Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ford Power Shift 6 speed Automatic Transmission offered by Gresham Ford Fleet

PowerShift 6-speed Automatic Transmission

What It Is the New Torqshift Transmission All About?    

The Gresham Ford Fleet Department serves Oregon and Washington area including Portland Oregon.  Ford is proud to offer a transmission that gives performance, fuel efficiency and driving attributes similar to a manual transmission with the shift quality and ease of operation provided by an automomatic transmission.  Ford Commercial Vehicles now have the best of both worlds!  The Gresham Ford Fleet knows that Oregon Fleets need to have a strong transmission that can preform under the hardsh steep conditions of the West Hills near Beaverton as well as the stop and go traffic of Portland.  Oregon Ford Dealerships that are BPN, Business Preferred Dealerships, can provide more information becuase the certification demands additional training education inturn making them the perfect place to get product and pricing information at no obligation. 

Gresham Ford Fleet is a BPN Oregon Ford Dealer
Unlike other automatics, there are no fluid pumps, transmission coolers or conventional hydraulic control systems. In their place is an innovative, dry dual-clutch shifting system with smart computer control, lighter weight and huge efficiency gains.  All this upgraded technology means that your fleet will be on the road more with less time for maintenance and repairs.  The Gresham Ford Fleet Managers strive to provide holistic solutions that reduce your overall automotive expense.  The dry dual-clutch system, which uses the same material as any other manual transmission, acts together to transmit power to the wheels, with 100% of the torque available during shifts:  One clutch transmits power for gears 1, 3 and 5 while the other clutch operates gears 2, 4, 6 and Reverse.   As acceleration or deceleration is required, the transmission automatically engages the next sequential gear in anticipation of the shift, making shifts quick and power delivery seamless. This is really a fantastic pairing of renewed technology by Ford Motor Company and provided by Gresham Ford Fleet Integrated technologies are a key stone of the One Ford outlook.  
Neutral idle helps improve fuel economy when the vehicle is at idle by disconnecting the
transmission from the engine, which reduces the drag load or burden on the engine.   You really have to take a test drive in one of the Ford Fiesta's to appreciate the difference this makes. 
Torque control uses integrated brake pressure to provide smooth operation at slower speeds
(in a parking lot or at a stoplight) and simulates the low-speed control drivers are accustomed
to from an automatic transmission. The amount of rolling torque in Drive and Reverse is precisely
controlled, gradually building as brake pressure is released. 

Hill Start Assist helps minimize any roll-back when starting from a stop on an incline. 

SelectShift allows drivers to manually change gears (+ button for upshifts; – button for downshifts) for an extra-connected feel

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