Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mary Kay partners with Ford Motor Company

ANNOUNCING NEW MARY KAY & FORD PARTNERSHIP - Two American icons join in a partnership: Mary Kay Inc. has chosen the Ford Mustang as the latest addition to its Career Car Program. Gresham Ford is excited about this partnership.  Empowering women and changing lives will be improved by this embrace of new emerging Ford technology.  Mary Kay was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash who was committed to helping women achieve personal growth and financial success. Mary Kay is sold in over 35 countries around the world with an annual wholesale of more than $2.5 billion. To learn more about Mary Kay visit Mary Kay has been serving the Portland Metro area for decades and will welcome the Ford Mustang with open arms.  Oregon Ford dealers will have the ability to access all of the Ford Fleet tools in order to better serve Mary Kay and the Career Car Program for Oregon and Washington Consultants. 

The Career Car program provided by Mary Kay is a recognition/reward program that is considered one of the top accomplishments that a Mary Kay independent sales force member can achieve. Since the inception of the Mary Kay Career Car Program in 1969, more than 130,000 independent sales force members have qualified for the Career Car program.  Now Oregon Dealerships like Gresham Ford can be part of this recognition and boost to any consultants Mary Kay business. 

This marks the first time in the U.S. that a Ford product has been included in the selector list from which the independent sales force members can choose. Mary Kay selected the revered Ford Mustang because of its’ beautiful blend of styling, sport, functionality and durability.

The Mustang coupe will be black on black with leather interior, SYNC and Reverse Sensing. There will be an estimated 200-300 Mustangs ordered by Mary Kay sales people throughout the U.S. with deliveries beginning in early September.

FORD DEALERS Like Gresham Ford that are Oregon Ford Fleet Business Preferred Network Dealships are exclusively trained and equipped to better serve the samll business owner, like the Mary Kay consultant.  Oregon Ford Dealers are known for delivering the finest vehicles on the planet, and ensuring a flawless delivery experience for Mary Kay sales force members.  In addition, opportunities from independent sales force members visiting Gresham Ford will learn more about the Ford Mustang and why this vehicle has been chosen over so many of the other options.  For more information or to order your Mary Kay Mustang contact Gresham Ford Fleet, current holder of the State of Oregon Contract for ALL Ford Vehicles.