Friday, November 16, 2012

Attention Small Businesses...

2013 Ford Super Duty Trucks
Act now for year-end tax savings and hurry in because the offer ends December 31st.  Thank to IRS Section 179 of the IRS Tax code, many businesses that invest in new equipment will be able to write off up to 100% of these purchases on their 2012 IRS tax returns.  Normally, businesses spread these deductions over several years.  But now, the tax benefits provided under IRS Section 179 allow many businesses to write off qualifying new equipment in the first year it is placed into service.  Please see your tax professional for more information and in order to establish if taking advantage of Section 179 will compliment your tax strategy.

The qualifying vehicle must be purchased and placed into service between January 1st 2012 and December 31st 2012.  It must be used at least 50% for business, based on mileage, in the first year it is placed into service.  So if you choose to use it for both personal and business use, the cost eligible for deduction would be the percentage used for business.  Again, please see your tax professional for details.  We are car professionals not tax professionals and can not give tax advice.

Keep in mind that for 2013, all indications are that the Section 179 deduction limitation will be reduced to only $25,000 and any bonus depreciation deduction will be eliminated.  So the December 31st, 2012 deadline is approaching quickly.

The analysis above applies only to vehicles placed into service in the United States after December 31st 2011 and before January 1st 2013.  Please see your tax professional for details.  Gresham Ford Fleet is here to help you find the work truck that you need when you need it.  Call us today for a no obligation quote 503-665-0101.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to prepare for Winter Driving

Winter Driving Tips from Gresham Ford
"Winter seems to come along about the same time every year, but my tires don't know that," quips Mike Rowe.  "What should I know about winter driving?  You tell me, and I'll tell my tires."  Good think for Rowe, Ford Senior Master Technicians have it covered.  Gresham Ford has more Senior Master Technicians than most Ford dealerships in Oregon and/or Washington.

If you can follow a five-step checklist, winter driving can be a cinch.  The first thing you want to do is know the forecast.  You can't overestimate simple awareness of whether its going to snow or sleet.  We have some great weather people in the Portland Metro area that offer some fantastic tools for your smart phone.  Next, head to Gresham Ford for a tire inspection.  FYI - our Quick Lane and Service Centers preform a tire inspection every time you visit for maintenance or repairs.  One of the first questions will be if your tires are properly inflated.  Next the Ford factory trained technicians examine your tire tread depth.  Its time to swap them out if the wear indicator is showing.  Parking habits are also critical.  If the vehicle sits in the same spot every day with the sun beating down or the rain beating down as the case may have it, the exposed surfaces will be prone to cracking.  Gresham Ford Service technicians can also share with you the age of your tires.  Even if a tire has never been used, if it is old it may wear at a higher rate because the rubber has dried out and cracked.
Call Gresham Ford Service with your Questions

Another consideration for winter tire care is the environment.  Do you live in the city?  Then roads will probably be plowed quickly.  If you're a little farther out, you might have to get over slush or snow pack on the road.  If you live on Mount Hood or live in Sandy this is especially important to you.  Your situation will help you decide whether you need special equipment like snow or studded tires.  Gresham Ford has their own studding machine and if you ask we will be happy to show off our newest piece of equipment.  If you are like most people a good all-weather tire will keep you prepared for unforeseen conditions.  It all boils down to friction.  That's all that is keeping you on the road and out of the snowbank.  In Oregon we see far more rain than snow and their are tires that are better for rainy conditions.  Our tire experts can help show you the best tread for rain and help you determine if you need snow or stud tires instead.

Monday, October 22, 2012

2013 Ford F-Series Super Duty is Awarded the Best-In-Class Towing and Payload Distinctions

    The FordF-Series Super Duty truck has made the Ford Family proud again by achieving the best-in-class heavy-duty pickup towing and payload capacities.  The Ford SuperDuty brake system has provided improvements that have enabled higher payload figures.  It isn't just the go that is impressive but also the impressive braking control provided by this fantastic and heavy duty work truck that has lead work truck sales for decades.  The Ford F 250 and Ford F350 are both included in the Ford Super Duty trucks that are also sporting a larger parking brake that supports the increased payload capacity that has impressed truck buyers throughout Portland and the Northwest region.  

Just because Ford has the best selling trucks for decades they haven't stopped the drive for better more efficient vehicles.  In order to strengthen the 2013 Ford work truck lineup the have again improved the Ford work truck's ability to haul, tow and stop.  The Ford Super Duty truck and chassis cabs are chosen again and again because they are reliable trucks that get the job done time and time again.  The line of Ford commercial vehicles continue to introduce new technology like Telogis to reduce corporate waste and increase productivity and efficiency.  This technology has allowed business owners to see real time as well as in insightful reports how their vehicles are being used and what their workforce is actually doing.  
Best-in-class towing and payload are just a few of the reasons why commercial buyers choose the Ford Super Duty as their work truck of choice.  Gresham Ford has been selling commercial vehicles to farmers, contractors, plumbers and more since 1932 and has the experience and professionalism every business owner deserves.  Gresham Ford Fleet recognizes that if you aren't on the road you aren't making any money.  With extended service hours Gresham Ford is now equipped at our new location to serve our commercial customers with even better service.  While the F-Series Super Duty engineers have worked hard to better meet and exceed the demands of the toughest customers. With their needs in mind, Ford engineers have raised conventional towing capacity to a class-leading 18,500 pounds, besting the nearest competitor by 500 pounds.  Think about how much more work you can get done with 500 extra pounds of capacity.  The increased towing capacity compliments the improved payload capability to a class-leading 7,260 pounds.  The 2013 Ford Super Duty work trucks are truly impressive whether you choose the gas or diesel engine.  
# # #

