Friday, September 7, 2012

The new 2013 Escape is Intelligent!

Gresham Ford is excited to now offer the all new and redesigned 2013 Ford Escape with intellifent 4WD system.  With the blink of an eye, the all new Escape can really think on its feet.  The intellifent 4WD system automatically transfers Escape from 2WD to 4WD the instant you need it.  There are no switches or buttons it is all automatic and keeps you safer.

The insightful engineering of Ford Motor Company really shows on the new 2013 Ford Escape compact SUV.  This clever design and eco-friendly advanced materials have given the Escape options like a huge panoramic Vista Roof that provides sun to not just the front row but the 2nd as well.  The structural integrity of the Escape has been maintained with the use of high strength steel that is ringed to provide additional strength and safety for your family.  Everyone in the NW knows how important it is to get as much sun as possible especially during the fall and winter months in Oregon.

The all new Escape also features Kenaf door bolsters made from tropical plants and is much lighter than the oil based materials Ford previously utilized.  The seat cushions in the Escape are also a bio-based polyurethane foam derived from the oil of plant seeds.  Scrap cotton is being used to improve sound dampening and the carpeting is made from a blend of recycled fibers.  All that weight reduction correlates to fuel savings.  One of the largest molded interior components on any vehicle is the instrument panel.  The 2013 new Escape uses a new injection molding process called MuCell.