Friday, December 30, 2011

Why use cooperative purchasing contract

State of Oregon experiences budget cutbacks
America has experienced cutbacks and budget reductions to many programs. Municipalities are being asked to do more with less and finding cooperative purchasing contracts an easy solution.  Nationally organizations like the National Joint Powers Alliance have recognized the value in providing price and value negotiated pricing that is leveraged by a multitude of municipalities in various states.  Because everyone from the Hawaii School District to the Department of Forestry qualifies as a government entity they too can capitalize on the wide array of available competitively awarded contracts. 

Instead of writing and administering a RFP and everything that goes along with it they can utilize a cooperative competitively awarded contract like the State of Oregon contract #0434 for ALL Ford vehicles.  This contract includes cooperative language that includes municipalities and non-profits throughout the Western region with the Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program.  The reciprocal preference law includes State of Washington government and municipalities including fire, police and WDOT entities in the possible users.    The Oregon Department of Administrative Services has worked very hard to provide contracts that are easy to utilize, while providing a good value for the taxpayers.  For more information about ORCPP contact Nancy with the Oregon Department of Administrative Services at 503.378.2497 and ask about membership.  For a listing of the available 2011 vehicles see the equipment listing for the Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program.  Remember only Gresham Ford Fleet has been awarded State of Oregon Contract #0434 for ALL Ford Vehicles. 

When a buyer is able to utilize an pre-negotiated contract that has been competitively awarded it allows them to act with more efficiency and speed.  Working together and leveraging the buying power of large groups of municipalities help to negotiate even better values for the taxpayer.  Many buyers are looking to cooperative purchasing contract like the ones provided by the State of Oregon in order to achieve their goals and accomplish more tasks in less time. m

State of Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2013 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan & Utility Test Drive Tour of America

     The all new and redesigned Police Interceptor will soon begin plant production.  The first responder community has warmly received this all new all wheel drive option.  Many fleet managers are also favoring the large percentage of interchangable parts between the sedan and utility models; and the parts are just the first of many aspects that Ford has considering in efforts to reduce the overall expense of maintaining a first responder fleet of vehicles.  Gresham Ford is the proud holder of the State of Oregon Contract #0434 for all Ford vehicles.  This contract contains cooperative purchasing language that has been utilized by ORCPP (Oregon Cooperative Procurment Program).  To see if you are on the ORCPP memberlist click here.  Thanks to the Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA), Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming, can also utilize this contract. 
     Our new Police Interceptors will be going into production shortly and will be shipping from the plant early next year.  I am aware that our competition has been very present with the law enforcement agencies by providing demos and drive experiences. Sinceour new model cycle plan was based around the freshening of the 2013MY Taurus, we will soon have production units available for dealer demos and a number of first quarter drive events. 

     Attached is the RSVP link to the Police Interceptor Drive Tour website.  If you click on the link you will be directed to register forthe event as a government agency or dealer.  We want to be certain that we maximize these drive opportunities by filling all the seats at the upcoming drive events. In your conversations with agencies, please forward and share so that we can have 100% attendance.   For more information contact Gresham Ford Fleet at 503.489.1605

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why Choose A Hybrid from Gresham Ford Fleet

The Ford hybrid is a gasoline powered vehicles that uses an electric motor and high-voltage battery pack to improve fuel economy over conventional vehicles.  The gas engine is the primary source of power and the electric power is supplemental. 

How it works:

The Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Ford Escape Hybrid use available electric power during acceleration to drive the wheels at low speeds, but seamlessly switches to gasoline engine power at speeds up to 47 mph in Electric Vehicle Mode.  The gas engine and regenerative braking system actually charge the high-voltage battery pack while you're on the go.  There's no need to plug in: it drives and feels pretty much like other car.

Gresham Ford Fleet offers both the Fusion Hybrid and the Escape Hybrid at fantastic prices for municipal and government buyers through contract #0434 with the State of Oregon purchasing.  This purchasing cooperative provides all of the checks and balances needed.  For more information about the Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program call Nancy Ahlbin (Program Coordinator) at 503.378.2497.  Gresham Ford Fleet utilizes a transparent pricing policy to provide the same value to commercial clients. 

How it Saves: 

Depending on driving conditions and habits, hybrids can deliver a significant improvement in mpg when compared to the gasoline-only version.  For example, the 2012 Ford Fusion-Hybrid earned an EPA-estimated 41 mpg in the city, making it the most fuel efficient mid size hybrid sedan in America

A hybrid is the ideal choice for people who do a lot of city driving, drive at low speeds or have short daily commutes, because its under these conditions that the car benefits from supplemental electric power.  Taking a longer trip?  No problem - the electric power will kick in when it can to help extend fuel efficiency.  The estimated range for the Ford Fusion Hybrid is over 700 miles on a single tank of gas. 

Gresham Ford Fleet serves the NW Commercial Vehicle needs at a great value. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

More Vehicle Choices, More Businness Tax Deductions Opportunities for 2011

Here's how it works.......Business Owners can write off up to 100% of the purchase cost on their next new Ford.  And just so we are all clear, Gresham Ford is providing this information as a customer service.  Anything written in this article or spoken by Gresham Ford Sales staff should not be construed or provided as tax advice or as a promise of potential tax savings or reduced tax liability, we do cars not taxes.  Your individual tax situation will vary so see federal rules and tax guidelines.  For more information also check the IRS website or speak to your tax advisor soon. 

Many businesses that incest in new equipment will be able to write off up to 100% of these purchases on their 2011 returns.  Normally, business spread these deductions over several years.  But now, due to the tax benefits provided under IRC Section 168 (k), qualifying businesses can write then off in the first year they are placed into service. 