About Gresham Ford Fleet
Gresham Ford Fleet, is the northwest leader and preferred Ford Fleet dealership based minutes from Portland in centrally located Gresham Oregon.   Gresham Ford currently holds the State of Oregon Contract #0434 for ALL Ford Vehicles and wants to be your dealership of choice as well.  With about 55 employees and extended service department hours, the company’s automotive service include all makes and all models. Gresham Ford works with lenders including Ford Motor Credit Company as well as 150+ others to provide the best terms possible.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ford takes Green Intiative

Ford Motor Company has been taking Eco efforts in order to improve fuel economy and help the environment.  As a Oregon Ford Dealership, Gresham Ford, also knows the importance of eco-friendliness and has taken steps to "green" the building and operation as much as possible.  Biodegradable coffee cups made from recycled products may seem like a little thing but when you have so many people passing through the dealership it really adds up.  Ford is utilizing 2.2 million pounds of rubber from more than 210,000 used tires in order to make seals and gaskets.

Ford is continually searching for ways to improve the Ford product line of trucks and cars.  A landmark agreement with the United Auto Workers union has created more than 12,000 hourly jobs in the Ford Motor Company manufacturing facilities through 2015.  Ford has also pledged to invest over $16 billion in American Product development and manufacturing, with $6.2 billion earmarked through 2015 for plants to produce a new level of upgraded vehicles and parts,  many of which are new eco-friendly items.

1,675 tons of total weight has been removed from Ford vehicles on the road as a result of modification to improve fuel efficiency.  While a 3 million pound reduction of annual petroleum oil usage by Ford Motor Company, thanks in a large part to the use of bio-materials in vehicles.  4.1 million pounds of recycled carpet recovered through the use of EcoLon materials in the headliners of vehicles has also made a positive impact on the Ford production process.

Look for the 2013 C-Max Hybrid at Gresham Ford and see what eco-friendly looks like.  Meet the all-new progressively powered hybrid with an advanced lithium-ion battery system than enhances fuel economy.  The five passenger, multi-activity vehicle also offers interior versatility with a fold-flat second-row seat and a hands free liftgate.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The new 2013 Escape is Intelligent!

Gresham Ford is excited to now offer the all new and redesigned 2013 Ford Escape with intellifent 4WD system.  With the blink of an eye, the all new Escape can really think on its feet.  The intellifent 4WD system automatically transfers Escape from 2WD to 4WD the instant you need it.  There are no switches or buttons it is all automatic and keeps you safer.

The insightful engineering of Ford Motor Company really shows on the new 2013 Ford Escape compact SUV.  This clever design and eco-friendly advanced materials have given the Escape options like a huge panoramic Vista Roof that provides sun to not just the front row but the 2nd as well.  The structural integrity of the Escape has been maintained with the use of high strength steel that is ringed to provide additional strength and safety for your family.  Everyone in the NW knows how important it is to get as much sun as possible especially during the fall and winter months in Oregon.

The all new Escape also features Kenaf door bolsters made from tropical plants and is much lighter than the oil based materials Ford previously utilized.  The seat cushions in the Escape are also a bio-based polyurethane foam derived from the oil of plant seeds.  Scrap cotton is being used to improve sound dampening and the carpeting is made from a blend of recycled fibers.  All that weight reduction correlates to fuel savings.  One of the largest molded interior components on any vehicle is the instrument panel.  The 2013 new Escape uses a new injection molding process called MuCell.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The all new 2013 Escape has more than meets the eye

You may think that the One Ford philosophy is mainly about the new vehicle designs and cutting edge powertrain offerings being consistent across the world but its so much more.  The One Ford philosophy goes far beyond obvious engineering and often includes a variety of items and features that fail to be apparent to the naked eye.
2013 Ford Escape Exterior View shows Kinetic design

The new 2013 redesigned Ford Escape offers a "KINETIC" design that conveys a sense of grace and athleticism.  The sculpted lines and bold stance reflects the energetic purposefulness of compact SUV.

The active grille shutter system works to enhance fuel efficiency by closing to help maximize aerodynamic efficiency.  Active Grille Shutters also enhance the engine cooling system to help maintain the ideal engine operating temperature.  Ford has created a number of new technologies like this one to help you get the most bang for your gasoline buck.  For more information or to see the active grille shutter system up close and personal contact Gresham Ford today at 503-665-0101.

