Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why Choose A Hybrid from Gresham Ford Fleet

The Ford hybrid is a gasoline powered vehicles that uses an electric motor and high-voltage battery pack to improve fuel economy over conventional vehicles.  The gas engine is the primary source of power and the electric power is supplemental. 

How it works:

The Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Ford Escape Hybrid use available electric power during acceleration to drive the wheels at low speeds, but seamlessly switches to gasoline engine power at speeds up to 47 mph in Electric Vehicle Mode.  The gas engine and regenerative braking system actually charge the high-voltage battery pack while you're on the go.  There's no need to plug in: it drives and feels pretty much like other car.

Gresham Ford Fleet offers both the Fusion Hybrid and the Escape Hybrid at fantastic prices for municipal and government buyers through contract #0434 with the State of Oregon purchasing.  This purchasing cooperative provides all of the checks and balances needed.  For more information about the Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program call Nancy Ahlbin (Program Coordinator) at 503.378.2497.  Gresham Ford Fleet utilizes a transparent pricing policy to provide the same value to commercial clients. 

How it Saves: 

Depending on driving conditions and habits, hybrids can deliver a significant improvement in mpg when compared to the gasoline-only version.  For example, the 2012 Ford Fusion-Hybrid earned an EPA-estimated 41 mpg in the city, making it the most fuel efficient mid size hybrid sedan in America

A hybrid is the ideal choice for people who do a lot of city driving, drive at low speeds or have short daily commutes, because its under these conditions that the car benefits from supplemental electric power.  Taking a longer trip?  No problem - the electric power will kick in when it can to help extend fuel efficiency.  The estimated range for the Ford Fusion Hybrid is over 700 miles on a single tank of gas. 

Gresham Ford Fleet serves the NW Commercial Vehicle needs at a great value.