Monday, February 13, 2012

Energy Tax Credits for Fleet Vehicles

Oregon has courted several Electric Vehicle Manufacturers to
 Oregon In Order to  better serve the environment
and the Oregon Business Community.  
The State of Oregon is known for being environmentally conscience as innovative.  New temporary rules related to energy incentives (tax credits) for alternative fuel vehicle infrastructure go into effect today.  Laws providing tax credits like these are very important at expanding alternative fuel fleets within the northwest.  These tax credits cover facilities for mixing, storing, compressing or dispensing fuels for alternative fuel vehicles and include charging stations for electric vehicles. However many fleet may already have propane fueling stations on their premises.  Alternative fuel conversion vehicles are available for propane, natural gas and an ever expanding line of electric vehicles.  Ford Motor Company has worked tirelessly to partner with conversion experts like Roush to provide a wide variety of alternative fuel options to fit each and every fleet's need while helping them maintain environmental friendliness.  The State of Oregon's  Alternative Fuel Vehicle Ownership is growing tremendously but could still be higher.  

The new temporary rules are a result of House Bill 3672 (2011) that replaced the Business Energy Tax Credit program. The Oregon Department of Energy will be issuing its first opportunity announcement for these projects after Feb. 13, 2012. At that time, corresponding application forms and guidelines regarding eligible costs will also be available. Business Owners and Fleet Managers are able to access these resources through the Department of Energy as well as organizations like the Columbia Willamette Clean Cities Coalition.  

The first opportunity announcement will set aside part of the $20 million biennial cap on tax credits for all transportation projects, with the remainder of the tax credits held for public transit projects. The Electric Focus and Electric Transit Connect are just two of the vehicles that qualify for this new tax credit.  
A copy of the rules can be found on the Oregon Department of Energy’s website at:
The department will be adopting permanent rules later in 2012.  A great blog to keep an eye on is this Alternative Renewal Energy Blog.  There are so many advances coupled with so much technology it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with all the new options.  
About the Department of Energy: The Oregon Department of Energy provides tax credits, loans, technical assistance and energy information for homes, businesses, manufacturing, farms, ranches, schools and governments. For more information about how the Oregon Department of Energy can help you achieve the most bang for your buck contact the Columbia Willamette Clean Cities Coalition or the Oregon Department of Energy.  If you are considering converting your fleet and taking advantage of these tax credits while they are available contact the Gresham Ford Fleet Department at 503.665.0101 or e-mail