Two of the three engines available on the new redesigned Ford Escape include the EcoBoost technology.  These highly efficient engines use turbo boosting to force more air into the cylinders for more efficient combustion, greater power and impressive fuel efficiency.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Gresham Ford is now offering Royal Shield, a used vehicle limited warranty

Gresham Ford, a Oregon Ford dealership, is now offering Royal Shield a used vehicle limited warranty.  When you purchase a quality used vehicle, you want your ownership experience to be as satisfying, pleasurable, and worry-free as possible - and so does Gresham Ford!  That's why we are now offering the Royal Shield Used Vehicle Limited Warranty.  Royal Shield offers competitive, extended protection and provides you with: a 50 point mechanical inspection as well as protection from major repairs.  Royal Shield protection allows you to drive with the confidence knowing that your quality used vehicle is covered against future repair costs.

Limited Warranty Coverage includes repair or replacement of vehicle components that fail due to a defect in materials or workmanship or normal wear and tear resulting from a defect in materials or workmanship.  Coverage is limited to those components and parts listed below.  Coverage excludes items identified in the contract provisions, please see dealer for complete qualifications and details.

Covered Components

  • All Internal Lubricated parts
  • Cylinder Block (Rotary Engine Housing)
  • Cylinder heads
  • flywheels
  • Manifold (exhaust and intake including bolts)
  • Oil Pan
  • Oil Pump
  • Radiator
  • Seals and Gaskets
  • Timing Chain Cover
  • Timing Chain (Gears or Belt)
  • Turbocharger/Supercharger(factory installed)
  • valve covers
  • water pump
  • All Internal Parts
  • Output shaft
  • Seals & Gaskets
  • Torque Converter
  • Transfer Case (including internal parts)
  • transmission case
  • Valve body
Rear Wheel Drive
  • Axle Shafts 
  • Bearings (front and rear) 
  • Drive Shaft (Propeller Shaft)
  • Rear Drive Axle Housing and Front Axle Housing for pinion and all other internal parts
  • Seals & Gaskets
  • Universal and Constant Velocity Joints
Front Wheel Drive
  • Axle shafts
  • Bearings (Front and Rear)
  • Front drive housing including ring and pinion and all other internal parts
  • hubs, automatic front locking
  • Locking rings (four wheel drive)
  • seals & gaskets
  • Universal and Constant Velocity Joints
  • Calipers, Disc Brakes
  • Cylinders Master and Wheel
  • Hydraulic Metal Lines and Fittings
  • Vacuum- Assist Booster
  • Alternator 
  • Electronic Ignition Module
  • Fuel Pump (In tank)
  • Ignition Coil, Module, Switch
  • Starter Motor and Solenoid
  • Voltage Regulator
Please see dealer for complete qualifications and details of the Royal Shield Limited Warranty Coverage.  

Friday, August 3, 2012

Why are Motorcraft Parts important for your Ford vehicle

Gresham Ford Parts is now offering Motorcraft Parts Online.  There are no better parts for your Ford vehicle.  Gresham Ford also provides parts for Lincoln and Mercury vehicle owners in Portland Oregon.  When you need to depend on reliable parts and service Gresham Ford is your place to visit and call.  Gresham Ford Parts department offers original equipment and parts that are high quality and preferred by Senior Master Service technicians.  Motorcraft parts are genuine Ford parts produced to strict specifications and quality control.  Mike Amato, Parts Manager, is proud to offer the trusted genuine Motorcraft products because he knows the quality and reliability they provide. 

The Gresham Ford parts department also delivers in the Portland Metro area and SW Washington.  Serving both private parties as well as other service maintenance facilities around Portland is what Gresham Ford Parts wants to do for Oregon.  Customer service is the focus of providing quality parts and great prices with advice and assistance that can only come from a family owned and operated dealership.  Gresham Ford is big enough to have a large selection and small enough to spend the time to truly serve the customer.  
Gresham Ford is a Oregon Ford Dealership that has encountered Counterfeit Parts and would like to take just a moment to address the risks involved.  Nothing beats an original. Genuine Parts and Motorcraft® are designed for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles and provided by parts professionals like Mike Amato, Gresham Ford Parts Manager. Again Ford OEM parts are manufactured to strict specifications, they have undergone extensive laboratory and on-the-road testing. They're built to maximize the performance of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles and provide the confidence the repair will be done right the first time.  Parts that aren't from Ford may not serve your Ford and encourage its long productive life.  Take these aspects into consideration the next time you are faced with the choice of OEM or aftermarket.  
To purchase your Ford Motorcraft Parts visit 
and buy online!

Motorcraft Part # XG 1 C Grease is available now and can ship today!

Do you need Motorcraft Grease Part # XG 1 C and don't have a parts store you trust.  Call Gresham Ford Parts and experience the customer service experience that only a happy family owned dealership can provide.

Do you need Motorcraft Cleaner # VC 1 ?

VC 1 Motorcraft Cleaner
Gresham Ford Parts department serves the entire East County region with quality genuine Motorcraft Ford Parts and accessories like part number VC 1.  Call and ask about their free shipping offer today!

Gresham Ford offers Motorcraft TA 1 B

TA 1 B Motorcraft Adhesive
TA 1 B is the part number for Motorcraft Adhesive and is offered by Gresham Ford Parts Department.

Motorcraft PM 1 C Brake Fluid

Gresham Ford also offers brake fluid from Ford Motor Company with the Motorcraft name.

