Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy People Make it Happen

Our community is a better, more

diverse and an extremely entertaining

place because of the efforts of a few

really busy people:

Dina and Kerry Parmenter: Yes,

there were lots of parents that

worked really hard on behalf of the

Gresham High School Choir last Saturday

in assisting us with our “Drive 4UR Kids

Event”. However, as a business owner, I

was really impressed by the fact not only

did Dina and Kerry spend all day

volunteering, but they left their business,

in yes, the capable hands of their staff.

That is a huge sacrifice.

Christina Price and Cheryl Swart:

Again, there were lots of volunteers,

but Christina Price, a local Edward

Jones representative, and Cheryl Swart, of

“The Outlook”, went above and beyond to

make the first “East County’s Got Talent” a

huge success. Over the past months they

have sacrificed their own personal gain to

put together a unique show with fabulous

local talent!

Lori Stegmann: Everyone has said

that East County should have its own

Cinco de Mayo event. Well, Lori has

stepped up to chair this “first of its kind”

event at Plaza del Sol (Stark & Burnside)

on Cinco de Mayo. It will begin around

3:00 p.m. and continue until dusk. There

will be lots of family friendly entertainment

for FREE!! Please attend and may we

suggest after the event to dine at one of the

great Mexican restaurants in the area.

We can’t pay these people back for the

time they have given to our

community. It is priceless! However,

there is something that we can all consider,

we can Shop Downtown Gresham.

You just might want to drop in and see Dina

and Kerry at Elegantly Funky. Of course you

read “The Outlook”, but you might suggest

to a friend to subscribe (the coupons more

than pay for the subscription) – that would

make Cheryl happy! And, of course if you

need an Investment Advisor or an Insurance

Agent, look up Christina or Lori!! They have

earned your business 10 times over!