Friday, July 9, 2010

A Horse That Can't Be Beat

Yes, there have been times in its history where change and innovation was led by a pony.  Today the new 2011 Mustang is the finest of thoroughbreds and leading the pack in new technology. Starting at $22,995
the Mustang offers 305 horsepower with a six-speed transmission while offering 31MPG on the highway. (According to You also have the choice of a convertible, traditional hardtop coupe or a glass top roof. The glass roof is like having the biggest sunroof possible. Ford engineers have tweaked the suspension to provide the power and control you can only appreciate on one of those tight twisty trips on the scenic highway through the Gorge.  In short, the new 2011 Ford Mustang has the best mileage rating in history as well as 305 HP in a V-6. The Gresham Ford family encourages you to “Try Local First” and support our local economy. If you are in need of automotive service or are purchasing a new vehicle - PLEASE – do it locally, even if you don’t do it with us. 41 Cents Spent Locally Each Week Can Create
21 Jobs! It is estimated that $1 Million in sales equates to 21 jobs.  There are 46,296 households in East
County. When you divide the number of households by one million dollars in sales that gives us the magical dollar amount $21.60 per household annually.  Finally divide $21.60 by 52 weeks which gives us 41 cents per household per week to create 21 jobs. You can make a difference in your community 41 cents at a time.

Now that I have talked you into buying a new Ford Mustang locally, you’ll need somewhere to cruise.  So start Saturday, July 17th at the Troutdale Summerfest, the parade is at 11:00 a.m. with fun and booths continuing until 5:00 p.m. After you enjoy your candy from the parade spend the other half of the day at the ArtWalk in Historic Downtown Gresham with over 100 Gallery quality vendors. Not that these aren’t great events in their own right, but experiencing them in a Mustang will only magnify the experience.