Friday, April 2, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Last week I told you a little about

the pets that some of our employees

have. Sometimes I was a little

jealous of the special relationships they

have with their furry friends, but no

longer. I now have Abbygail!! Abbygail

is a cute little Terrier that knows right

from wrong, good from bad, safety

from danger and a whole myriad of life

lessons that would serve all of us to follow.

No, she is truly not mine. Now

when I miss her I just put in one of the

five greatest DVD’s that feature the

“Tails of Abbygail” and she puts a smile

on my face and a song in my heart!

These stories were written, produced

and narrated by local resident

Terry Lynn Link, and feature

the background of the beautiful community

in which we live. Abbygail and

her friends; Rosebud, Girlfriend, Zane,

Big Bob, Champ and Betty, to name a

few, feel like they are mine and I “virtually”

become part of the their adventures!

It is great to feel like you have

pets and even better, none of the


The “Tails of Abbygail” can be

found at

This is the perfect gift for anyone

you know under the age of 10. To be

quite frank, for anyone over the age of

10. Yes!! they are that good. Bob and

I spent an evening watching all five

episodes, went to bed and had sweet

dreams - much better than the nightmares

and/or heartaches most of the

stuff on TV has a tendency to give you!

Right now if you bring a picture of

your pet to Gresham Ford we will

give you a free video of the “Tails

of Abbygail”. Get down here with that

picture our supply won’t last long!