PM 1 C

Gresham Ford Parts offers 3C3Z1104A

3C3Z 1104 A 
Ford instance Gresham Ford has available
3C3Z 1104 A 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Gresham Ford Parts is offering a brand new Ford F-series OEM Front Wheel Hub.  Gresham Ford Parts provides the quality parts for your Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.  Contact our Ford Parts experts at 503.665.0101 to confirm compatibility with your specific vehicle.  

3C3Z 1104 A 
 $437.18 plus shipping

This item is a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable). Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the
item was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail
packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag..

Click Here if you need to search for multiple parts
Click Here is you need Ford Powerstroke Diesel Parts & information
Click Here to reach the Tire Match Tool

Gresham Ford Parts is proud to serve Ford Fleet Customers of the Portland Metro and outlining areas
Gresham Ford Parts also provides Ford Racing Parts

Monday, July 30, 2012

The first Hybrid Only Vehicle Line from Ford Motor Company provided by Gresham Ford Fleet

The 2013 C-Max will be offered with two different technologies to better serve the needs of Portlanders.  Arriving this fall, the all new CMax hybrid features the next generation of technology.  C-Max Hybrid will be offered in two trim series: SE and the more plush appointed SEL.  The C-Max Energi is the first Ford plug-in hybrid.  With many characteristics of a compact vehicle, the C-Max delivers a totally new type of vehicle that serves up an impressive mix of efficiency and roominess not to mention versatility.  The Ford C-Max is what we would imagine the product of a mini van and a compact car had a baby.  Like all the Ford products the C-Max has been developed to lead the electric car market.  Ford chose to pursue technology using already successful platforms.  By utilizing existing technology and form Ford has been able to keep costs low in order to provide an electric vehicle that is affordable for America to participate in the green movement.  It is designed to appeal to people who want the "green" benefits of hybrid technology and need real car performance.  The versatility of the C-Max is setting it apart from the other available vehicles in the electric market.  Many electric vehicles are the size of a golf cart and do not allow for long road trips, transporting multiple people, or transporting cargo and or luggage.  The C-Max has been designed to satisfy the needs of those in Portland Oregon.

2013 CMax Orders Now Being Accepted at Gresham Ford
The CMax enjoys a dynamic design that has been influenced by modern and fresh design, this all new car has a sporty feel that complements the global family of Ford vehicles and communicates a dynamic driving experience. Its key styling features include:

  • a five door design
  • a large trapezoidal grille and swept back headlamp design
  • satin chrome grille with piano black accents
  • a high mounted spoiler
  • 17 inch alloy wheels.  
The versatility of the flexible 5-door design and high roof line are impressive in person.  Gresham Ford product specialists will show that the 2013 Ford CMax cabin offers generous room for five as well as a number of clever storage areas.  The available hands free power lift gate allows you to simply sweep you foot underneath the bumper to activate the opening of the lift-gate.  The fold flat second row seating provide immense flexibility and even more available cargo room.  The CMax hybrid provides 24.5 cubic feet of space behind the second row seating compared to just 21.6 cu. ft. in the Toyota Prius and 15.9 cu.ft. in the Honda insight.  The Ford CMax is the electric vehicle that you can live with and not compromise your lifestyle.  

If you are interested in how Ford Motor Company developed this technology this video has great insight into the evolution of the Ford hybrid technology and Multi-Activity Vehicles or MAVs as the industry is referring to them.  Check it out.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Great Savings on Brakes

Gresham Ford is offering Great savings on Brakes!
You will receive a $40.00 mail in rebate on a Motorcraft complete brake service plus and additional
$40.00 mail in rebate if you use your Ford Service Credit Card. Offer valid between 7/1/12 and 8/31/12.
Rebate must be post marked by 9/30/12. Just ask your service advisor and he will go over the details of this special off.

