Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ford Joins Azure Dynamics to offer a plug-in hybrid version of the 2013 Super Duty truck

Ford Motor Company and Azure Dynamics are broadening their partnership and endeavors to now include the Super Duty truck.  Ford has already partnered with Azure to produce the electric Focus and electric Transit Connect.  Estimates are that the special plug-in hybrid super duty truck will be available beginning in 2013.   In early 2013 Ford is scheduled to provide Azure Dynamics with special super duty F-550 trucks that will be retrofitted by Azure with their proprietary plug-in hybrid technology.  The other super duty trucks are expected to follow.  Conversions will cover all engines, frames and production options.  Ford is determined to provide a high level of flexibility and choice with their eco-friendly line up of vehicles.

Azure also clarifies that the hybrid development is focused on the gas engine currently and will be followed by the diesel engine at a later date.  Many fleets are excited about this possibility with rumors of up to 60 percent fuel economy gains.  Ford Motor Company has agreed to allow access to the distribution network  used for the traditional gas and diesel powered vehicles.  Gresham Ford is proud to have a number of senior master certified technicians who are trained and certified hybrid technicians.  The F-550 Super Duty truck has been singled out due to its domination in the market segment.  This is where Ford can make the largest impact in hybrid truck conversions, especially with the fleet user in mind.  Specifics are not yet available but we will keep an eye open when more information is released.