Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2012 Ford Focus Electric at Gresham Ford

The 2012 Focus Electric is designed to deliver outstanding energy efficiency, reliable operation, and true driving enjoyment. Take a closer look at Focus Electric performance:

• All-electric powertrain and single-speed transmission are designed to provide immediate responsiveness and smooth acceleration

• Anticipated to achieve a top speed of up to 84 mph

• Many of the steering, handling and braking components are shared with the agile and sporty, gasoline Focus models

• Outstanding aerodynamics and the absence of a gasoline engine help achieve a remarkably quiet, comfortable in-car experience

• Focus Electric will offer a miles-per-gallon (mpg) equivalent competitive with other electric vehicles in the market(1)

(1) Based on Ford preliminary testing. Class is Small Electric Cars.
• The 2012 Focus Electric features an advanced, Ford-engineered 23kW liquid-cooled/heated lithium-ion battery pack

• When plugged in, the Focus Electric onboard charger converts AC power from the electric grid to DC power to charge the liquid-cooled/heated battery pack

• The battery pack can be charged at home using:

– The the 120-volt convenience cord that will come with the vehicle

– The recommended 240-volt wall-mounted charge station that will be sold separately and can charge the battery in just over three hours

• Can be programmed to pre-heat or pre-cool the vehicle interior while charging
The 2012 Focus Electric shares many of the features of the gas-powered Focus. Take a look at key interior features and technologies that are unique to the Focus Electric:

• MyFord Touch™ enhanced with unique electric driving screens

• “MyFord Mobile” app allows Focus Electric owners to check the battery charge status of their car, set or initiate charging, find the location of their car in a parking lot, locate charging stations, plus search for destinations and determine if the car has enough charge to travel to all of the locations and back home

• New value-charging feature, through collaboration with Microsoft, enabling owners to charge their vehicles when utility rates are lowest

• Use of eco-friendly interior materials
The 2012 Focus Electric shares many of the features of the gasoline-powered Focus. Take a look at key exterior features and technologies that are unique to the Focus Electric:

• Unique aerodynamic front fascia with chrome grille surround and chrome bars

• Illuminated LED charge port located on the driver's side front fender

• Focus Battery Electric Road and Leaf badging

• Available HID headlamps and LED taillamps
Conveying a sense of motion even when standing still, the Focus “kinetic” design delivers an exciting first impression. Take a closer look at key exterior design features:

• Quad-beam halogen headlamps give Focus a high-tech look

• Slim, swept-back headlamp design

• Chrome grille surround with chrome bars

• Along the side, the dramatic “Z” bodyside accent lines give the exterior design a sense of motion

• Pronounced wheel arches add to the impressive stance of the vehicle

• The rear fascia has light-catching lines to enhance the wide stance and athletic appearance

• The taillamps have a sculpted design that offers a more premium look

• Rounding out the exterior design features is the liftgate spoiler
Gresham Ford is excited to be a Portland Oregon Ford Dealer to offer the new 2012 Electric Ford Focus.  This is Ford's first electric vehicle put to market and the Portland Vancouver area has responded favorably.  Gresham Ford is also proud to be a Presidents Award Oregon Ford dealer serving Portland, Sandy and Vancouver Washington's electric vehicle needs.