Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gresham Ford is now on Facebook

Gresham Ford is just one of the many Oregon Ford Dealerships to be on Facebook.  Bess Wills, General Manager, shared with her staff that relationships were what the Ford blue oval really stood for.  One of her favorite books is Wheels on the World.  Bess consinders herself a student of Henry Ford himself.  One of Her favorite quotes is "You CAN"T build a reputationon what you are going to do" Henry Ford. 

Gresham Ford utilizing Facebook to further build their relationships with the community.  Just last week the Gresham Ford team loaned out their new Hot Dog cart and in turn helped the Sam Barlow High Track team be more sucessful.  The Gresham Ford "Contribute to the Community" program benefits many non-profits and charities in East County.  The first facet of the program provides 10% of your purchase in the Gresham Ford parts and or service department to your charity of choice.  When you purchase a vehicle at Gresham Ford you can choose to donate $100 to your charity of choice.  Bess also loans out the hot dog cart to provide non-profits a "vehicle" to rasie money.  When you step into the Gresham Ford showroom you immediately see many large red hearts on the wall.  Each heart is the name of a charity or non-profit that Bess has helped.  For more information contact Annette Wetzel-Ramirez, the community relations director at 503-489-1605. 

Ford affects the community in many ways.  The latest adventure, Swap your Ride is creating many Ford fans.  Ford loaned non-Ford owners a new Ford vehicle to drive for a week.  The drivers didn't want to give the new Ford cars and trucks back. 

It has been a lot of fun seeing the reaction of die hard Honda owners saying that they didn't realize how nice the Ford Fusion was to drive and how advanced the technology was.  Ford vehicles have been significantly underestimated.  Ford has a new direction, One Ford. Gresham Ford greets this program because it is doing a great job of educating the public on the features and benefits of Ford products.  We know that our Ford vehicles are superior and now its time for everyone else to see it also. 

Each Gresham Ford sales professional has a Facebook account.  Even the Service advisors at Gresham Ford have Facebook accounts.  "It has really helped to connect and communicate with our customers," said Ryan Johnson, Certified Service Advisor shortly after the implementation.  The staff of Gresham Ford has begun to embrace the technology and the new side of Ford.  The Drive Smart Ford logo is a popular one around the dealership. 

Gresham Ford is a full service Oregon Ford Dealer serving the Portland and Vancouver area.