Monday, September 20, 2010

Your Vote Count

Now in this election season

everyone is asking for your

vote…but we are asking you to

vote two times a day until the end of

September. Pepsi Corporation has a

contest online where non-profits

from across the nation submit, for a

grant. We the people vote and the top

two in each category will win

$250,000. Our own My Father’s

House has submitted an entry and


Afew of us that have become

obsessed with this, but we need

more people voting! As of

yesterday we had moved to 139th

place from 165th place around a

week ago. And while we have a

ways to go. There are over 40 some

thousand households in East County.

I have relatives voting as far away as

New Orleans (thank you GiGi!).

I challenge you to think of creative

ways to get the vote out for this great

cause!! Next time you are with a

group, get everyone to text!!

Vote once online each day: Go

to Then

vote again by texting each day

Text* 102474 to Pepsi (73774).

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our

community was able to win

the $250,000 to help

subsidize shelter for those in need

this cold winter? Everyone can help

get the word out, if you have any

questions please call me

503-665-0102 or e-mail me at

A little time is such a

powerful thing to give!!