Monday, March 5, 2012

Police Interceptor Modifiers Guide

The new 2013 Police Interceptor will soon be on the streets but first it will need to have the light bars and radios added.  We have fielded many questions over the last few months and want to provide a reference for all those first responders attempting to prepare the new Ford Police Interceptor for duty.

For General Information Click Here 

Ever wonder what the VIN really means?  Below is a breakdown that demonstrates all the information held within the VIN.

If you questions are more electrical in nature, click here to see the Electrical portion of the 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Modifiers Guide.  

For those installing light bars, sirens and radios, this guide may be the most helpful to keep in mind while adding to the vehicle.

If you have lingering questions about the 2013 Police Interceptors please feel free to contact Gresham Ford.  We want you to love your Ford Police Interceptor and are happy to help get you there.