Monday, July 23, 2012

The all new 2013 Ford Escape has arrived at Gresham Ford

The all new redesigned Ford Escape has arrived at Gresham Ford with a all new four model lineup for 2013 including: S, SE, SEL and Titanium.  The new compact SUV offers intelligent 4 wheel drive and is available with two different eco-boost engines, depending on whether you want front wheel drive or four wheel drive. The 6 speed select shift automatic transmission has been paired with both the 1.6L and the 2.0L four cylinder engines.  The electric power assisted steering with pull drift control and active nibble control makes driving the new Escape a true pleasure.  With braking enhancements you also have more control in this great little SUV that provides the height of a big SUV but not the girth or the poor fuel economy.  The Advance Trac system with Roll Stability Control also helps to push the Escape into a top safety pick position.  This SUV may be small but the new 2013 Ford Escape can also tow with its Class II trailer tow package system with active grille shutter system.  

The all-new 2013 Escape offers three engines that provide efficiency and power.  The 2.5L iVCT I-4, 1.6L EcoBoost I-4, and the the latest addition to the EcoBoost family debuts in the 2013 Escape the 2.0L EcoBoost I-4.  Direct injection is a key technology behind the performance capability and efficiency of the EcoBoost engines.  The fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder by solenoid-controlled high-pressure injectors, compared to traditional fuel injection where fuel is mixed with intake air prior to entering the chamber.  The fuel is then pumped from the tank at a normal pressure of around 200 psi to the engine compartment.  Gresham Ford Service staff are always happy to explain how your vehicle works and how you can ensure that your Ford vehicle has a long full life of reliability.  A cam-driven high-pressure fuel pump increases fuel pressure to around 2150 psi, depending on the demands of the engine.  Then the direct-injection fuel injectors are located inside the combustion chamber and each injector delivers a precise fuel spray into each cylinder, allowing a higher compression ratio to help improve engine performance and reduce fuel consumption.  An electronic control system varies the timing and intensity of the fuel delivery according to the engine’s operating conditions, which can vary depending whether you are in downtown Portland or cruising through the west hills.  Precise control of the fuel provides the customer increased protection against engine knock/detonation to help allow for improved performance and excellent transient response.  As an Oregon Ford Dealership, Gresham Ford understands that fuel economy is important to those who have chosen to live in the northwest region.  Being responsible for our contributions to the air quality is a serious matter and Gresham Ford wants to help you reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible.  

To better appreciate the technology that Ford has worked so hard to deliver both power and fantastic fuel economy you must understand that a turbocharger uses otherwise wasted energy from the engine’s exhaust to rotate a turbine wheel providing the power that we all desire.  Trying to merge on the sunset requires a punch of power sometimes otherwise you are trampled.  The turbine wheel is coupled to a compressor that pressurizes air coming into the engine — this is called “boost” and allows the engine to breathe in air as if it were larger in displacement since more air is “forced” into the intake therefore the more air an engine breathes, the more power it generates - which is why the special grille technology is so important.  The key benefits of the all new 2013 Ford Escape are many but we should cover a few.  This compact SUV provides compact design and low NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) characteristics while giving drivers a feeling an immediate response when they step on the accelerator.  There is no turbo lag with the new Ford Escape.  In the past turbos were large and took time to fill and compress air to provide the added boost.  Today the turbos are small and provide instantaneous power.  There is an impressive broad, flat torque curve that provides a smooth ride.  The turbocharger has been “right-sized” to deliver the power of a V6 so there’s more power off the line, with the fuel efficiency of a four-cylinder and that means fewer stops for gas.  

The Escape enjoys a six speed transmission that was engineered for high quality and quiet operation.  The hard-finish gears for precise fit help reduce gear whine while the die-cast aluminum housing helps reduce noise.  In order to optimize the pump porting that helps to reduce transmission fluid pressure “ripple” and noise Ford has also included transmission fluid is “filled for life” to help lower cost of ownership and it is standard on all models.  

The new 2013 Ford Escape also includes a manual mode in order to operate the six speed transmission.  This feature allows driver to change gears, up or down, without using a clutch and is accessed by sliding the shifter to the Sport (S) position.  The gear selection is shown in the message center which also includes a second-gear Start mode.  The sport mode disables Overdrive Cancel and Grade Assist modes.  To operate in Manual Mode  you utilize the manual mode switch (thumb switch) is located on the left side of the transmission shifter handle.  In order to manually upshift, push the + portion of the switch and then to manually downshift, press the - portion of the switch.  

The 2013 Escape chassis is all new and one of the key 2013 developments include Torque Vectoring Control, improved steering feel and response, improved ride and handling characteristics and improved NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) characteristics as well as reduced suspension component weight, compared to previous model.  The rigid suspension mounting points help deliver precise response to steering inputs while the overall chassis stiffness allowed engineers to tune the European-inspired suspension for exceptional ride and handling characteristics. 

A all new feature to Escape for 2013 includes the grille technology that you may have noticed in the pictures of this new compact SUV.  This new technology helps improve efficiency by maximizing the aerodynamic efficiency of the grille opening and the engine cooling system.  It's located between the grille opening and the engine radiator and is electronically controlled by the engine control module and automatically opens and closes to maintain the ideal engine operating temperature and maximize aerodynamic efficiency.  This feature is standard on models equipped with 2.5L and 1.6L EcoBoost engines.  

The all-new Ford Escape meets the USCAR Vehicle Recycling Partnership goal that 85 percent of the vehicle is recyclable.  It really is overwhelming even the instrument panel structure is made with an innovative foam-injection molding process called MuCell that creates microscopic cells within the plastic, helping to reduce overall vehicle weight.  The MuCell process saves approximately 1 lb. of weight within the vehicle without sacrificing strength or performance.  It also saves petroleum as well as reducing energy costs by reducing the amount of time it takes to produce the part.  MuCell-produced instrument panels make their debut within the 2013 Escape and Gresham Ford is very excited after its own efforts to be green.  More than 27 pounds of non-metal recycled content is used throughout the vehicle while the carpeting is made from recycled plastic bottles and other materials; an estimated 25, 20-ounce bottles go into every Escape floor covering.  Ford truly kept the environment in mind when they chose materials and design for the all new 2013 Ford Escape and Gresham Ford applauds them for it.   The head restraints and seats of the Ford Escape include soy foam.  There are various gaskets are made from recycled tires and the engine undershields utilize recycled nylon while the sound-absorption material is made from scrap denim.  Even the tailpipe trims use polished stainless steel that’s more recyclable than chrome or other shine-applied metals.  Inside the vehicle the climate control gasket, powertrain undershields and wheel arch liners contain 100 percent recycled plastics and the dash insulation contains more than 10 pounds of scrap cotton from jeans, sweaters, tee shirts and other items.  The attention to detail was definitely paid by Ford Motor Company and the engineers who are responsible for bring the Escape to market.  Gresham Ford was the first dealership to request placement into the City of Gresham's GREAT business program that promotes environmentally friendly practices.  Not only did participation in this program help reduce our impact on the environment but it also encouraged others to participate.  

To come see the all new 2013 Ford Escape in person just call 503-665-0101 to schedule your personalized appointment or drop by the big blue oval at 242nd and Powell Blvd.  Gresham Ford Fleet recommends the Ford Escape for a number of businesses that need the flexibility and reliability of a vehicle with great gas mileage.