Monday, October 3, 2011

The all new Ford Police Interceptors are Validated as Pursuit Rated in Tests

The all new Ford Police Interceptors deliver more performance, handling, and fuel economy.  The State of Oregon has chosen to offer both the Ford Sedan Police Interceptor and the Utility Police Interceptor on contract #0434 from Gresham Ford, the NW Preferred Ford Fleet Dealership.  Ford has now produced the only all wheel drive vehicles specifically built for law enforcement, the Police Interceptors meet stringent law enforcement standards.  Especially in the NW weather police officers appreciate the handling and responsive qualities of the Ford Police Interceptors.  For your own personal test drive contact Gresham Ford Fleet and they will bring one to you.  Taking advantage of a Ford Fleet Ride & Drive is a great opportunity for your entire team to see the vehicles up close and personal with a knowledgeable product professional.  Now many Oregon police departments and other law enforcement agencies can get an all new American made vehicle with the expected durability and price of the popular Crown Victoria.  The Ford Police Interceptor Utility expands the ability of law enforcement to get the job done efficiently and effectively. 

The 2013 Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility passed stringent Michigan State Police tests and have proven they are ready for law enforcement use earlier this month.  Of special note was the performance of the Police Interceptor Utility, which not only outperformed the Chevrolet Tahoe but held its own compared to the sedans as well.  Gresham Ford Fleet is now accepting orders for the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan as well as the Ford Police Interceptor Utility.  If you are an Oregon or Washington municipality you may be eligible to purchase these vehicles at a substantially reduced price from the State of Oregon Contract #0434 for All Ford Vehicles.