Friday, March 4, 2011

Will you Try Local First?

Often mentioned in this space is

how important it is to support

local businesses. We support the

Gresham Chamber of Commerce and

Visitor’s CenterTry Local First” efforts!

The choices you make with your dollars

can improve or impair your community.

Hats off to the City of Gresham and

Gresham Barlow School District for

leading by example in “buying local”.

Together they have directed literally

millions into our local economy.

Knowing my particular fondness for this

economic concept, friends and

co-workers often send me articles and

trends that support this theory. Below is

one of particular interest that has come

to my attention.

The ABC News with Diane Sawyer

has been airing an interesting

segment, “Made in America”

Pledge: Will You Buy American-Made?

The fact is you cast a vote every time you

open your wallet. It is a global trade

battle and what you purchase makes a

difference. In 1960, foreign made

products made up just 8% of American

purchases. Today that number is nearly

60%.  Jobs are the answer to the economic

recovery. Manufacturing has to play

a significant role in that! One of the

most powerful points shown by this

series is; if every American spent an

extra $3.33 today on U.S. made goods, it

would create almost 10,000 new jobs in

this country - a concept worth

contemplating. While it is not always

possible, I challenge you to take a look

when comparing future purchases. It is

not as hard as you may think. One major

toothpaste is “Made In America” while

another is not. Also consider where

their International Corporate

Headquarters is located. That makes a

great deal of difference of where the jobs

are created. Just something to think