Section 168 of the tax law allows a company to take a bonus depreciation deduction of up to 100% of the cost of qualified property, which include several Ford vehicles.  Unfortunately for the Oregon small business owner these vehicles do not include Mustang Convertibles.  Passenger automobiles under 6000 lbs. GVWR like the Ford fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Taurus, or even the Escape and Explorer may qualify for up to $11,060 in tax deductions.  However to recieve the 100% write off you need to purchase a Truck, Van or SUV over 6,000lbs GVWR like a F-150 or Econoline Van.  There is no set dollar limit to the amount of property that can be deducted as long as it is purchased and placed into service between September 9th 2010 and December 31, 2011.  Many times there is a need for one or more qualifying vehicles.  The vehicle must also be new, not pre-owned and must be used at least 50% for business.  As of January 1st, 2012 abd beyond the bonus depreciation deduction under section 168(k) is scheduled to be reduced from 100% to 50% of the cost of the new equipment.  So December 31st, 2011 could be the deadline for their best opportunity.

Gresham Ford is a founding member of the East County Try Local First Campiagn, helping to drive business to small businesses in Easy County and surrounding.  If you are a small business that needs to purchase a new vehicle before the end of the year, contact Gresham Ford Fleet today at 503.665.0101.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Section 179 creates economic stimulus in the NW

NW business owners and fleet managers are putting more thought and effort into what and when they purchase vehicles.  The Economic Stimulus Act has created the right time and the right incentives for thousands of business owners and fleet managers.  Oregon Ford Fleet Dealerships are spreading the word about how businesses can benefit from the bonus depreciation tax deduction provided under IRS section 168(k) and the tax deduction allowed under IRS section 179 when a company purchases a eligible vehicle.  Purchases must be made by December 31st 2011.  Both of these tax provisions currently offer businesses a tax deduction equal to 100% of the cost of most new equipment.  In the case of vehicles, the new equipment must have a gross vehicle weight rating over 6,000lbs.  This includes the purchase of qualifying F150 and Super Duty Trucks and or E Series Vans.  Remember the only catch is that you need to make your purchase and put the vehicle into use before December 31st 2011. 
     In addition to the tax deductions and bonus depreciation benefits Ford Motor Company is offering fantastic rebates and special private offers to some businesses.  Contact Gresham Ford Fleet directly to find out if you have a private rebate offer waiting for you.  For instance during the Commercial Truck Month at Ford you may also be eligible for up to $2500 in upfit incentives in addition to other customer cash and financing incentives.  Also consider Ford Commercial Credit especially if you are a small business building your commercial credit.  Everyone in business knows that timing is critical to success and that now is the time to benefit from the Economic Stimulus package.  See Gresham Ford Fleet for complete details and qualifications of rebates.  Gresham Ford is not a tax professional and does suggest that you consult your tax professional before purchase. 
     The benefit of bonus depreciation as referenced above and detailed in IRS section 168 (k) allows a company, like yours, to take a 100% tax deduction for purchases of qualified property purchased and placed into serve after September 8th 2010 and before December 31st 2011.  There is no set dollar limit to the amount of property that can be deducted as long as it is purchased and placed in service during the required time period.  NW business owners have weathered the economic storm and residual downturn but many have put off major purchases of equipment especially vehicles.  These small business owners can now take advantage of Commercial Truck Month incentives and the offer from the IRS thru the Economic Stimulus act. 
     Section 179 of the IRS tax code provides provisions for businesses to take a 100% deduction for the purchase of qualified property that is placed into service.  For tax years beginning on or before December 31, 2011, the deduction is limited to $500,000 or purchased equipment.  This limitation is decreased by one dollar for every dollar the company spends over $2,000,000 on new equipment. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gresham Ford leads the way in alternative fuel solutions for fleet managers

Increasing fuel prices are literally forcing truck fleet managers to seek alternative sources of fuel to power their vehicles.  Increasingly government sponsored incentives and growing infradstructure availability are giving municiplaities alternative fuel solutions.  Ford Motor Company's Fleet division has incredible timing.  Over the last several years, even in the middle of an economic downturn Ford has been investing literally billions in the development of a wide wareity of products to facilitate the anticipated huge deman for vehicles capable of operating on alternative fuel sources.  As a result of that foresight and strategy, Ford can now offer commercial truck customers one of the most comprehensive arrays of alternative fuel vehicles in the industry. 

Gresham Ford Fleet makes it easy to be environmentally responsible and still strives to cut your overall automotive expenses through a holistic approach to fleet management.  For more information contact Gresham Ford Fleet at 503-665-0101 or at

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gresham Ford Fleet is excited about the all New Escape with Eco-Boost Engine

Portland Oregon is one of the greenest cities in America and Portlanders have an eye for fuel economy and value.  Ford Motor Company has worked very have to keep their new utility lineup for the 2012 model year have the best fuel efficiency.  Consumer reports studies show that gas mileage is among the main and largest influencer driving consumers vehicle purchasing behavior.  Gresham Ford Fleet suggests that you rent before you buy especially if you are choosing a new model or make.  Renting the vehicle first allows you to take it grocery shopping, the kids to soccer practice and maybe even drive in the rain. 

The all new Ford Escape will have three different 4 cylinder engine options.  This engine will continue to set the Utility line up of 2012 New Ford SUV's apart from the competition.  The all new CMAX Hybrid will feature an impressive MPG that is more than 25% improvement on the already impressive Ford Escape Hybrid.  Ford has continued to provide additional choices for those Northwest consumers that demand fuel economy and environmental conscience. 

