Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gresham Ford helps to raise food for Snow Cap in Gresham Oregon

Congratulations to all of you!!! Together we reached what none of us could have done alone, over 100,000 pounds of food for SnowCap! There are so many people to thank. Starting with the newspaper you are reading right now, The Outlook.  Mark Garber and his team stepped up right from the beginning by offering to insert the donation bags in the newspaper. Then you the readers brought them in to the drop off locations.  Those locations need to be thanked: Riverview Community Bank, Gresham Outlook, Silk Espresso, Advanced Care Chiropractic, Pacific Scientific OECO, Metro East, Gresham Ford and there were others. Thank you.  There were so many great stories as a result of this project
.• The employees at 7-Eleven in Rockwood passed on having a Christmas Party and instead donated $500 to SnowCap.

• Two elementary school children that gave their “toy money” to SnowCap.

• Representatives Greg Matthews and

Matt Wand both made a pledge to donate.

• Harrison at Barlow High School that

mobilized a school for the cause.

• Western Family Foods that donated

literally tons of food.

• Gresham Rotary Club, Gresham

Breakfast Lion’s Club, West Columbia

Gorge Rotary Club, Gresham Area

Chamber of Commerce, West Columbia

Gorge Chamber of Commerce, East

Portland Chamber of Commerce and so

many businesses in East County.

None of this would not have been possible without the spark from Casey Ryan of Riverview Community Bank who gathered the Sponsors (Riverview Community Bank, The Gresham Outlook, Boeing Corporation & Gresham Ford)  and kept the flame burning until it was an out of control success. Just when you think nothing you do makes a difference – ask the 9,000 people who SnowCap fed in November……

Happy New Year!
~Bess Wills, Gresham Ford