Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The all new 2013 Escape has more than meets the eye

You may think that the One Ford philosophy is mainly about the new vehicle designs and cutting edge powertrain offerings being consistent across the world but its so much more.  The One Ford philosophy goes far beyond obvious engineering and often includes a variety of items and features that fail to be apparent to the naked eye.
2013 Ford Escape Exterior View shows Kinetic design

The new 2013 redesigned Ford Escape offers a "KINETIC" design that conveys a sense of grace and athleticism.  The sculpted lines and bold stance reflects the energetic purposefulness of compact SUV.

The active grille shutter system works to enhance fuel efficiency by closing to help maximize aerodynamic efficiency.  Active Grille Shutters also enhance the engine cooling system to help maintain the ideal engine operating temperature.  Ford has created a number of new technologies like this one to help you get the most bang for your gasoline buck.  For more information or to see the active grille shutter system up close and personal contact Gresham Ford today at 503-665-0101.

Two of the three engines available on the new redesigned Ford Escape include the EcoBoost technology.  These highly efficient engines use turbo boosting to force more air into the cylinders for more efficient combustion, greater power and impressive fuel efficiency.