Thursday, February 23, 2012

What is an Alternative Fuel Vehicle?

Many organizations and green friendly folks talk about hybrid, electric, bi-fuel, propane or even compressed natural gas vehicles but really what is an alternative fuel vehicle?  A hybrid is any vehicle that uses more than one source of stored energy to power the drive line of a vehicle.

Hybrids add a complexity that is normally made up of two systems working together.  Typically this is accomplished with twin energy storage or drive systems, power management and control software to maximize fuel efficiency.  Vehicles that put on a lot of city miles in stop and go traffic benefit the most with hybrid vehicles that store the energy provided during braking to maximize fuel efficiency.  There are several hybrid flavors including hybrid electric and hybrid hydraulic, these are the most common systems currently in use.  Plug-in hybrids are quickly becoming a predominant leader in the green movement as well.  Gresham Ford is the contract holder for SUV and car alternative vehicles for the National Joint Powers Alliance.  The NJPA has leveraged the buying power of over 30,000+ members to competitively negotiate contracts that provide incredible value.  Gresham Ford Fleet is a proud contract holder for alternative fuel  cars and SUVs.  For more information about how your municipality, school, city, water district, etc can take advantage call 503.665.0101.