Friday, February 17, 2012

2013 Police Interceptor Ride & Drive Event for Oregon and Washington Police Officers

The police interceptor has been purpose built even though from the outside it appears to be the same as the retail version of the Explorer and Taurus; nothing could be farther from the truth.  First responders shared with Ford Motor Company engineers that problems arise sometimes when officers are asked to rotate between a sedan and SUV police vehicle.  The body roll, power train, and transmission are often times very different from one vehicle to the next.  Engineers have worked to carefully calibrate each police interceptor to create a consistency within the product line.  These calibrations allow officers to go from the PI Sedan to the PI Utility with very few alterations.  Both police vehicles are offered with the same center console stack, same steering wheel controls, same seat beats, ensuring that officers are safer and more prepared for the job at hand.  The similarities also benefit the fleet managers who now have the advantage of stocking less maintenance parts because both Police Interceptor vehicles use many of the same parts, for example the same disc brakes.  Each vehicle also has very similar body roll which helps to instill confidence in officer pursuits because they know what to expect.

Many officers have said that they prefer the rear wheel drive power provided by many of the Police Interceptor competitors however, after they drive the All Wheel Drive Utility and Sedan Police Interceptors many have changed their mindset.  All Wheel drive vehicles provide a much more intuitive driving experience and require less training than the traditional rear wheel drive pursuit vehicles.  The first responder community is changing their opinions on the innovations of all wheel drive technology.  The Ti-VCT engine provides power when you need it because Ford engineers listened to the first responder community and calibrated the gears to match the needs of the police community.  The Ford Police Interceptors share a number of improvements to safety, performance, durability, and technology.  officers will love the mobile office considerations that have been made to this purpose built automotive solution.  Government Fleet Managers will appreciate the service, maintenance and up fit friendly commonalities for the sedan and utility Ford Police Interceptors.  Both Police vehicles come with identical bumper to bumper limited warranties that covers shared elements like All Wheel Drive drive train and high performance brakes; for all these reasons the new Ford Police cars provide a substantial savings to the bottom line and with over 3,400 Ford dealerships across America there will never be a lack of customer support.

The Ford Police Car is still the only vehicle to be tested and pass a 75 mph rear end crash test rating.  This certification underlines the "got your back" mantra of Ford Municipal Fleet.  The all new 2013 Police Interceptors are also available with ballistic front door panels.  Each panel is level 3 rated by the National Institute of Justice Standards (NIJ).  There is also a plate in the front seat backs to keep officers safe from being stabbed or shot through the front seat.  This security combined with hidden rear door lock plungers that require a manual override operation by an officer in the front continue to maintain a safe environment for our sworn officers.

Both Police Interceptor vehicles are pursuit rated including the Utility version.  The safety cell construction of the Ford Municipal Engineering Team provides help to direct the force of an impact around the occupants.  Crumple zones are placed in order to absorb and dissipate the energy of a crash.  The safety canopy system utilizes in other Ford products has also been used for the Police Interceptor models and is standard equipment.

The new 2013 police Interceptor configuration utilizes up to 20% less fuel that comparably equipped Crown Victoria's.  The question for most municipalities will be rather or not to take advantage of the available Eco-Boost engine on the PI Sedan.  The Police Calibrated performance of this vehicle is impressive but does come with a $3000 increase over the standard engine.  Many operating cost reports report significant cost saving of fuel over the life of the vehicle. that far exceed the initial cost of the Eco-Boost engine.  However even with the standard engine, these police cars are impressive. The six speed transmission is calibrated to have shift points that enhance acceleration and responsiveness.  The electronic power assist steering responds more responsively than the Crown Victoria.  There is no need to over steer with the new Police Interceptor, which makes light work of steering.

Even the wheels and tires of the new Police Cars are heavy duty and built to impress even the daily duty drivers.  The beefy 18" steel wheels are five spoke and leave lots of space to help keep the substantially larger disc brakes cool.  The Z rated tires are specifically designed for police duty and have increase longevity and decreased stopping distances.  The tire pressure monitoring system is also standard.  This option is important because if tires are not properly inflated they can be unsafe or wear unevenly which creates a maintenance issue down the road.  Ask about the Gresham Ford Fleet Free nitrogen fill when you order your Police Interceptor.  Gresham Ford Fleet is proud to provide State of Oregon Contract #0434 pricing to all ORPIN users that are utilizing the Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Network. Users of the Western States contracting Alliance are also able to utilize this contract.

Ford has made every effort to make police car purchases a turnkey process.  With the addition of a heavy-duty 220 AMP alternator all of your state of the art support, ie radar, lights, radios, cameras, computers and printers are all provided for.

Body roll has been a necessary evil up to this point with utilizing SUV's for police vehicles.  Ford engineers have again gone above and beyond to make the minimal body roll the same in the Police Interceptor Utility as it is in the Sedan model.  The upgraded suspension is smooth and predictable, even at high speeds.  The hope is that officers will have the ability to work in either a PI sedan or PI Utility with minimal adjustments; even with pit maneuvers.  The uni body construction with a brawny beefed up stabilizer bar does wonders in making this vehicle line more intuitive to drive and drive safely.

Ford is also offering Microchip technology that allows the option of having one key for the entire fleet.  This option has the potential to substantially reduce the cost of keeping multiple keys for drivers and fleet managers.

We know that a lot of time is spent driving police vehicles and recognize that it needs to be comfortable as possible.  Ford answered with smaller bolsters allowing for comfortable seating with your duty belt included.

To schedule your personalized demonstration drive contact Gresham Ford Fleet today at 503-665-0101 or today.  Orders are now being accepted.  Pricing is available upon request and please let us know what municipality you are with so that we can provide all your contract options.