Gresham Ford is A Certified BPN Dealership

What is Business Preferred Network?
Established in 1989, Ford’s Business Preferred Network (BPN) was the first program specifically designed to help dealers, like Gresham Ford, address the needs of small fleet customers. The state of Oregon is home to more than its share of small business owners and the BPN certification process keeps the Gresham Ford staff up to date with all of the tools available to fleet owners, no matter if it is a fleet of one or one hundred vehicles.  BPN has evolved over the years, with input from our commercial customers, resulting in a certification process to ensure superior buying, financing, and service experience for fleet customers.  Gresham Ford is a proud Oregon Ford Fleet Dealership that has maintained its certification and dedication to Portland Fleet Owners.  
What’s different about a Ford BPN dealer?
The Ford BPN certification process educates dealership staff to better understand the needs of small business owners in the Portland Metro area. A BPN dealer, like Gresham Ford, knows the vehicles used in your everyday operations are critical tools for your financial success and your ability to provide for your customers. If your vehicle aren't on the road, you aren't doing business and that is why fleets enjoy front of line service, expedited parts shipping, pick-up and drop-ff service and rental vehicles whenever possible. Ford Motor Company provides support to make sure that as a BPN Ford Fleet Dealership we have the tools needed to get the job done for you.
  • Commercial Vehicle Selection: The BPN experience ensures you are buying the ideal vehicle for your specific needs. Gresham Ford Fleet BPN staff are trained and certified in commercial trucks and their applications. Commercial Truck Tools, a unique software system, is used to turn your vehicle requirements (payload, cargo space, upfit requirements, etc.) into the most appropriate vehicle specification for you. This system includes competitive vehicle offerings (and lots of pictures) so you understand all your options.  For instance if you are having difficulty deciding gas or diesel, this tool allows you to compare fuel economy as well as payload and towing capabilities at the same time on one screen!  For more information or to get your own comparison contact the Gresham Ford Fleet Department at 503-665-0101.
  • Commercial Vehicle Stocking: Sometimes the best way to make a decision about a vehicle is to check it out first-hand. BPN dealers like Gresham Ford are required to stock a variety of commercial vehicles to meet the needs of commercial customers.  Inventory changes daily and calls to confirm availability are always encouraged.  We value your time and don't want to waste it.   
  • Fleet Promotional Offers: Ford Motor Company and Ford Commercial Lending offer unique fleet vehicle incentives and financing options through Oregon Ford Dealerships that are certified Business Preferred Network Dealerships.  
  • Maximizing “Up-Time”: We recognize keeping your vehicles on the road is vital; every hour counts. At BPN dealerships like Gresham Ford, Commercial Service Advisors understand the importance of minimizing downtime when prioritizing each day's service schedule. Let us make your service experience quick and painless.  Gresham Ford also offers pickup and delivery service because we understand staffing is expensive and unproductive time in a waiting room is just silly.  Let us pick up your vehicle and drop it off when its complete.  
  • Keeping Life Simple: With BPN, you can set up Quality Fleet Care – a monthly, single-payment billing option for parts purchases and service work from any Ford dealer, Quick Lane, or Fast Lane Tire and Auto Center. This is available for all your fleet vehicles - Ford and competitive makes.  If your fleet is growing and management is becoming intimidating consider the Quality Fleet Care program because it gives you everything you  need to stay steps ahead.  
Exploring the Ford BPN Difference at Gresham Ford
Business Preferred Network dealerships like Gresham Ford are held to very high standards to provide the fleet experience you deserve. Contact the Gresham Ford Fleet Department today and you’ll see the advantages and expertise Ford's Business Preferred Network can bring to your business.

Annette Wetzel-Ramirez
Municipal/Commercial Fleet 
1940 East Powell Blvd
Gresham, OR 97080
Office 503.489.1605
Awarded the State of Oregon Contract #0434 for ALL FORD vehicles

Monday, July 23, 2012

The all new 2013 Ford Escape has arrived at Gresham Ford

The all new redesigned Ford Escape has arrived at Gresham Ford with a all new four model lineup for 2013 including: S, SE, SEL and Titanium.  The new compact SUV offers intelligent 4 wheel drive and is available with two different eco-boost engines, depending on whether you want front wheel drive or four wheel drive. The 6 speed select shift automatic transmission has been paired with both the 1.6L and the 2.0L four cylinder engines.  The electric power assisted steering with pull drift control and active nibble control makes driving the new Escape a true pleasure.  With braking enhancements you also have more control in this great little SUV that provides the height of a big SUV but not the girth or the poor fuel economy.  The Advance Trac system with Roll Stability Control also helps to push the Escape into a top safety pick position.  This SUV may be small but the new 2013 Ford Escape can also tow with its Class II trailer tow package system with active grille shutter system.  

The all-new 2013 Escape offers three engines that provide efficiency and power.  The 2.5L iVCT I-4, 1.6L EcoBoost I-4, and the the latest addition to the EcoBoost family debuts in the 2013 Escape the 2.0L EcoBoost I-4.  Direct injection is a key technology behind the performance capability and efficiency of the EcoBoost engines.  The fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder by solenoid-controlled high-pressure injectors, compared to traditional fuel injection where fuel is mixed with intake air prior to entering the chamber.  The fuel is then pumped from the tank at a normal pressure of around 200 psi to the engine compartment.  Gresham Ford Service staff are always happy to explain how your vehicle works and how you can ensure that your Ford vehicle has a long full life of reliability.  A cam-driven high-pressure fuel pump increases fuel pressure to around 2150 psi, depending on the demands of the engine.  Then the direct-injection fuel injectors are located inside the combustion chamber and each injector delivers a precise fuel spray into each cylinder, allowing a higher compression ratio to help improve engine performance and reduce fuel consumption.  An electronic control system varies the timing and intensity of the fuel delivery according to the engine’s operating conditions, which can vary depending whether you are in downtown Portland or cruising through the west hills.  Precise control of the fuel provides the customer increased protection against engine knock/detonation to help allow for improved performance and excellent transient response.  As an Oregon Ford Dealership, Gresham Ford understands that fuel economy is important to those who have chosen to live in the northwest region.  Being responsible for our contributions to the air quality is a serious matter and Gresham Ford wants to help you reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible.  