“Customers are prioritizing fuel economy above every other trait when they make most vehicle purchases,” said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president, Global Product Development. “Ford is meeting people’s needs by offering a family of fuel-efficient vehicles – from hybrids to electrics to traditional gasoline-powered cars – packed with class-leading technology, giving customers both exciting and greener driving choices.”

“Expanding the availability of EcoBoost technology in the all-new Ford Escape will give customers a great range of choices for the fuel efficiency and performance they want in a small SUV,” said Joe Bakaj, vice president, Powertrain Engineering. “This advanced technology in the new Escape delivers on our commitment to provide class-leading fuel efficiency in every new Ford product.”

Ford Motor Company currently holds more than 125 patents on EcoBoost technology, a global approach to provide affordable fuel efficiency for millions of drivers that will extend to 90 percent of Ford vehicles by 2013. Again Ford Motor Company is at the forefront of technology making the earth a better place to live. 


Monday, October 10, 2011

The New Police Interceptors are Pursuit Rated with All Wheel Drive and Now Available at Gresham Ford Fleet

The 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Utility and Sedan provide better performance and handling than previous Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.  The fuel economy of the new Ford cop car is also 20% better than the Crown Victoria.  The New Ford First Responder vehicles are the only all-wheel-drive vehicles specially built for law enforcement.  The stringent law enforcement standards were followed thanks to a diverse board of first responders that collaborated with Ford engineers to ensure that the new 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Utility and Sedan are truly purpose built vehicles.  Now police departments and other law enforcement agencies can get an all-new, American-made vehicle with the expected durability and price of the popular Crown VictoriaGresham Ford Fleet is proud of the new Ford Police Interceptor that expands Oregon Law Enforcement and First Responders abilities to get the job done more efficiently and effectively. 

Oregon and Washington Law Enforcement officials have the unique characteristic of rain to contend.  The all wheel drive availability is more important for the NW first responders to ensure that they arrive on scene safe.  Gresham Ford Fleet is now accepting offers utilizing the State of Oregon Contract #0434 for all Ford Vehicles.  For pricing contact the Municipal Fleet Manager, Annette Wetzel-Ramirez by phone at 503.489.1605 or fax at 503.665.0497.  The 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility in late September passed the stringent Michigan State Police tests and have proven they are ready for law enforcement use.  The performance of the Police Interceptor Utility, which not only outperformed the Chevrolet Tahoe but held its own amongst the sedan vehicles.  THe Ford police Interceptor Utility excelled in a 0 to 60 MPH acceleration, braking, and handling over the two day testing.  "We are pleased that the performance of the Police Intercetor Utility was validated becuase it provides more choice for law enforcement agencies, " said Lisa Teed, Ford's marketing manager for the Police Interceptors.  "They can be assured that whether in slippery conditions like snow or in pursuit situations the purpose-built Utility will deliver." 
The New Police Interceptor Passes the Michigan State Test Drives

Gresham Ford Fleet has been serving police departments across Oregon and Washington for decades.  They work closely with equipment installation companies like Emergency Responder Services and Auto Additions.  If you need the vehicle delivered directly to the upfitter, no problem, Gresham FOrd Fleet's goal is to earn your business and provide fantastic customer service that makes your life easier.  Gresham FOrd Fleet holds many contracts with cooperative purchasing language that may fulfill your needs, contact them at 503.489.1605 for more information.  Customer and Vendor references are also avaiable upon request.  Officer protection is the first priority.  The Ford Police Interceptors are the only vehicles certified to pass 75mph rear collisions.  Ballistic door panels to protect from gunshots are avialable on the driver and passenger doors.  Safety cell construction helps direct the force of a collision around the occupant compartment.  Crumple zones help absorb and dissipate the energy of a crash too. 
Gresham Ford Fleet Works With Ford Credit

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ford Municipal Finace partners with Gresham Ford

Gresham Ford Fleet, Oregon's Preferred Ford Dealership
Gresham Ford Fleet is proud to announce a renewed partnership with the Municipal Financing arm of Ford Commercial CreditGresham Ford Fleet holds contract #0434 for ALL Ford Vehicles for the State of Oregon.  "We do our best to provide the widest range of financing solutions possible for our customers" explained General Manager, Bess Wills.   "We are a team ready to move fast to solve your vehicle needs," continues Tabitha Crawford, Municipal Business Development Manager.  Ford Municipal Finance helps to maximize the tight annual budgets that so many cities counties and other municipalities.  The Municipal Financing staff both at Gresham Ford Fleet and Ford Credit Municipal understand the unique requirements of state and local government financing.  Contacting an experienced professional to help you make the most of your annual budget is easy just call 1-800-241-4199 or visit the websites for Ford Municipal Credit or Gresham Ford Fleet Government Services. 

Gresham Ford makes funding convenient for government entities.  Many public agencies are discovering that Municipal Lease and Municipal Purchase Financing is today's answer to acquiring essential equipment within limited budget confines.  Working with municipalities for many years has provided both Gresham Ford Fleet and Ford Municipal Financing the knowledge and expertise to make the acquisition of public vehicles a simple and accommodating process. 
2013 Police Interceptor Utility Orders Now Being Accepted at Gresham Ford Fleet

