Friday, October 7, 2011

Ford Municipal Finace partners with Gresham Ford

Gresham Ford Fleet, Oregon's Preferred Ford Dealership
Gresham Ford Fleet is proud to announce a renewed partnership with the Municipal Financing arm of Ford Commercial CreditGresham Ford Fleet holds contract #0434 for ALL Ford Vehicles for the State of Oregon.  "We do our best to provide the widest range of financing solutions possible for our customers" explained General Manager, Bess Wills.   "We are a team ready to move fast to solve your vehicle needs," continues Tabitha Crawford, Municipal Business Development Manager.  Ford Municipal Finance helps to maximize the tight annual budgets that so many cities counties and other municipalities.  The Municipal Financing staff both at Gresham Ford Fleet and Ford Credit Municipal understand the unique requirements of state and local government financing.  Contacting an experienced professional to help you make the most of your annual budget is easy just call 1-800-241-4199 or visit the websites for Ford Municipal Credit or Gresham Ford Fleet Government Services. 

Gresham Ford makes funding convenient for government entities.  Many public agencies are discovering that Municipal Lease and Municipal Purchase Financing is today's answer to acquiring essential equipment within limited budget confines.  Working with municipalities for many years has provided both Gresham Ford Fleet and Ford Municipal Financing the knowledge and expertise to make the acquisition of public vehicles a simple and accommodating process. 
2013 Police Interceptor Utility Orders Now Being Accepted at Gresham Ford Fleet

Ford Municipal Financing is just one of many options for government agencies but Gresham Ford Fleet it is one of the best because of how Ford works for the agencies.  Fixed-rate financing helps you get the vehicles you need, when you need them, while sticking to your current budget.  Flexible repayment terms including monthly, quarterly, semiannually  and annual are available, just ask.  Ford municipal Finance also provides financing for add-on equipment, up fits and extended warranty contracts.  Equity is accumulated with each payment, and ownership is realized with a final payment of just $1.  Providing options like these help avoid high costs of maintaining older equipment.  This low-cost, tax exempt interest rates and no down payment or security deposits are ever required.  There are also no mileage restrictions or maintenance or return provisions. 
Ford Work Van Available at Gresham Ford Fleet
Ford offers a wide variety of vehicles that bring innovation and capability to any work force.  The new Police Interceptor Sedan and Police Interceptor Utility vehicles are just two examples of new exciting technology that is helping to keep our police safer with faster response times.  Gresham Ford Fleet is exciting to be providing pursuit rated police interceptors with hands free sync technology, re mappable steering wheel controls, blind spot indicator and well as V8 power with V6 gas mileage.  Some municipal agencies made the decision to add the Dodge Charger to their fleet with the heavily advertised Hemi engine.  However many fleet managers experienced a rude jolt when the maintenance cost of a Charger materialized.  Gresham Ford Fleet offers a holistic approach that includes consideration to aspects of fleet management like maintenanceFord offers a wide variety of vehicles that bring innovation and capability to any work force like first responders.  Here is a list of vehicles that are eligible for Municipal Lease and Purchase Financing: police and administrative vehicles, light/medium/heavy duty trucks, school buses/ambulances/fire trucks, street sweepers and garbage trucks, and up fits to any of the above vehicles. 

If you are a state of local government agency in Oregon or Washington state you are eligible to purchase from the Oregon Department of Administrative Services Contract #0434 for ALL Ford Vehicles.  If you are Oregon and or Washington counties or road departments you are also eligible to take advantage of the State of Oregon Procurement program.  Ford Municipal Credit can be contacted via mail at P.O. Box 1739 in Dearborn Michigan 48121-9911, Tabitha Crawford can be contacted directly at 1-800-241-4199 option 1 or by e-mail at tcrawf22@ford.comGresham Ford Fleet can be visited at 1940 E Powell Blvd. in Gresham Oregon 97080 or 24 hours a day at