To better appreciate the technology that Ford has worked so hard to deliver both power and fantastic fuel economy you must understand that a turbocharger uses otherwise wasted energy from the engine’s exhaust to rotate a turbine wheel providing the power that we all desire.  Trying to merge on the sunset requires a punch of power sometimes otherwise you are trampled.  The turbine wheel is coupled to a compressor that pressurizes air coming into the engine — this is called “boost” and allows the engine to breathe in air as if it were larger in displacement since more air is “forced” into the intake therefore the more air an engine breathes, the more power it generates - which is why the special grille technology is so important.  The key benefits of the all new 2013 Ford Escape are many but we should cover a few.  This compact SUV provides compact design and low NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) characteristics while giving drivers a feeling an immediate response when they step on the accelerator.  There is no turbo lag with the new Ford Escape.  In the past turbos were large and took time to fill and compress air to provide the added boost.  Today the turbos are small and provide instantaneous power.  There is an impressive broad, flat torque curve that provides a smooth ride.  The turbocharger has been “right-sized” to deliver the power of a V6 so there’s more power off the line, with the fuel efficiency of a four-cylinder and that means fewer stops for gas.  

The Escape enjoys a six speed transmission that was engineered for high quality and quiet operation.  The hard-finish gears for precise fit help reduce gear whine while the die-cast aluminum housing helps reduce noise.  In order to optimize the pump porting that helps to reduce transmission fluid pressure “ripple” and noise Ford has also included transmission fluid is “filled for life” to help lower cost of ownership and it is standard on all models.  

The new 2013 Ford Escape also includes a manual mode in order to operate the six speed transmission.  This feature allows driver to change gears, up or down, without using a clutch and is accessed by sliding the shifter to the Sport (S) position.  The gear selection is shown in the message center which also includes a second-gear Start mode.  The sport mode disables Overdrive Cancel and Grade Assist modes.  To operate in Manual Mode  you utilize the manual mode switch (thumb switch) is located on the left side of the transmission shifter handle.  In order to manually upshift, push the + portion of the switch and then to manually downshift, press the - portion of the switch.  

The 2013 Escape chassis is all new and one of the key 2013 developments include Torque Vectoring Control, improved steering feel and response, improved ride and handling characteristics and improved NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) characteristics as well as reduced suspension component weight, compared to previous model.  The rigid suspension mounting points help deliver precise response to steering inputs while the overall chassis stiffness allowed engineers to tune the European-inspired suspension for exceptional ride and handling characteristics. 

A all new feature to Escape for 2013 includes the grille technology that you may have noticed in the pictures of this new compact SUV.  This new technology helps improve efficiency by maximizing the aerodynamic efficiency of the grille opening and the engine cooling system.  It's located between the grille opening and the engine radiator and is electronically controlled by the engine control module and automatically opens and closes to maintain the ideal engine operating temperature and maximize aerodynamic efficiency.  This feature is standard on models equipped with 2.5L and 1.6L EcoBoost engines.  

The all-new Ford Escape meets the USCAR Vehicle Recycling Partnership goal that 85 percent of the vehicle is recyclable.  It really is overwhelming even the instrument panel structure is made with an innovative foam-injection molding process called MuCell that creates microscopic cells within the plastic, helping to reduce overall vehicle weight.  The MuCell process saves approximately 1 lb. of weight within the vehicle without sacrificing strength or performance.  It also saves petroleum as well as reducing energy costs by reducing the amount of time it takes to produce the part.  MuCell-produced instrument panels make their debut within the 2013 Escape and Gresham Ford is very excited after its own efforts to be green.  More than 27 pounds of non-metal recycled content is used throughout the vehicle while the carpeting is made from recycled plastic bottles and other materials; an estimated 25, 20-ounce bottles go into every Escape floor covering.  Ford truly kept the environment in mind when they chose materials and design for the all new 2013 Ford Escape and Gresham Ford applauds them for it.   The head restraints and seats of the Ford Escape include soy foam.  There are various gaskets are made from recycled tires and the engine undershields utilize recycled nylon while the sound-absorption material is made from scrap denim.  Even the tailpipe trims use polished stainless steel that’s more recyclable than chrome or other shine-applied metals.  Inside the vehicle the climate control gasket, powertrain undershields and wheel arch liners contain 100 percent recycled plastics and the dash insulation contains more than 10 pounds of scrap cotton from jeans, sweaters, tee shirts and other items.  The attention to detail was definitely paid by Ford Motor Company and the engineers who are responsible for bring the Escape to market.  Gresham Ford was the first dealership to request placement into the City of Gresham's GREAT business program that promotes environmentally friendly practices.  Not only did participation in this program help reduce our impact on the environment but it also encouraged others to participate.  

To come see the all new 2013 Ford Escape in person just call 503-665-0101 to schedule your personalized appointment or drop by the big blue oval at 242nd and Powell Blvd.  Gresham Ford Fleet recommends the Ford Escape for a number of businesses that need the flexibility and reliability of a vehicle with great gas mileage.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The 2013 Transit Connect is a versatile compact van that offers a fuel-efficient alternative to full-size vans.  Gresham Ford Fleet offers the best pricing on new Transit Connect vans and wagons.  They provides an efficient power train with a 2.0L Duratec I-4 engine and automatic transmission delivering a 2013 EPA-estimated 21 mpg city/27 mpg hwy. fuel economy (Van).  These work vans offer a tight turning diameter of 39 feet, Ford Transit Connect maneuvers city streets, busy loading docks and cramped parking garages with ease.  In downtown Portland specifically the maneuverability of the Ford Transit Connect comes in very handy.  Ford has outfitted the Transit with a 2.0L Duratec 16-valve DOHC I-4 Engine with 2013 EPA-estimated fuel economy of 21 mpg city/27 mpg highway (Van); 22 mpg city/27 mpg highway (Wagon).  The Transit is a great delivery work van providing  136 horsepower @ 6300 rpm and 128 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4750 rpm.  The cast aluminum engine block and cylinder head reduces the overall vehicle weight of the vehicle, which also helps the fuel economy.  The 2.0L engine has DOHC, 16-valve cylinder head that  delivers excellent combustion performance for a balance of horsepower and fuel efficiency.  Gresham Ford Parts has chosen the Transit Connect because of its versatility and fuel economy.  The Ford work van uses a timing chain instead of a belt, helping to