Ford Municipal Financing is just one of many options for government agencies but Gresham Ford Fleet it is one of the best because of how Ford works for the agencies.  Fixed-rate financing helps you get the vehicles you need, when you need them, while sticking to your current budget.  Flexible repayment terms including monthly, quarterly, semiannually  and annual are available, just ask.  Ford municipal Finance also provides financing for add-on equipment, up fits and extended warranty contracts.  Equity is accumulated with each payment, and ownership is realized with a final payment of just $1.  Providing options like these help avoid high costs of maintaining older equipment.  This low-cost, tax exempt interest rates and no down payment or security deposits are ever required.  There are also no mileage restrictions or maintenance or return provisions. 
Ford Work Van Available at Gresham Ford Fleet
Ford offers a wide variety of vehicles that bring innovation and capability to any work force.  The new Police Interceptor Sedan and Police Interceptor Utility vehicles are just two examples of new exciting technology that is helping to keep our police safer with faster response times.  Gresham Ford Fleet is exciting to be providing pursuit rated police interceptors with hands free sync technology, re mappable steering wheel controls, blind spot indicator and well as V8 power with V6 gas mileage.  Some municipal agencies made the decision to add the Dodge Charger to their fleet with the heavily advertised Hemi engine.  However many fleet managers experienced a rude jolt when the maintenance cost of a Charger materialized.  Gresham Ford Fleet offers a holistic approach that includes consideration to aspects of fleet management like maintenanceFord offers a wide variety of vehicles that bring innovation and capability to any work force like first responders.  Here is a list of vehicles that are eligible for Municipal Lease and Purchase Financing: police and administrative vehicles, light/medium/heavy duty trucks, school buses/ambulances/fire trucks, street sweepers and garbage trucks, and up fits to any of the above vehicles. 

If you are a state of local government agency in Oregon or Washington state you are eligible to purchase from the Oregon Department of Administrative Services Contract #0434 for ALL Ford Vehicles.  If you are Oregon and or Washington counties or road departments you are also eligible to take advantage of the State of Oregon Procurement program.  Ford Municipal Credit can be contacted via mail at P.O. Box 1739 in Dearborn Michigan 48121-9911, Tabitha Crawford can be contacted directly at 1-800-241-4199 option 1 or by e-mail at tcrawf22@ford.comGresham Ford Fleet can be visited at 1940 E Powell Blvd. in Gresham Oregon 97080 or 24 hours a day at

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Diesel Senior Master Certified Ford Technicians call Gresham Ford Home

Gresham Ford has been serving the Northwest since 1942 and is a diesel specialist.  There are many compelling reasons to visit Gresham Ford Fleet.  Gresham Ford is a proud Business Preferred Network Dealership because that certification provides tools and support that keep you in the shop less and on the road more.  This elite program allows our commercial and municipal customers to truly receive complete transportation solutions from a holistic point of view.  Gresham Ford Fleet is a Oregon Ford Dealership that understand that commercial customer consider their vehicles more than transportation; they are critical tools entrepreneurs and drivers depend on to deliver the goods and services needed to be successful.  Ford Business Preferred Network Dealerships recognize and pledge to serve Ford and its commercial customers with highly qualified sales professionals, competitive programs and a strong support network. 

Because Gresham Ford Fleet is a dedicated Business Preferred Network Dealer in Oregon they are also eligible for specialized training on all the new Ford technology and well as specialized tools to better compare vehicles and financial strategies.  Gresham Ford also has a strong relationship with Ford Credit Commercial Lending Services.  The commercial credit arm of Ford Credit is one of the largest lenders of commercial credit in the world and work hard to help get you the equipment you need to be a successful business. 
In an effort to increase parts efficiency and to keep customers on the road where they belong Gresham Ford Fleet has committed to the National Ford Fleet Parts Pricing Program (NFPP).  The NFPP offers Ford Fleet Dealers to be included in major account selector listings.  Gresham Ford has more daily deliveries and drivers than other dealerships. The Business Preferred status is not just a letterhead it is a commitment to keep commercial customers on the road where they can be successful and profitable. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ford C-Max looks good to Oregon Ford Dealer

Ford Motor Company has provided a Fuel Efficiency Boost to the automotive market.  The all-New Ford Escape Boasts New EcoBoost Engines with increased gas mileage and technology.  The C-MAX Hybrid Mileage is at least 25 Percent Better the the Ford Escape Hybrid, the first SUV Hybrid to the American automotive market.  Fuel economy leadership remains the bull’s-eye for Ford’s new utility lineup for 2012, addressing the top influencer driving consumers’ vehicle purchase decisions.  Portland is a notoriously green city with many of its residents calculating their carbon footprint and taking their impact on the environment seriously.  Three four-cylinder engines in the all-new Ford Escape will deliver improved mileage versus outgoing models; 1.6-liter EcoBoost® engine debuting in the U.S. in new Ford Escape is expected to deliver better fuel economy than competitors’ larger four-cylinder engines.  THe all new design for the Ford Escape also aims to impress with its luxury look and feel.  The all-new Ford C-MAX Hybrid features more than a 25 percent improvement in fuel economy versus today’s Ford Escape Hybrid.  The Ford Escape Hybrid gets better gas mileage in the city that on the highway, which is why so many Portlanders chose Ford.  The regenerative braking technology was fantastic technology when it was revealed and the new CMax technology will prove to be just as impressive.  Steve Renner, Commercial Fleet Director, believes that "The new Ford C-Max has unlimited commercial potential for small business owners.  This vehicle would be a great taxi, delivery, or general commuter vehicle." 

DEARBORN, Mich., Oct. 4, 2011 – Ford continues to deliver more choices for customers craving top fuel economy, offering its largest-ever EcoBoost® engine lineup in the all-new Ford Escape debuting next month and an all-new C-MAX Hybrid that’s 25 percent more fuel efficient than even today’s Escape Hybrid.

“Customers are prioritizing fuel economy above every other trait when they make most vehicle purchases,” said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president, Global Product Development. “Ford is meeting people’s needs by offering a family of fuel-efficient vehicles – from hybrids to electrics to traditional gasoline-powered cars – packed with class-leading technology, giving customers both exciting and greener driving choices.”

