Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Would you promote Us on Your Business's Sign

     We are asking 90 businesses and organizations (you are one of the chosen ones) in the Gresham area that have changeable letter signs in front of their business to promote The Gresham Community Effect project for two 10 day periods on the dates listed below.  Imagine the impact on our ability to find raise for Gresham charities if every one of those 90 businesses that had a changeable sign, participated.  Please join in this community effort to make a difference right here in Gresham.  100% participation is our goal.  We need you to get there.  Better Communities Happen when YOU get involved!

It won't cost you a penny, the public will notice your commitment to the Gresham community and best of all, you get some warm fuzzies.  Everybody needs warm fuzzies!  If you want to contribute in any other way, great.  The most important contribution you can make for now is promoting us on your sign on the dates below.  We recognize your promotional efforts on our Thanks page at http://www.thecommunityeffect.org/  PLEASE Call and confirm your participation today!

Friday July 30th to Sunday August 8th then again Friday August 27th to Sunday September 5th. 

If by chance a portion of those dates are not available on your sign, do what you can.  Of course if you have additional time on your sign board, feel free to leave us up until October 1st.  The unity shown by every business and organization with a changeable sign promoting The Community Effect on the same dates, will result in a contagious fund raising momentum that benefits 3 great Gresham Area Charities.  Join In...Make a Difference in YOUR Community!  Questions? Call 503-512-9180. 

Words for Your Sign :
Join In!
The Gresham Community Effect

Add either of these two lines if you have room for this on one line.

Thank you for making the Gresham Area a better place.  We are lucky in East County to have such strong Chambers of Commerce with our cities that support non-profits.  The Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce has all three charities listed in their membership directory and supports each charity greatly throughout the year.  When you have a need for automotive repair or service please consider Gresham Ford.  Bess Wills the General Manager instituted a three prong tithe program years ago.  When you purchase parts or service from Gresham Ford they will donate 10% of your purchase to the non-profit or charity of your choice including the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce or even the Community Effect.  All you have to do is ask our cashier at the time of payment and she will allocate the tithe.  When you purchase a vehicle just let the salesperson know on your way out and Gresham Ford will donate $100 to the church or charity of your choice.  The third way that Gresham Ford contributes to the community is through gift certificates sales.  Contact Annette Wetzel-Ramirez the Community Relations Manager  for more information.  Without the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce none of this giving or community spirit would be possible.