improve engine durability while the low NVH (noise, vibration and harshness)
characteristics contribute to a smooth ride and quiet interior. 

The 2.0L Duratec engine has been paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive and a Fail-Safe Engine Cooling System that also meets Federal Tier 2 Bin 4 standards and qualifies for California Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle II (ULEV II) standards.  

The combination of the independent MacPherson strut front suspension, multi-leaf rear suspension, rack-and pinion steering and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) allows Transit Connect to drive and ride more like a car than a working van.  Parking this Ford Van is an easy feat especially with the windows you have great visibility.  The Independent MacPherson Strut Front Suspension also allows each front wheel to react to road irregularities with minimal effect on the opposite wheel for a smooth, controlled ride while also contributing to responsive steering.  If you have delivery routes that include many rough roads this feature becomes more important when considering alignment and tire wear as well.  The suspension on the Ford Transit Connect includes a stabilizer bar to help reduce body roll while cornering.  When you drive the vehicle you feel stable, even when negotiating sharp turns.  Gresham Ford Fleet is happy to provide no obligation test drives per appointment.  The Multi-leaf Rear Suspension is a rugged design provides load-carrying capability along with a smooth ride and includes a stabilizer bar to help reduce body roll while cornering just like the front suspension.  This work van really does drive more like a car.  

The Rack-and-pinion power steering maintains linear steering effort as the driver turns the wheel, resulting in responsive steering with excellent return ability and handling characteristics like: a tight 39.0-foot (curb-to-curb) turning diameter that helps make Transit Connect quite nimble and easy to drive.  The video above gives a great overview of how the technology works.  

The front brakes on the 2013 Ford Transit Connect are disc while the rear ones are drum brakes.  This combination of brake technologies provides sure, controlled stops.  The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is standard in every Ford Commercial vehicle.  

It should be noted that the Transit Connect is not equipped to tow and there are no optional tow packages are available.  So other than towing the Ford Transit Connect is a great option for many businesses with its versatility and great fuel economy.  For more information about options and availability contact Gresham Ford Fleet at 503-969-4184.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Touch Performance Upgrade

My Ford Touch is now available at Gresham Ford
Ford continually explores ways to improve its technology like My Touch.  A new performance upgrade will offer enhancements integrated into 2013 model year vehicles that will enhance the system and add all new features.  The upgrade will also be provided to all existing My Ford Touch owners.  The features, which will arrive at dealerships soon, include redesigned screens, new functionality and more.

Soon, all current My Ford Touch owners will receive a "how to upgrade" packet with a USB inside.  Simply plug the drive into your vehicle to complete the upgrade.  Or if you prefer, you can take your packet and vehicle to your local Oregon Ford dealership, we suggest Gresham Ford, and have the technicians perform the upgrade for you at NO CHARGE - FREE - ZIP-NADA.  The end result is a faster system that features simpler graphics easier controls, enhanced voiced recognition capabilities.  My Ford Touch even has tablet compatibility and support, audio books and more...In addition, a new SD card featuring updated and enhanced map views that are richer with more #D landmarks will be provided to owners with navigation at no charge.  It will also include freeway junctions and signs enhanced through photo-realistic screen images.

MyFord Touch driver-connect technology provides an intuitive way to connect drivers with in-car technologies and digitize lives.  My Ford Touch is powered by available SYNC, this technology supplements many of the traditional vehicle buttons, knobs and gauges with clear, colorful LCD screens and 5-way buttons. The screens can be personalized to display information relevant to each individual driver using a simple button click, voice command or touch-screen tap.  Gresham Ford Fleet encourages commercial fleets to consider including Sync on their vehicles in order to keep employees hands on the wheel.  
MyFord Touch is more than just a collection of components, but a system working together that allows drivers to access information clearly and simply in whatever location is most convenient for them personally — and it’s intuitive and easy to use.  Ford has included two 4.2-inch LCD screens with 5-way steering wheel buttons to control each screen (Some vehicles feature one screen.) as well as a large 8-inch LCD touch screen in the center stack.  Enjoy the touch-sensitive buttons on the center stack (on equipped vehicles) that are intuitive to operate.  The media hub with multiple inputs: 2 USB ports, audio/video input jacks and SD Card slot provide a sundry of entertainment possibilities for those summer road trips.  Sync when coupled with My Ford Touch also include improved voice recognition — where the original system recognizes about 100 commands, the new system recognizes more than 10,000 and performs more tasks using fewer words at any time (e.g., Say “Call John Henry” or “Dial” without having to say “Phone” first).  You will also experience more voice control — change radio stations, CD tracks, climate settings and Bluetooth® audio stream, along with all the traditional commands for phone, media player and navigation.  A new offering is Gracenote — 3D carousel album cover art support via Gracenote allows cover art display similar to iPod® Touch.  And don't forget the safety aspect covered with the 911 Assist® enhancements that have improved capability with GPS location displayed on the screen, emergency contacts and vehicle restart instructions.
If you are a My Ford Touch owner and have not received your USB contract the Gresham Ford Service Department directly at 503.665.0101 or or just stop by 242nd & Powell Blvd in Gresham Oregon.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2013 Ford Econoline Wagon from Gresham Ford Fleet