The all-new Ford Escape, slated for reveal next month at the Los Angeles Auto Show, features a powertrain lineup with three fuel-efficient four-cylinder options, including the new 1.6- and 2.0-liter EcoBoost engines and a 2.5-liter Ti-VCT four-cylinder. The Escape will be Ford’s first SUV to be available with two fuel-efficient EcoBoost engines, delivering class-leading fuel economy and performance.

“Expanding the availability of EcoBoost technology in the all-new Ford Escape will give customers a great range of choices for the fuel efficiency and performance they want in a small SUV,” said Joe Bakaj, vice president, Powertrain Engineering. “This advanced technology in the new Escape delivers on our commitment to provide class-leading fuel efficiency in every new Ford product.”

Ford’s 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine, which uses turbocharging, twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) and direct injection to deliver the performance feel of a larger engine, makes its North American debut in the new Escape. It is expected to deliver even higher highway fuel economy than the current Escape Hybrid, which is EPA-rated at 31 mpg. The new 1.6-liter engine also is expected to deliver better fuel economy than competitors’ larger four-cylinder engines.

Since launch, sales of the 1.6-liter EcoBoost in Europe in Focus and C-MAX are exceeding expectations by 40 percent. The engine’s broad, flat torque curve has been praised for its diesel-like performance.

Escape’s new 2.0-liter EcoBoost will have better fuel economy than competitors’ V6 engines while delivering unsurpassed performance compared to those larger six-cylinder powertrains.

Ford holds more than 125 patents on EcoBoost technology, a global approach to provide affordable fuel efficiency for millions of drivers that will extend to 90 percent of Ford vehicles by 2013. EcoBoost increases fuel economy up to 20 percent while reducing CO2 emissions by up to 15 percent.

With the addition of EcoBoost engines to the Escape, Ford will offer more advanced technology engines in its utility vehicle lineup than any other full-line manufacturer.

Next-generation hybrids for next-generation fuel efficiency
Next year, Ford also will grow its electrified vehicle production capacity when it launches the C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in vehicles. Both five-passenger hybrids will provide another fuel-efficient option for customers.

The next generation of the Escape Hybrid’s award-winning powertrain moves to the five-passenger C-MAX Hybrid and features the first hybrid transmission and lithium-ion battery system Ford is building in-house.

Ford’s new hybrid powertrain will be available exclusively in C-MAX, and it will deliver
a more than 25 percent improvement in fuel economy versus the outgoing Escape Hybrid while still offering hybrid customers the five-passenger capability they expect.

The Ford C-MAX Energi targets more than 500 miles of driving range using the battery and engine, more than any other plug-in or extended-range vehicle. It also targets AT-PZEV status and delivers better charge-sustaining fuel economy than the Chevrolet Volt.

“The C-MAX family of electrified vehicles will provide versatile, practical options for customers who need utility while reducing carbon output and significantly lowering fuel costs,” Kuzak said. “No other company is providing this type of choice in a hybrid or plug-in hybrid.”

Ford developed the new generation of hybrid electric vehicles using its extensive experience with first-generation hybrids including the Ford Escape Hybrid, the world’s first SUV hybrid. This led to offering the two C-MAX multi-activity hybrid vehicles that feature superior fuel economy on long road trips and in stop-and-go city traffic.

“Using our platform approach to hybridization, developing two choices for customers in the heart of the market with the dedicated, front-wheel-drive Ford C-MAX was our strategy to extend the benefits of hybrid technology to even more customers,” Kuzak said.

Power of choiceFord is delivering electrified vehicles that are attainable, meeting real people’s needs in the center of the market where it counts the most.

Ford launched the Transit Connect Electric small commercial van in 2010 and will launch the all-new Focus Electric later this year. In 2012, these models will be joined in North America by the new C-MAX Hybrid, a next-generation lithium-ion battery hybrid and the new C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid.

Ford has 13 vehicles with best-in-class fuel economy. In the most recent J.D. Power survey, Ford leads in fuel economy in more segments than any other major automaker, answering the demand of consumers for more fuel efficiency in their vehicles.

Ford Electric Vehicle Technology
Today, fuel economy is 2.5 times more important to American customers than environmental concerns when it comes to buying a vehicle.  Portland and Gresham are no different, more and more people are considering electric vehicles and brainstorming ways to reduce their carbon footprint.  Gresham Ford has chosen to make a commitment to being Green thru the City of Gresham's GREAT Business Program. 

Ford Motor Company has four cars that achieve an EPA-rated 40 mpg or higher, including Fiesta, Focus, Fusion Hybrid and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. Thirteen Ford vehicles achieve an EPA-rated 30 mpg or higher.  All of these models are available at the best possible prices at Gresham Ford.  All Oregon Ford Dealerships pay the same for their vehicles so take advantage of our low overhead and visit to have a no obligation quote to demonstrate your options. 

Ford’s recent lineup of smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles has gained significant market share in key regions of the country. Vehicles such as the all-new Ford Focus and Fiesta both achieve 40 mpg or higher, boasting better fuel economy than even some hybrids.  For more information contact Gresham Ford at 503.665.0101

Monday, October 3, 2011

The all new Ford Police Interceptors are Validated as Pursuit Rated in Tests

The all new Ford Police Interceptors deliver more performance, handling, and fuel economy.  The State of Oregon has chosen to offer both the Ford Sedan Police Interceptor and the Utility Police Interceptor on contract #0434 from Gresham Ford, the NW Preferred Ford Fleet Dealership.  Ford has now produced the only all wheel drive vehicles specifically built for law enforcement, the Police Interceptors meet stringent law enforcement standards.  Especially in the NW weather police officers appreciate the handling and responsive qualities of the Ford Police Interceptors.  For your own personal test drive contact Gresham Ford Fleet and they will bring one to you.  Taking advantage of a Ford Fleet Ride & Drive is a great opportunity for your entire team to see the vehicles up close and personal with a knowledgeable product professional.  Now many Oregon police departments and other law enforcement agencies can get an all new American made vehicle with the expected durability and price of the popular Crown Victoria.  The Ford Police Interceptor Utility expands the ability of law enforcement to get the job done efficiently and effectively. 

