Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gresham Ford helps to raise food for Snow Cap in Gresham Oregon

Congratulations to all of you!!! Together we reached what none of us could have done alone, over 100,000 pounds of food for SnowCap! There are so many people to thank. Starting with the newspaper you are reading right now, The Outlook.  Mark Garber and his team stepped up right from the beginning by offering to insert the donation bags in the newspaper. Then you the readers brought them in to the drop off locations.  Those locations need to be thanked: Riverview Community Bank, Gresham Outlook, Silk Espresso, Advanced Care Chiropractic, Pacific Scientific OECO, Metro East, Gresham Ford and there were others. Thank you.  There were so many great stories as a result of this project
.• The employees at 7-Eleven in Rockwood passed on having a Christmas Party and instead donated $500 to SnowCap.

• Two elementary school children that gave their “toy money” to SnowCap.

• Representatives Greg Matthews and

Matt Wand both made a pledge to donate.

• Harrison at Barlow High School that

mobilized a school for the cause.

• Western Family Foods that donated

literally tons of food.

• Gresham Rotary Club, Gresham

Breakfast Lion’s Club, West Columbia

Gorge Rotary Club, Gresham Area

Chamber of Commerce, West Columbia

Gorge Chamber of Commerce, East

Portland Chamber of Commerce and so

many businesses in East County.

None of this would not have been possible without the spark from Casey Ryan of Riverview Community Bank who gathered the Sponsors (Riverview Community Bank, The Gresham Outlook, Boeing Corporation & Gresham Ford)  and kept the flame burning until it was an out of control success. Just when you think nothing you do makes a difference – ask the 9,000 people who SnowCap fed in November……

Happy New Year!
~Bess Wills, Gresham Ford

Friday, December 24, 2010

Crushing the myths about the all new Ford Eco-Boost engine

The all new F150 boasts an all-new powertrain lineup for 2011. These new engines offer more choices for the customer, including an all-new, premium, class-exclusive(1) EcoBoost™ 3.5L V6 with the best overall balance of power and capability. Yes, you read that correctly — a twin turbo charged 3.5L V6 engine with those credentials.  Skeptical? Some customers might be too. This blog post is armed with the facts, and competitive information to answer questions and erase any doubts some drivers could have.  Let’s take a closer look at how the all-new EcoBoost 3.5L V6 engine crushes any power and durability myths. 

EcoBoost™ V6 Engine Myth: Turbocharged engines run very hot. EcoBoost Reality: The all-new EcoBoost turbochargers are protected from the heat with water-cooled center bearings. In the past, “coking” was a problem for many turbos since they couldn’t shed heat without the engine running. The water-cooled center bearings with convection cooling (or siphoning) keep the EcoBoost engine coolant circulating after the engine is shut down helping to cool the turbos. 
Myth: The EcoBoost 3.5L V6 is a car engine.  EcoBoost Reality: Customers might think the F-150 EcoBoost 3.5L V6 engine is the same engine as the Taurus SHO and Flex since it shares the same displacement and the EcoBoost name. Truth is, they share basic architecture, but the EcoBoost engine under the hood of F-150 is the first rear-wheel drive application and is specifically engineered and tested to be Built Ford Tough®  Key Ford F-150 Truck-specific Features include an optimized intake and exhaust camshaft designs for a balance of optimum horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency as well as specific tuning of the Ti-VCT (Twin independent Variable Cam Timing).  The specific cylinder heads with intake port “turbulence shelf” of the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost Engine on the all new Ford F150 also boasts a cCast exhaust manifolds for heavy-duty operation and durability.  Maximizing the cooling system to effectively manage engine heat also adds to the new Ford engine efficiency and effectiveness.  The polymer-coating on the lower main bearing ensures durability.  The F-150-specific turbochargers with water-cooled center bearings cap off the new Ford engine that was built by Ford by the ground up. 

Diesel Engine Technologies have also gone thru and complete overhaul as well.  The new Ford engine offers turbocharging with intercooler and direct injection fuel delivery while the steel piston upper ring carriers help maximize piston durability.  Accompaned with the integrated engine oil cooler is definately a truck engine. 

You may have heard the myth that turbocharged engines run very hot. The EcoBoost realityis that the all-new EcoBoost turbochargers are protected from the heat with water-cooled center bearings. In the past, “coking” was a problem for many turbos since they couldn’t shed heat without the engine running. The water-cooled center bearings with convection cooling (or siphoning) keep the EcoBoost engine coolant circulating after the engine is shut down helping to cool the turbos.

You may have also heard people say that they can't believe that the EcoBoost 3.5L V6 engine isn’t powerful enough for a full-size pickup.  Again the EcoBoost Reality: The all-new EcoBoost 3.5L V6 has more torque than any competitive engine and 50 more horsepower than the GM 5.3L V8 engine. Yes, you read that correctly: more power than competitive V8 engines. And we’re talking a diesel engine-like broad, flat torque curve. Worth noting: EcoBoost power figures are based on regular unleaded gasoline.  Extra-cost premium fuel is NOT required for EcoBoost to deliver the power.

Myth: Serious towing and hauling isn’t something the EcoBoost 3.5L V6 engine can do.  EcoBoost Reality: A 2011 F-150 properly equipped with the all-new EcoBoost 3.5L V6 can tow a best-in-class(2) 11,300 lbs. That’s what having 90 percent of the 420 lb.-ft. of torque on tap between 1700 and 5000 rpm does for towing and hauling capability. No competitor — even with a V8 — matches the towing capability of EcoBoost.

Myth: The EcoBoost 3.5L V6 engine isn’t durable enough for serious full-size truck use.  EcoBoost Reality: The all-new EcoBoost 3.5L V6 engine passed all of the higher stress level testing and torture testing required of any engine with the Built Ford Tough badge. Ford powertrain engineers set the testing baseline at the harshest-level use of an F-150 customer — then pushed EcoBoost well beyond those levels.  EcoBoost Testing Highlights include more than 1.5 million total hours of computer analytical time, more than 13,000 total hours of laboratory dynamometer testing, dynamometer tests help ensure 150,000-mile durability, including: more than 5000 hours at full load (full-boost) conditions as well as more than 2500 hours of testing at or above 5000 engine rpm and 1,000-hour tests to ensure dependability for even the toughest truck customer – that’s almost 42 days of continuous operation.  The extreme thermal cycling replicates conditions from the Arctic Circle to Death Valley to simulate 10 years of use in the harshest environments.  More than 100,000 hours of in-vehicle testing that replicates extensive real-world customer
operating conditions. 
Visit the showroom of your Oregon Ford dealership or your Washington Ford dealership and ask to test drive a new F150 with the new engine.  The Gresham Ford Fleet Department is also here to help.  If you are a business owners wanting to reduce your automotive expenses contact Annette Wetzel, Steve Renner or Larry Bishop for a no-obligation quote.  Ford Motor Credit Company has a multitude of new products to better serve commercial and fleet owners.  Gresham Ford wants to be your Oregon Ford dealership just minutes from Portland.  See  more about the Gresham Ford Fleet Department and click here.