Thursday, July 29, 2010

Customer Reviews of Gresham Ford - a Portland Ford Dealership

Gresham Ford strives to have positive mutually beneficial customer expereinces at the Ford Dealership.  User AATGBW79 commented that "Gresham Ford offered a refreshing experience with down to earth nice people who respected my time. I would definately recommend Gresham Ford to my family and friends."  Oregon Ford Dealer Reviews are a great way to verify a dealerships reputation before you step inside.  This car dealer directory with Oregon Ford Dealers reviews and car dealership ratings allows you to rate your dealer. 

Here are just a few testimonials from our customers.  Experiences like these make Gresham Ford - the Portland Ford Dealer of Choice. 


–"They are very involved in the community’s well being"


– "Gresham Ford and the owner Bess Wills are models for a friendly, open car buying experience. I like their internet sales site too. Great Follow up by staff.


– "They continually give back to the community. I would recommend Gresham Ford to anyone looking for a new car or truck.


– "They are a great asset to this community. They truly are the dealer with a heart."


– "Gresham Ford has the best service and staff."

Gene Farr

– "Always a cheerful staff. "


– "Owner Bess Wills has incredible passion for the community and energy to attack problems while serving in a leadership capacity in many local organizations."


–"Huge Community Member, donates $100 to any local charity with any vehicle purchase. Great service, great people."


– "No pressure sales where the follow up is as good as the delivery."


– "Their customer service is incredible. We bought 3 cars from them and recommend another 3 friends that have also purchased there. They’re the BEST!"


– "Thank you for all your hard work you all do in the community.


– They helped get my daughters into their new Ford SUV’s. They were very helpful and went out of their way. Thanks Gresham."


– "I have never been to a car dealer where I have been shown more respect. I am thrilled there is a business run with such integrity."


– "Gresham Ford has been very generous to my favorite local charity, My Sisters House: printing event tickets and brochures, hosting Chamber of Commerce events for us, and discounting car repairs. We love Gresham Ford!"


– "Great service. What else could you ask for?"


–"It is so nice dealing with a locally owned company with people who live and work in the community and really care about their customers.

Big George

– Gresham Ford does so much for our community. It is not always about the almighty dollar.


– "Gresham Ford is community minded to the extreme. They help so many businesses and non-profit organizations in so many ways. Their staff are friendly and courteous. Very professional. There is no better dealership to deal with."


– "I purchased my first new vehicle from Gresham Ford and my experience far exceeded my expectations. It was a defining moment in my life thanks to Gresham Ford."


– "Gresham Ford has been a great community supporter. I have purchased my last three cars from Gresham Ford and have been extremely satisfied. Very professional and friendly. I will purchase my next car from them."


– "Community Involvement! Gresham Ford defines by their words and actions what being a community partner is all about. If you value your time, money and peace of mind. You need to shop Gresham Ford for sales and service."


– Gresham Ford is active in the community and support the needs of our area."


– "I received personal service from the owner, Bess wills, in finding the right car for me and my business. Gresham Ford is always there supporting community activities and organizations. They are truly the "Dealer with a Heart!"".


– "Great people and service. They give back to the local community in many ways."


– "I respect this car dealership for their community involvement and the leadership offered by management to various non-profit organizations."


– "Great service to its customers. They also donate $100 to a charity of your choice when you buy a car and donate to customers favorite charity when service work is done also."


– "When we bought our car we were not pressured we were made to feel at east with the sales and finance department. We told them what we could afford and they worked with us, they gave us a fair amount for our trade, too."


– "I love my Focus. Thank you for explaining Cash for Clunkers."


– "Laurie Schwarzkopf is a very hard working woman at Gresham Ford, that is why I love Gresham Ford.


– "The Customer Service is incredible."


– "Bess Wills is the GM of Gresham Ford and is co-chair for Go to the web-site and find out what you can do to support your local community."


– "Best experience I’ve had buying a car and the service department is top notch."


–"Gresham Ford gives back to the local community and treats their customers like they are family."


–"They were very helpful in assisting my daughter with the purchase of a car. They gave her a fantastic deal."


–"The way this business gives back to the community is such a testament! They also provide excellent customer service when buying or servicing a car.


– "Gresham Ford gives back to their community in many ways. They give $100 to the charity of your choice when you purchase a car and 10% of what you spend for parts and service to your favorite charity or organization."

Ralph C - We bought a new truck at Gresham Ford and found there salesman to be nice, knowledgable, and not too pushy. We use there service to maintain the truck and have not had any problems with there mechanics.

Rick W - I have been looking for a late model F150 pickup. I went to 3 diffeent dealerships- what a bunch of snakes! Gresham Ford was totally different. the price was actually below blue book and I didn't feel beat up when I left. Great difference!

Gresham Ford has a different culture than most other Portland area Ford Dealerships.  For instance the "Contribute to the Community" program institued by Bess Wills, General Manager.  She really believes in paying it forward and continues to do so daily.  The Ford Dealership is more of a family - the Gresham Ford Family.