The 2013 Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility passed stringent Michigan State Police tests and have proven they are ready for law enforcement use earlier this month.  Of special note was the performance of the Police Interceptor Utility, which not only outperformed the Chevrolet Tahoe but held its own compared to the sedans as well.  Gresham Ford Fleet is now accepting orders for the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan as well as the Ford Police Interceptor Utility.  If you are an Oregon or Washington municipality you may be eligible to purchase these vehicles at a substantially reduced price from the State of Oregon Contract #0434 for All Ford Vehicles. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

The New 2012 Ford Escape available at Oregon Ford Dealers

The New  2012 Ford Escape is now offering shared Duratec Engine Technologies and is available at Oregon Ford Dealers with a few new available colors.  The All Escape Duratec engines offer the following technologies to help deliver smooth, spirited performance with good fuel efficiency and emissions :Dual overhead camshaft (DOHC) valvetrain with four valves per cylinder for improved engine breathing compared to overhead valve engine designs.  This Ford technology is the reason Gresham Ford can offer so many different Ford models with fantastic gas mileage to those who live in Portland and Vancouver. 

Gresham Ford Fleet is proud to be the Ford Fleet Dealer of Choice for the State of Oregon.  As the holder of contract #0434 Gresham Ford Fleet provides All Ford vehicles to state, county and local municipalities and non-profits.  For more information about Oregon State Purchasing and Contracts visit their website or contact one of their staff members.  Some municipalities may even be eligible for the Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program (ORCPP) and not even be aware of it. 

With the purchase of the 2012 Ford Escape you receive intake-Variable Cam Timing (i-VCT) with Electronic Throttle Control.  The Aluminum construction to help reduce overall vehicle weight and in turn also providing a more competitive fuel efficient result.   The

Aggressive Deceleration Fuel Shutoff (ADFSO) partnered with the 2.5L Duratec Inline four cylinder engine is a great pairing from Ford Motor Company and the One Ford concept.  Giving 171 horsepower @ 6000 rpm provide the pep we all want in our vehicle.  The 171 lb. ft torque @ 4500 rpm help us get off the line quicker.  The Intake Variable Cam Timing of the 2012 Ford Escape combined with the intake manifolds that provide optimal air flow and fuel to the cylinders give the 2012 Ford Escape the performance you have heard about with reviews.

If you are a Oregon municipality, city, county or non-profit entity contact Gresham Ford Fleet Government Sales at 503-489-1605 for more information.  Order guides with pricing are also available upon request.  Fleet Manager, Annette Wetzel-Ramirez can also be reached at with your questions. 

Government Sales to Oregon Police Departments has been the Gresham Ford Fleet specialty for years and has the knowledge and contacts to help outfit fleet vehicles with quality equipment in a timely fashion that won't break the budget.  Gresham Ford Fleet works with all upfit professionals.  However if you would like a referral and reference Gresham Ford Fleet can also accomodate you. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mary Kay partners with Ford Motor Company

ANNOUNCING NEW MARY KAY & FORD PARTNERSHIP - Two American icons join in a partnership: Mary Kay Inc. has chosen the Ford Mustang as the latest addition to its Career Car Program. Gresham Ford is excited about this partnership.  Empowering women and changing lives will be improved by this embrace of new emerging Ford technology.  Mary Kay was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash who was committed to helping women achieve personal growth and financial success. Mary Kay is sold in over 35 countries around the world with an annual wholesale of more than $2.5 billion. To learn more about Mary Kay visit Mary Kay has been serving the Portland Metro area for decades and will welcome the Ford Mustang with open arms.  Oregon Ford dealers will have the ability to access all of the Ford Fleet tools in order to better serve Mary Kay and the Career Car Program for Oregon and Washington Consultants. 

The Career Car program provided by Mary Kay is a recognition/reward program that is considered one of the top accomplishments that a Mary Kay independent sales force member can achieve. Since the inception of the Mary Kay Career Car Program in 1969, more than 130,000 independent sales force members have qualified for the Career Car program.  Now Oregon Dealerships like Gresham Ford can be part of this recognition and boost to any consultants Mary Kay business. 

This marks the first time in the U.S. that a Ford product has been included in the selector list from which the independent sales force members can choose. Mary Kay selected the revered Ford Mustang because of its’ beautiful blend of styling, sport, functionality and durability.

The Mustang coupe will be black on black with leather interior, SYNC and Reverse Sensing. There will be an estimated 200-300 Mustangs ordered by Mary Kay sales people throughout the U.S. with deliveries beginning in early September.

FORD DEALERS Like Gresham Ford that are Oregon Ford Fleet Business Preferred Network Dealships are exclusively trained and equipped to better serve the samll business owner, like the Mary Kay consultant.  Oregon Ford Dealers are known for delivering the finest vehicles on the planet, and ensuring a flawless delivery experience for Mary Kay sales force members.  In addition, opportunities from independent sales force members visiting Gresham Ford will learn more about the Ford Mustang and why this vehicle has been chosen over so many of the other options.  For more information or to order your Mary Kay Mustang contact Gresham Ford Fleet, current holder of the State of Oregon Contract for ALL Ford Vehicles. 

