Monday, September 12, 2011

Gresham Ford Fleet Services

The Gresham Ford Fleet Department provides Fleet Locator Service for Ford Commercial customers.  If you aren’t finding the exact Ford vehicle you need, don’t worry; we’ll find it.  We have the ability to locate commercial vehicles across the country and the can be delivered to you anywhere across the nation.  Gresham Ford Commercial Fleet is familiar with working within short timelines and prides themselves on personalized customer service.  Their tailored holistic approach has made Gresham Ford the Preferred Fleet Dealer. 

               Gresham Ford is a certified Business Preferred Network Ford Dealership.  This network provides customers fleet services throughout the country; anything from sales to parts and fleet service provided by trained accomplished leaders in Fleet Services.  BPN Ford Fleet Dealers are an elite assemblage providing complete transportation solutions and the best in customer satisfaction and owner loyalty.  For commercial customers, business vehicles are more than transportation; they are critical tools entrepreneurs and drivers depend on to deliver goods and corporate success.  Gresham Ford has been recognized ford providing highly qualified personnel, competitive programs, and a strong support network among other BPN Ford dealerships.  Gresham Ford Fleet Services offer elements such as making registration in the Ford Fleet System a turnkey experience including Ford Fleet VIN Decoding.  Gresham Ford Fleet Services also provide Ford Videos that educate about the new fleet technologies like Crew Chief, which provides complete fleet visibility and instantaneous warning on a wide range of operator and automobile metrics.  Also providing reports on everything from unsafe driving and fuel efficiency to asset utilization and vehicle maintenance; allowing commercial customers to cut costs and boost productivity in no time. 

               National Fleet Parts Pricing is available to many major national and regional customers through the Quality Fleet Care Program.  If your truck center isn’t talking to you about this program than you need to call Gresham Ford Fleet Services and speak with Mike Amato the Fleet Services Parts Director at 503.665.0101 or  The Gresham Ford truck center can also provide any towing guide or Ford Fleet Manual.  Gresham Ford Fleet Service is dedicated to providing commercial customers with the tools and information from the vehicle sale to maintenance, repair and trade-in values.  The Gresham Ford Truck Center works seamlessly to provide individualized service for customers across the nation.  The Commercial Truck Tools supported exclusively by BPN dealers like Gresham Ford Fleet Service provide services like Commercial Direct Towing.  Ford Motor Company currently offers “outside warranty” towing to the nearest Ford truck center qualified and trained in the specialized sphere of commercial heavy duty maintenance and repair.  With the expanded needs of the fleet customer in mind, Gresham Ford Fleet Service provides assurance of driver safety and status report of the vehicle condition and repair estimate as soon as possible. 

               Gresham Ford Fleet Services also provide Quality Fleet Care (QFC) throughout the nation.  QFC provides a comprehensive parts and service billing no matter the make or dealership that was utilized.  This centralized billing enables a fleet to make a single payment for wholesale parts purchases as well as maintenance and repair performed on enrolled vehicles at any Ford, Lincoln, Mercury dealership plus Quick Lane Truck Center in the United States and Canada.  QFC was created with efficiencies and time-saving tools to lessen downtime for fleet customers.