Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Thanksgiving Note from Bess at Gresham Ford

Dear Neighbors:

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – not so much for the celebration itself, but for what it stands for. It is unique to the United States of America. It so speaks to our history, our gifts and our ability to work hard and celebrate our freedoms.  As the 2010 Thanksgiving Holiday passes, I have so many things to celebrate. To you my East County Neighbors – thank you all for making this community special. I encourage each of you to take the time to make a list of Thanks and send them to someone special, like your neighbor….

Thanks to all the military folks that serve so we can live our dreams.  Thanks to all our customers that make our company grow.  Thanks to Ford Motor Company for their ability to weather the financial storm.

Thanks to all who are making the “Fill the Bag” program stop hunger.  Thanks to all who shopped local this year.  You do make a difference.  Thanks to all the church communities that give to those in need.  Thanks to Brian for calling United Grocers and for their donations.

Thanks to Lions and Rotary and Dino Rochan for a special donation!  Thanks to our employees and their families who make sacrifices on our behalf.  Thanks to Riverview Community Bank for bringing the “Fill the Bag” program to Oregon.  Thanks to the Outlook for being the distributor of the bags. Look for yours in your paper next Saturday!  Thanks to Bob for just being there to support all our projects and making my life a wonderful journey!!!

I am so thankful you are my neighbor!

Thanksgiving to all,

Bess Wills

Gresham Ford

P.S. “Fill the Bag” is at 1,744 lbs. Only 98,256 lbs. to go. Remember to enter the $1,000 Shopping Spree at