Oregon Ford Dealers Share More Information about the Electric Ford Focus

The 2012 Focus Electric is designed to deliver outstanding energy efficiency, reliable operation, and true driving enjoyment. Take a closer look at Focus Electric performance: All-electric powertrain and single-speed transmission are designed to provide immediate responsiveness and smooth acceleration
Enviromentally conscience Oregonians are overwhelming Oregon Ford Dealers with questions about the all new Electric Ford Focus.   With a top speed of up to 84 mph the performance of the Electric Focus is a rear head turner.  Many of the steering, handling and braking components are shared with the agile and sporty, gasoline Focus models in turn reducing costs compared to other manufacters that created their electric vehicles from completely new and different platforms.  Outstanding aerodynamics and the absence of a gasoline engine help achieve a remarkably quiet, comfortable in-car experience  The Focus Electric will offer a miles-per-gallon (mpg) equivalent competitive with other electric vehicles in the market including the Nissan Leaf.  Portland has been chosen .
 The 2012 Focus Electric features an advanced, Ford-engineered 23kW liquid-cooled/heated lithium-ion battery pack

When plugged in, the Focus Electric onboard charger converts AC power from the electric grid to DC power to charge the liquid-cooled/heated battery pack.  The battery pack can be charged at home using: the the 120-volt convenience cord that will come with the vehicle.  The recommended 240-volt wall-mounted charge station that will be sold separately and can charge the battery in just over three hours.  Portland Charging stations are popping up all over making charging up a non issue for new owners adjusting to their new Green vehicle.  The State of Oregon is supporting this Green movement by creating and supporting the Oregon Electric Vehicle Charging Network that facilitates locating and charging your vehicle in less time that orginally estimated.  Click Here to Sign Up for Network Updates and Alerts.  The Electric Focus can be programmed to pre-heat or pre-cool the vehicle interior while charging the 2012 Focus Electric shares many of the features of the gas-powered Focus. Take a look at key interior features and technologies that are unique to the Focus Electric: MyFord Touch™ enhanced with unique electric driving screens.  The “MyFord Mobile” app allows Focus Electric owners to check the battery charge status of their car, set or initiate charging, find the location of their car in a parking lot, locate charging stations, plus search for destinations and determine if the car has enough charge to travel to all of the locations and back home. 

New value-charging feature, through collaboration with Microsoft, enabling owners to charge their vehicles when utility rates are lowest.  Ford Motor Company has used eco-friendly interior materials throughout the vechile.  The 2012 Focus Electric shares many of the features of the gasoline-powered Focus. Take a look at key exterior features and technologies that are unique to the Focus Electric: a unique aerodynamic front fascia with chrome grille surround and chrome bars, illuminated LED charge port located on the driver's side front fender, Focus Battery Electric Road and Leaf badging as well as available HID headlamps and LED taillamps. 

Conveying a sense of motion even when standing still, the Focus “kinetic” design delivers an exciting first impression. Take a closer look at key exterior design features: Quad-beam halogen headlamps give Focus a high-tech look, slim, swept-back headlamp design with chrome grille surround with chrome bars.  Along the side, the dramatic “Z” bodyside accent lines give the exterior design a sense of motion that is magnified with this hot orange coloring.  Pronounced wheel arches add to the impressive stance of the vehicle.  The rear fascia has light-catching lines to enhance the wide stance and athletic appearance.  Northwest commuters appreciate the peppy responsive handling of the Ford Focus Electric.  Ford has redesigned the taillamps have a sculpted design that now offer a more premium look and rounding out the exterior design features is the liftgate spoiler.  

A hybrid vehicle is powered in part by a gasoline engine, and partly by a battery-powered electric motor. The two systems work together, so there is no need to plug in to charge the battery. For most low-speed or short-distance driving, hybrids run on battery power during acceleration and use the electric motor to assist the gas engine when extra power is needed. At higher speeds, the gasoline engine automatically kicks in and takes over. The battery is recharged by the gasoline engine, and also by a regenerative braking system, which captures over 90% of braking energy normally lost to heat due to friction.

This type of vehicle operates like a traditional hybrid vehicle. The difference is the addition of a charge port and a lithium-ion battery pack that is larger than the nickel-metal-hydride battery used in current hybrids. When fully charged, in most situations the vehicle will operate in pure electric mode until the battery is depleted, then will switch back to traditional hybrid mode using the engine and regenerative braking to charge the battery pack. The gas engine may come on under certain conditions such as heavy acceleration or at higher speeds. The benefits include a greater range in full electric mode than a full hybrid, which helps reduce fuel consumption.

This vehicle runs completely by battery power and does not use a single drop of gasoline. The all-electric design features an electric motor, charging port and high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack. Regenerative braking also aids in charging. This powertrain provides 100% CO2-free driving, and will give Focus Electric an mpg equivalent competitive with other electric vehicles in the market 

Where some competitors have identified "a vehicle, one electrified powertrain" solution for all customers, our strategy offers a family of electrified powertrain vehicles that are based on existing vehicle platforms. This will allow Ford to have as many as five electrified vehicles in the U.S. by 2012.

The 2012 Focus is built on a global platform, and customers already know Focus as a great vehicle. Focus Electric has all the same innovative safety and convenience features as the gasoline-powered Focus, and is designed to deliver similar ride and handling characteristics. This gives customers that same fun-to-drive experience in an all-electric vehicle.

