Monday, January 24, 2011

Metropolitan Family Services and Ways to Work

Metropolitan Family Services delivers multiple programs to accomplish a singe purpose; helping children, families, and older adults succeed.  MFS takes an interest in individuals and families that are struggling to make ends meet.  There are a multitude of impediments that stand in the way of building a stronger community.  This agency partners with auto dealerships like Gresham Ford to overcome issues that stand in the way of putting Oregonians to work.  Metropolitan Family Services and its Oregon Auto Dealer partners are dedicated to serving the Portland metro area with their automotive needs. 
Keep in mind that the Ways to Work services are only one portion of the services offered by MFS.  Many struggle adults don't know where to turn when they need reliable transportation but not the funds to acquire it using traditional methods.  Metropolitan Family Services partners with Oregon Auto Dealerships like Gresham Ford to provide an alternative that makes our community stronger.  If you are searching for a reliable car or truck for sale in Oregon this is a great place to start.  Ways to Work is actually a national program serving children and families by providing low interest auto loans.  Parents who are unable to locate funding elsewhere may receive at loan up to $6000 in order to purchase, repair or refinance a vehicle.  The Ways to Work program is the first of its kind in Oregon or Vancouver.  Gresham Ford, an Oregon Ford Auto Dealer, is proud to be approved as a MFS Full Service Auto Dealership. 

In order to meet eligibility standards and be considered for a loan a borrower must be employed at lease three months continuously.  They must also be an involved parent and have exhausted other loan sources.  Households that income is less than 80% of the Portland median income.  For instance a family of four with 80% of the median income for Portland would have a household income of $54,300.  Recipients must also live within Multnomah, Clackamas, or Washington County.  Once a borrower is approved they must agree to repay the loan at 8% interest within two years.  The money they pay is then available for new applicants entering the program.  To learn more about the Federally funded portion of this program visit Ways to Work helping to reconnect families to the American Dream. 

Gresham Ford is dedicated to making the greater Portland area a better community and this is just one of the ways they help.  Whether you have an old car that needs repair or new tires, new windshield or new brakes Gresham Ford works on all makes and all models.  The Quickland located inside Gresham Ford provides quick maintenance on all makes and all models.  Give them a try and save %50 the first time you visit for an oil change.  In fact Gresham Ford has won national attention for the quality of their auto service in the quick lane located inside Gresham Ford.  Senior Master Certified ASE technicians ensure that your vehicle is repaired correctly the first time every time.  And if you will be left for a period of time without a vehicle Gresham Ford can provide service loaners for your convenience.