350/F-450 Super Duty Pickup is a big investment. Ford’s limited warranty and optional service plans will help them be sure they are making a smart decision. Gresham Ford Fleet can cover all the options and help you decide which are right for you.  Commercial customers choosing an F-Series Super Duty Pickup have access to qualified service technicians available beyond the standard 9-to-5 business day.  Gresham Ford is proud to be a Ford Motor Company Business Preferred Network Dealer in Oregon.  Participating BPN dealerships, like Gresham Ford, are supported by a
dedicated training curriculum for sales, parts and service, and finance roles.  Larry Bishop Fleet Manager and Steve Renner are both Master Commerical Account Managers specializing in the Business Preferred Network.  Programs supporting BPN include Quality Fleet Care, Commercial Service Plus, National Fleet Parts Pricing, Ford Extended Service Plans for fleets and more.

 If you have service questions about your Super Duty contact Ryan Johnson Commercial Fleet Service Advisor for Gresham Ford at 503-665-0101 or  For more information, visit or call 888-276-4088.  However the Gresham Ford Fleet team would be happy to help.  If you are in Portland, Beaverton, Aloha or even Sandy Oregon the Gresham Ford Fleet team can handle the challenge. 
     Gresham Ford is a family owned and operated dealership.  The "Contribute to the Community" Program helps to serve the community in numerous ways.  Gresham Ford is a full service Oregon Ford Dealer offering Fleet Sales, Service, Parts and Rental Vehicles for the Vancouver and Portland area.  For more information call 503-665-0101.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New 2011 Ford Super Duty at Gresham Ford

Oregon customers demand performance and the new Super Duty® is a solid investment for their commercial, small business and heavy-duty recreational needs.  Gresham Ford is proud to offer the all-new 6.7L Power Stroke® V8 turbo diesel engine with B20 biodiesel capability is Ford-designed, Fordengineered, Ford-built and Ford-tested to deliver improved horsepower and torque with greater fuel efficiencywhen compared to the 6.4L diesel in 2010 comparable vehicle configurations. 
Click Here to see videos about the New 2011 Ford Super Duty trucks

The all-new 6.2L V8 gasoline engine is Flexible Fuel (E85) capable and also Ford-designed, Ford-engineered, Fordbuilt and Ford-tested to deliver improved horsepower and torque with greater fuel efficiency when compared to the 5.4L gasoline V8 in 2010 comparable vehicle configurations.  Gresham Ford knows how important fuel economy is to Portland and Vancouver Ford Owners. 

A Heavy Duty TorqShift® 6-speed SelectShift Automatic™ transmission with Tow/Haul mode and Progressive Range Select provides the flexibility that Ford truck owners have asked for.  The Live Drive power takeoff (PTO) allows upfitters to provide power accessories in mobile or stationary vehicle modes again providing more flexibility to Ford truck owners. 

The all-new 6.2L SOHC 2V V8 gasoline engine features a large-bore architecture for better engine breathing, a higher range of engine speed operation and improved horsepower. The SOHC valvetrain also helps maximize engine breathing and torque delivery, while the dualequal variable cam timing optimizes overall engine performance and emissions.  Sounds great too, click here to see the Power Train Story told by Mike Rowe.  The New Ford Diesel engine is WAY more quiet that the previous models. 

All-new 6.7L Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel engine is Ford-designed, Ford-engineered, Ford-built and Fordtested.  The Power Stroke V8 is biodiesel-capable (up to B20) and utilizes industry-first features such as a single-sequential turbocharger, inboard exhaust and a compacted graphite iron (CGI) engine block.  This is the first power train built by Ford from the ground up.  These unique features help this engine generate improved horsepower and torque.  Ford Super Duty owners demand their trucks be "bullet proof" and with the new 2011 Ford Super Duty engine offerings - they got it. 

6.7L Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel meets stringent 2010 emissions standards using a three-step process
to help remove nitrogen oxides (NOx) and soot from the engine’s exhaust.  Heavy Duty TorqShift 6-speed SelectShift Automatic transmission includes Tow/Haul mode to maximize the massive low-speed torque output of the diesel and gasoline engines and optimizes shifts for outstanding performance.

Live Drive mobile and stationary mode power takeoff (PTO) provision provides power for PTO driven
accessories such as, dump bodies, sprayers, pumps, etc. anytime the engine is running, regardless of
vehicle speed.  The hill assist and hill descent offered by Ford in the New 2011 Super Duty Trucks is worth it's weight in gold.  The unofficial Ford site explains more about the hill assist feature as well. 
If you still have lingering questions regarding the all new 2011 Super Duty Truck line-up contact Gresham Ford at (503)665-0101.  For those business owners contact the Gresham Ford Fleet department at 503-969-4184 or visit their website at  Gresham Ford is located at the corner of 257th and Powell Blvd in Gresham. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Last week I told you a little about

the pets that some of our employees

have. Sometimes I was a little

jealous of the special relationships they

have with their furry friends, but no

longer. I now have Abbygail!! Abbygail

is a cute little Terrier that knows right

from wrong, good from bad, safety

from danger and a whole myriad of life

lessons that would serve all of us to follow.

No, she is truly not mine. Now

when I miss her I just put in one of the

five greatest DVD’s that feature the

“Tails of Abbygail” and she puts a smile

on my face and a song in my heart!

These stories were written, produced

and narrated by local resident

Terry Lynn Link, and feature

the background of the beautiful community

in which we live. Abbygail and

her friends; Rosebud, Girlfriend, Zane,

Big Bob, Champ and Betty, to name a

few, feel like they are mine and I “virtually”

become part of the their adventures!

It is great to feel like you have

pets and even better, none of the


The “Tails of Abbygail” can be

found at

This is the perfect gift for anyone

you know under the age of 10. To be

quite frank, for anyone over the age of

10. Yes!! they are that good. Bob and

I spent an evening watching all five

episodes, went to bed and had sweet

dreams - much better than the nightmares

and/or heartaches most of the

stuff on TV has a tendency to give you!

Right now if you bring a picture of

your pet to Gresham Ford we will

give you a free video of the “Tails

of Abbygail”. Get down here with that

picture our supply won’t last long!