Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gresham Ford works hard to bring the Electric Ford Transit Connect to serve Oregon's fleet needs

Blazing new trails and anticipating buyers’ needs are nothing new for Ford.  The Gresham Ford Fleet Department has never been far behind.  The Portland Vancouver area is known around the United States for being environmentally minded.   That’s why an electric vehicle strategy is a key part of the ONE Ford philosophy.  Fuel efficiency, higher fuel costs and concerns about the environment have all affected purchase considerations.  Electric vehicles are the right solution to a variety of changing customer wants and needs.  Electric Auto Association — eaaev.org  The Electric Drive Transportation Association or (EDTA) can be reached via the web at electricdrive.org and is a wealth of information and answers to your practical electric vehicle and living questions.  EV World — evworld.com is another fabulous reference for little things you can do today to reduce your carbon footprint and be a more responsible citizen of earth.  Additional Resources and for updates on the
Ford electrification strategy, check out the Green section of What We’re Doing on thefordstory.com. 
2011 Transit connect electric Websites for more Electric Vehicle Information Electric Vehicles — Part of the Plan, Part of the Future ONE Ford Electrification Strategy.  The ONE Ford strategy for
vehicle electrification is wide‑ranging and includes: Launching five electrified vehicles in the U.S. by 2012.  These vehicles will be more cost effectively produced by utilizing platforms of vehicles that already exist like the focus and the Fiesta.  Introducing a variety of new technologies, such as Microsoft HohmTM, that will help future owners of Ford electric vehicles optimize the way they
recharge their vehicle and manage their home’s energy use will prove to be insightful.  Creating a center of excellence for vehicle electrification where the company will design, engineer and produce key components for its next-generation hybrid-electric and 100 percent electric vehicles.  The Ford plan is to deliver a suite of electrified vehicles to a variety of markets and build an overall plan that offers the widest possible range of technology solutions — instead of a single vehicle or technology — to improve fuel economy and lower CO 2 emissions for customers around the world.


To learn more about the Ford Electrification Plan, go to ford.com, click on the Technology tab and then click on the Electric Vehicles selection.  The site has a wealth of information and videos that
will help you and your customers learn more about the types of electrified products coming to market.
The Ford suite of electrified powertrains will include:  hybrid Electric Vehicles — currently available
on Escape, Fusion and Lincoln MKZ, gasoline hybrids combine an internal combustion engine with an electric motor for improved fuel economy and/or performance over a conventional gasoline engine. The battery electric systems on hybrids are “regenerative” — meaning they produce their own electric power to recharge the battery — and do not need to be plugged in.

Plug-in Electric Vehicles — the next generation of hybrid electric vehicles will offer an extended electric driving range beyond today’s hybrids. This powertrain also combines a gasoline engine with a regenerative electric system and features a high-voltage battery and charge port. This powertrain will allow owners to plug their vehicle in, extending the distance the vehicle can travel in battery mode and, in turn, decreasing gasoline consumption even further.  All-electric Vehicles — available on the 2012 Focus, this powertrain is all electric. Instead of a gasoline engine, this vehicle will feature an electric motor, charging port, high-voltage lithium ion battery and a regenerative braking system. The powertrain is targeted to go up to 100 miles on a single charge and is rechargeable using a 120- or 240-volt electrical outlet. Seeing as electricity is often cheaper than gasoline, it may be less costly to
operate. It will also feature an easy to use, advanced power management system to assist drivers in planning trips and managing battery life.