Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who is the National Joint Powers Alliance?

The NJPA is a non-profit municipal organization that is based in the mid-west.  In the beginning they leveraged the buying power of school district and municipalities of the state of  Minnesota and experienced a good value.  They saw the opportunity to get a great value if they could only compile and leverage the buying power of schools, cities, police departments, and other municipalities around the nation and created the National Joint Powers Alliance.  The membership terms are easy and no-cost.  Over 30,000+ members are active members of the NJPA and enjoy the fantastic value and customer service provided by their competitively bid and pre-negotiated pricing.  Considering the economic downturn, many cities and municipalities have been forced to do more with less and often times do not have the time or energy to create, advertise, manage and award their own contracts.  NJPA is driven to provide contracts with the most options and best value to their members.  Automotive purchases can sometimes be the largest purchase in a budget cycle.  Gresham Ford Fleet believes in a holistic approach because the vehicle procurement is just the beginning.  Ford Motor Company has met the convenience based maintenance shops face to face with the phenomenal value of the quick lane.  Municipalities now have the opportunity to save thousands by purchasing maintenance plans that cover oil changes, wiper blades as well as other wearable items.  Many government agencies are finding that purchasing the maintenance and extended service plans can cover all automotive expenses other than fuel costs.  With reduced budgets and staff this solution has helped many municipalities to maintain the same if not better fleet of vehicles.  Gresham Ford Fleet is a proud Business Preferred Network dealership.  To achieve the BPN certification all Fleet Managers have completed not only knowledge based testing for the full line of Ford products but also the service and maintenance products as well.  Serving clients in this holistic manner is one of the more notable reasons that northwest government fleet managers are choosing to convert their vehicle to Gresham Ford Fleet.  NJPA has now provided Gresham Ford Government Sales the opportunity  to provide this holistic approach to government fleets throughout the country.

Many government fleet managers have been charged with the task of converting fleets to green alternative fuel vehicles.  Alternative fuel vehicles can be any vehicle that drive trains are powered by any fuel other than gasoline or diesel.  Many alternative fuel options available are actually bi-fuel conversions.  These "soft" conversions are often times a good compromise because resistant users can convert on their own schedule.