Monday, September 20, 2010

Your Vote Count

Now in this election season

everyone is asking for your

vote…but we are asking you to

vote two times a day until the end of

September. Pepsi Corporation has a

contest online where non-profits

from across the nation submit, for a

grant. We the people vote and the top

two in each category will win

$250,000. Our own My Father’s

House has submitted an entry and


Afew of us that have become

obsessed with this, but we need

more people voting! As of

yesterday we had moved to 139th

place from 165th place around a

week ago. And while we have a

ways to go. There are over 40 some

thousand households in East County.

I have relatives voting as far away as

New Orleans (thank you GiGi!).

I challenge you to think of creative

ways to get the vote out for this great

cause!! Next time you are with a

group, get everyone to text!!

Vote once online each day: Go

to Then

vote again by texting each day

Text* 102474 to Pepsi (73774).

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our

community was able to win

the $250,000 to help

subsidize shelter for those in need

this cold winter? Everyone can help

get the word out, if you have any

questions please call me

503-665-0102 or e-mail me at

A little time is such a

powerful thing to give!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Auto Battery and other Car Auto Parts stores in Gresham

Gresham Ford is a proud Portland area Ford Dealer that offers a complete auto parts store. If you don't like the customer service at napa auto parts in Gresham try the Gresham Ford parts department just minutes from Portland located on Powell Blvd. The Gresham Ford quicklane service center is a full service auto parts store and automotive repair shop all rolled into one. You never need an appointment and Gresham Ford services all makes and all models of vehicles. So if you're looking for an automotive repair shop in Gresham, Sandy, Oregon City or Clackamas Gresham Ford wants to be your automotive repair shop of choice.

Auto batteries are a top selling item at the Gresham Ford auto parts department. The Ford Auto mechanics use a Rotunda Micro 490 digital battery testers on vehicles of every make and model to verify the need of an auto battery. All Ford auto dealerships comply with the nationally advertised MSRP price or less. The Gresham Ford Parts and Service Managers regularly shop our local competition like autozone and napa to verify that the lowest prices in Gresham and Portland are at Gresham Ford. If you contact automobile parts stores throughout Gresham, Sandy and even Portland you will find that Gresham Ford stocks more batteries and consults our Ford authorized Distributor about our inventory needs. Car Batteries are just one of the many areas that are covered in the multi-point inspection completed on every vehicle that passes through our Auto Repair Service. The Gresham Ford Parts department goes the extra mile to educate our customers about car auto parts. The multi-point inspection process tests your battery at every oil change to ensure the convenience and safety of replacing your battery before it fails you. Some people think of battery failure as a cold weather problem. Temperature extremes will accelerate battery failure and your battery is always under extremely hot conditions under the hood when the engine is running. Considering the emergency repair and towing costs associated with battery failure associated with battery failure is often times much more expensive than the cost of a car battery. So replacing a marginal or bad battery before it actually fails can be a money-saving proposition. And a new battery gives customers peace-of-mind which is priceless. If you wait until your battery actually fails you will be forced to purchase whatever replacement battery is available at the time and place of the failure- regardless of price or quality. By replacing it before it fails, you will get a favorable Motorcraft price - plus the exact battery that Ford Motor Company recommends for your vehicle. Facts that you should know about the causes of battery failure could help direct your toward the right battery for you at an automotive parts store. Excessive vibration and or extreme heat and cold conditions can be early warning signs of a battery failure. A charging system malfunction can also be one of the causes of battery failure. Any automobile parts store especially the Gresham Ford Parts Department knows that simple lack of maintenance or wear out from repeated cycling and starting can also cause battery failure. Auto part stores will also share with you the the warning signs of a failing battery. Any vehicle three years or older with the same battery or battery cables that are in poor condition. If your vehicle has a history of charging or electrical system problems or concerns can also be a sign a failure. Your automotive mechanic may also share with you that your vehicle may show signs like a worn alternator belt or bulging and deformed battery containers that also point to imminent battery failure. Hard starting or slow cranking also can be a demonstration of battery failure coming your way. If your battery is dead or weak it simply can't hold a charge. Many auto repair services may make recommendations for the longevity of your vehicle but consider the Motorcraft Battery Advantage. Gresham Ford wants to be your automotive parts store of choice. Our car auto parts department carries Motorcraft batteries are manufactured using state of the art technology with the highest quality standards and the latest design and engineering techniques. Motorcraft batteries offer a wide range of coverage in automotive, marine commercial, farm, industrial and specialty applications that meet or exceed industry standards. Automobile parts stores may carry many different batteries but Gresham Ford only carries the Motorcraft brand. Motorcraft batteries are the only original equipment replacement batteries approved for use in Ford Motor Company vehicles.

Napa auto parts is just one of the stores that offer auto batteries. Autozone is another automobile parts store in Gresham that offers automotive batteries. Auto parts stores are all over Gresham and Portland. When providing auto repair on your own vehicles even a tune-up you need to have an auto parts store that you can trust. When you find yourself in need of an automotive battery in Gresham or Portland call the specialists at the Gresham Ford auto parts center.