Ford will be piloting the Focus Electric launch in certain cities. These cities were chosen based on factors such as hybrid purchasing trends, customer demographics, state emission laws and utility company collaboration.

Yes. Purchasing a plug-in or electric vehicle may qualify customers for special tax incentives of up to $7,500 through the new Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit. More information about these incentives can be found at and

"Range anxiety" refers to the concern of an electric car running out of power and leaving the driver stranded on the way to his or her destination — the electric equivalent of running out of gas. Ford helps customers plan their routes before they start driving – both in their vehicles and out. Inside Focus Electric, MyFord Touch
and the unique electric driver screens provide new levels of vehicle information so owners can actively manage how they drive based on where they need to go. Drivers can view battery state of charge, distance to charge point, expected range and other factors right in the instrument cluster. Outside the vehicle, a smartphone app called MyFord Mobile allows drivers to view and manage the same information while away from their car, and even gives the option to begin charging with a touch of the finger. These tools and smart technologies work together to help drivers plan ahead, drive efficiently and counter range anxiety.

Assuming an electricity price of 12–15 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) (as of 2/28/11), a full charge of the 23-kWh battery in Focus Electric would cost an estimated $2–$3. When you consider the car’s mpg equivalent and rising fuel prices, it’s easy to see that Focus Electric can give customers a noticeable advantage in power efficiency! Actual charging costs will vary based on individual customers’ specific utility rates. Check with your local power company for details.

Yes, the vehicle comes with a standard 120-volt convenience cord, which allows you to charge the battery pack in your own garage. However, most Focus Electric customers will purchase a Ford-approved electric vehicle charging station to install in their garage. This upgrade equipment enables a 240-volt power outlet to fully charge Focus Electric in 3–4 hours (must be installed by a licensed technician).

The lithium-ion battery pack that powers the all-electric Focus has been designed to last the life of the vehicle.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Say Goodbye to the Ford Ranger, 2011 will be the last model year produced by Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company has made the choice to remove the Ranger from it's One Ford Lineup of vehicles.  The 2011 Model year will be the last for this compact truck staple in the truck market.  Many commercial customers are clammering to take advantage while the Ford Ranger is still available.  New options for the for the 2011 Ranger Model Year include that the FX2 Sport will no longer an optional package on XLT models (FX2/FX4 a combined model with specific drive and design differentiators ).  Performance/Handling of the Ford Ranger includes an all new powertrain lineup including the 3.7L 4V DOHC V6 with Ti-VCT and Flex Fuel engine with (E85) capabilities as we;; as the similarly popular 5.0L 4V DOHC V8 with Ti-VCT and Flex Fuel E85 capable engine - 6.2L 2V SOHC V8 with EcoBoost 3.5L 4V DOHC V6 with Ti-VCT technology. 

The Standard 6-speed automatic transmission with Tow/Haul Mode and SelectShift Automatic TM transmission standard.  All engines include Aggressive Deceleration Fuel Shut-off (ADFSO) to help maximize fuel efficiency.  Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) is standard on all models, except when equipped with 6.2L V8 engine.  Gresham Ford Fleet recommends the Electronic locking rear axle with 4.10 ratio that is optional on FX4; the performance of this truck is truly amazing.  A Heavy Duty Payload Package includes 7-lug, 17-inch high-capacity aluminum wheels on XLT,  but does Require: EcoBoost 3.5L V6 or 5.0L V8; Trailer Tow Package or Max Trailer Tow Package.  THe Max Trailer Tow Package includes all of the following: 7-pin wiring harness, Auxiliary transmission cooler, Class IV trailer hitch receiver, SelectShift Automatic TM transmission, Trailer Brake Controller, Upgraded radiator and an Upgraded rear bumper.  This vehicle showcases some impressive technology that NW businesses have appreciated over the decades, it will be sad to see this work truck go.  

Oregon Ford Dealers currently have inventory of the last remaining 2011 model year Ford Ranger Trucks including the regular cab, the 2 door extended cab and the 4 door extended cab truck.  The Max Trailer Tow Package includes a Manual Mirror, and is available on XL Regular and SuperCab.  This option also includes black, manual telescoping trailer tow mirrors with manual glass.  However if power is your thing the Max Trailer Tow Package is available with  Power Mirror and is available on XL Regular and SuperCab, XLT and FX2/FX4.  When you order the power mirror package you also receive black, manual telescoping trailer tow mirrors with power, heated glass, integrated turn signals and security approach lamps and a Memory feature included when ordered with the FX Luxury Package. 

Especially considering the NW weather in Oregon and Washington many people opt for the Off-Road Package that is  available on XLT. Lariat and King Ranch 4x4, which  includes: 3.73 electronic locking rear axle, 4x4 “Off-Road” decal, Off-Road tuned shock absorbers, Skid plates for front differential, fuel tank and transfer case.  Oregon Ford Fleet Dealerships that maintain Business Preferred Network Status also are provided with specialized training and materials to better serve you when preparing your vehicle to enter the work place.  Many exciting new technologies are being brought to the market place by Ford Motor Company and being offered by Oregon Ford Fleet Dealerships like Gresham Ford Fleet. 

Safety/Security provided by the Ford Ranger also includes seat-integrated shoulder belt standard for the front-row center seat position as well as 2nd-row SuperCab and SuperCrew models including standard head restraint for center seat position.  Gresham Ford Fleet is happy to provide detailed safety and product information including vehicles comparisons upon request.
All standard exterior mirrors include driver-side integrated spotter mirror, Available Sony 6-disc, in-dash CD player with subwoofer reduces SuperCab and SuperCrew flat rear loadfloor storage comes in super handy when transporting kids, dogs, heavy tables all that fun stuff.