Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to prepare for Winter Driving

Winter Driving Tips from Gresham Ford
"Winter seems to come along about the same time every year, but my tires don't know that," quips Mike Rowe.  "What should I know about winter driving?  You tell me, and I'll tell my tires."  Good think for Rowe, Ford Senior Master Technicians have it covered.  Gresham Ford has more Senior Master Technicians than most Ford dealerships in Oregon and/or Washington.

If you can follow a five-step checklist, winter driving can be a cinch.  The first thing you want to do is know the forecast.  You can't overestimate simple awareness of whether its going to snow or sleet.  We have some great weather people in the Portland Metro area that offer some fantastic tools for your smart phone.  Next, head to Gresham Ford for a tire inspection.  FYI - our Quick Lane and Service Centers preform a tire inspection every time you visit for maintenance or repairs.  One of the first questions will be if your tires are properly inflated.  Next the Ford factory trained technicians examine your tire tread depth.  Its time to swap them out if the wear indicator is showing.  Parking habits are also critical.  If the vehicle sits in the same spot every day with the sun beating down or the rain beating down as the case may have it, the exposed surfaces will be prone to cracking.  Gresham Ford Service technicians can also share with you the age of your tires.  Even if a tire has never been used, if it is old it may wear at a higher rate because the rubber has dried out and cracked.
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Another consideration for winter tire care is the environment.  Do you live in the city?  Then roads will probably be plowed quickly.  If you're a little farther out, you might have to get over slush or snow pack on the road.  If you live on Mount Hood or live in Sandy this is especially important to you.  Your situation will help you decide whether you need special equipment like snow or studded tires.  Gresham Ford has their own studding machine and if you ask we will be happy to show off our newest piece of equipment.  If you are like most people a good all-weather tire will keep you prepared for unforeseen conditions.  It all boils down to friction.  That's all that is keeping you on the road and out of the snowbank.  In Oregon we see far more rain than snow and their are tires that are better for rainy conditions.  Our tire experts can help show you the best tread for rain and help you determine if you need snow or stud tires instead.