Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where Credit Is Due

We get lots of letters from folks

complimenting our great staff.

This is one I just had to share

with you as the credit goes to Annette

Wetzel-Ramirez; she is the member of

our staff that brought this need and

opportunity to light. Her partners in this

continuing good deed are Laurie

Schwarzkopf, John Amato from Gresham

Ford and John Eisel from Gresham


This is an excerpt from the related

recent letter:

“On behalf of Cell Phones for Soldiers

and the troops that benefit from your

generous donation, thank you. Each

donated used mobile phone allows Cell

Phones for Soldiers to fulfill the mission

of providing service men and women with

the opportunity to communicate with

loved ones for free. Las month, we

received 40 phones from your

organization (Gresham Ford), which

generated 2400 minutes of calling time

for troops.

Thanks to kind people like you, we can

provide enriching experiences to soldiers

overseas who cannot talk to their families

often. One phone call can truly make a


To date, Cell Phones for Soldiers has

raised more than $7 million and

provided more than 90 million minutes

of free talk time. Due to the mobile

phone recycling program, more than 7.5

million cell phones have been recycled

since 2004, thus reducing the impact on


As an advocate for Cell Phones for

Soldiers, please encourage family and

friends to support our troops by making

cash contribution today or donating a

mobile device to the program.”

If you would like more information

about the program go to

Another option, drop off your used cell

phone at Gresham Ford and we will pay

the shipping to get it to this worthwhile