Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Telematics from Ford Motor Company are now available!

Ever wondered what did my driver do today?  Telematics now allow you to track the trail your driver took and spot the waste.  With the web interface you can click any point for engine details and driver behavior.  Get a bigger story by starting with better answers.

Gresham Ford Fleet is excited to offer telematics that allow you to see the history of your vehicle and get the facts.  Vehicle reports show idling, stops, speed and much more that allows you to get a clear and accurate picture of your fleet and their true effectiveness.

Crew Chief by Telogis helps you to avoid surprises by relying on the telematics program.  Telematics show you the data you need to improve how your business operates and how you can cut your automotive expenses.  Crew Chief, Ford exclusive telematics software and product line, allows you to set the rules.  You decide what is important to you.  Your customized telematics system can notify you when one of the vehicles in your fleet is speeding, operating after hours, or outside the service area.

The extensive telematics system offered by Telogis on Ford Commercial trucks and vans can also help you dispatch your vehicles. You can check the traffic volumes and clearly see which driver is closest to help you determine who is best considering MPG and driver skills.

So if you want to see what your fleet is really up to and keep your eye on very vehicle all at once from anywhere with an internet connection with exclusive Ford vehicle and driver diagnostics 24/7 contact Gresham Ford Fleet to discuss the needs of your fleet.  Soon it will be unthinkable to run a commercial vehicle fleet without this kind of technology.  Just think of the fuel savings, man hour reductions and complete visibility this program can offer you. Don't run your business blind especially when you can instantaneously and easily see it all.