The E-Series continues to build on its proven strengths as the leader in sales and customer loyalty year after year.  The Econoline Wagon also continues to have technology upgrades like the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)that is standard on all models.  The interior storage includes a glove compartment with powerpoint, instrument panel storage bin and functional cupholders and room for up to 15 passengers.  Hands free SYNC is available on all models as well to help comply with Oregon and Washington laws.  AdvanceTrac with RSC (Roll Stability Control) is standard on all for Econoline Passenger and Cargo Wagons and Vans.   Flexibility is an important part of the Econoline passenger wagon.  For easy use there is at least one 110-volt AC outlet available on all models (replaces instrument panel powerpoint). 

The XL base model Econoline Wagon includes the following equipment:
• 4.6L EFI V8 engine (E-150)
• 5.4L EFI V8 engine (E-350)
• Brakes — power, 4-wheel disc
• Electronic throttle control (ETC)
• Handling Package — includes
front stabilizer bar and heavyduty
front and rear shocks
• Power steering
• Shock absorbers — heavy-duty
• Tires
– LT225/75R16E BSW all-season
– LT245/75R16E BSW all-season
(E-350 with 6.8L)
• Transmission — 4-speed automatic with overdrive.  In the Quality/Reliability/Durability sector the passenger wagon offers Alternator — 120-amp, Battery — maintenance-free
72-AH, 650-CCA, Spare tire and wheel, Audio — AM/FM stereo/digital clock/audio input jack/6 speakers, Bumpers — black painted front with lower black plastic valance.  To help keep all your passenger comfortable the climate control is Front only (regular length) and High-capacity (extended length).  K-9 vehicles use the high capacity option.  The passenger wagon also offers coat hooks — Medium Flint, console — slim-line engine cover console color-keyed with dual bin storage and 3 cupholders, cowl trim panels — LH/RH black.  The standard doors on the passenger wagon are Hinged side cargo, 60/40
swing-out with Hinged rear cargo, 50/50 swing-out with 172-degree door checks.  Sliding doors are available - ask your commercial fleet manager for more information and related costs.  The E-Series floor covering — full-length black vinyl again carpet is available for an additional charge.  The glass of the passenger wagon is glass — solar.  The glove compartment with auxiliary powerpoint, grab handles — front A-pillar, driver and passenger side.  The headlamps — dual sealed-beam, high-mount stop light, horn — electric dual note.  Instrument panel — Medium Flint with tachometer.  Lighting offers front dome and rear cargo lights.  The courtesy light switches on all doors ensure an added layer of safety.  The rear view mirror, interior — day/night while the side mirrors are aerotype with LH/RH manual with spotter (RH convex).  To better charge your passengers there are powerpoints: dual 12-volt source in instrument panel, single 12-volt source located in glove compartment as well as a single 12-volt source located rear of driver.  

On the safety front Ford offers AdvanceTrac with RSC (Roll Stability Control), airbags – both driver and front passenger, anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Safety belts — color-keyed with height-adjustable D-ring and 3-point shoulder/lap belts in all seating positions
The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) helps to ensure even tire wear for extended life.  The Seating — Graphite vinyl with inboard armrest on all Wagon front seats.  The driver enjoys steering wheel with tilt control.  Step well pads — black plastic, sun visors — Medium Flint, cloth/vinyl trim.  There is a full-length Medium Flint cloth headliner with  LH/RH black cowl trim panels alongside medium Flint plastic front door trim panels.  
Medium Flint polypropylene side/rear quarter door trim panels are on the rear doors.  The XL Econoline Wagon with seating up to 15 passengers has Wheels — 16" x 7" steel wheels with sport wheel covers with a full size spare tire.  The Windshield wipers have multiple intervals for increased safety in the rainy Northwest.  

The fuel tank  on the passenger wagon is 33 gallons.

The E-Series Wagon appeals to a wide assortment of customers because or its durability.  There are two available V8s coupled with a 4-speed automatic transmission, and a V10 coupled with a 5-speed automatic transmission provide a range of capability.  No matter your job there is an Econoline for you.  Equipped with a standard four-wheel disc Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and auxiliary engine oil cooler, the E-Series can haul the load.  The Econoline Wagon is also available with a Flex Fuel (E85) compatibility on both 4.6L and 5.4L V8 engines.  Ford is one of the most aggressive OEM in the Alternative Fuel conversion market segment.  There are both CNG/LPG Gaseous Engine Prep Package available on 5.4L V8 and 6.8L V10 engines with fully intact warranties.