Thursday, December 5, 2013

The All New Mustang is released

The time has come for Ford Motor Company to finally reveal the all new 2015 Ford Mustang in six cities on four continents.  The Ford Mustang has been much more than just a car for many Americans; in fact it seems like everyone has their own Mustang story.  With the 50 year anniversary of the Mustang approaching there has been a lot of suspense and pressure to produce a hot new Mustang for the next generation.  The 2015 Mustang will also showcase excitement under the pretty redesigned exterior by providing a 5.0L V8, 3.7L V6 and the all new 2.3L Eco-Boost engine.
2015 Ford Mustang - Gresham Ford 503-665-0101
It’s an evolution, not a revolution. It’s unmistakably Mustang: the signature sharknose front fascia, long hood and short deck, and trapezoidal grille are there, executed in a refreshingly contemporary manner.  The 2015 Mustang is sportier, lower, wider and more streamlined, all while being muscular and athletic.
Available in Fastback and Convertible bodystyles, the 2015 Mustang sports.  Ford is including HID headlamps with signature lighting especially for the fiftieth anniversary.  The three-dimensional tri-bar taillamps with sequential turn signals will remain and be offset with LED fog lamps.  The 2015 Ford Mustang will also have 17- to 20-inch aluminum wheels available on various trim levels but the wider body and lower roof height with a more steeply sloped windshield and rear glass will be included on every new Ford Mustang.
2015 Ford Mustang Interior - Gresham Ford 503-665-0101

Ford was inspired by the concept of a fighter pilot cockpit when designing the interior of the 2015 anniversary edition Mustang.  This is a driver’s car. All key vehicle controls are within the driver’s easy reach, and all gauges are positioned for optimal readability. Unlike other cars, the 2015 Mustang doesn’t ask owners to sacrifice comfort. Proof that Mustang is ideally suited for the track and the daily commute is found in the redesigned front seats with enhanced support and long-term comfort. Additional interior enhancements ready for the open road include pedals that have been repositioned for enhanced comfort and control.  The tilt and telescoping steering wheel provides the driver with additional options to get comfortable.  Ford has also provided toggle switches for hazards, traction control, steering settings and selectable driving modes.  One big improvement is the cabin storage while there was no improvement needed in the heated and cooled front seats, driver seat with memory and covered with the RECARO® sport seating material.
Joining the 3.7L V6 and the 5.0L V8 is an all-new 2.3L EcoBoost® engine with a twin-scroll turbocharger. The first Mustang turbo in nearly 30 years, the 2.3L EcoBoost delivers impressive performance and efficiency. An all-new chassis with independent rear suspension is designed to make this the most nimble Mustang ever. Other powertrain and chassis highlights include: 6-speed manual transmission, 6-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters and Remote Start System, driver-selectable steering with four settings and Track Apps™ - Very Cool.

The purposeful technology available on the 2015 Mustang is designed to deliver multiple benefits, such as enriching the driving experience and optimizing convenience. Featuring: SYNC® with MyFord Touch®, Intelligent Access with push-button start, Adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support.  BLIS® (Blind Spot Information
System) with cross-traffic alert is also a carry over from the 2014 Mustang as well as Individual Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).  The rear view camera will also be an option to help continue to further driver safety.  A new option will include active noise cancellation (EcoBoost models) while rain-sensing windshield wipers will be available on all models.

For more information about the all new and redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang contact your Commercial Account Manager at Gresham Ford Fleet 503-669-5343 or

Monday, December 2, 2013

Get the vehicles you need...Plus the Tax Savings You've Earned.

Gresham Ford Fleet Can Help with Section 179
Get your business a BIG IRS tax break!  The IRS Section 179 tax deductions will expire December 31st, 2013.  Read below for details which may - allow you to write off up to 100% of a new Ford truck, van or SUV purchase this year.  You may get your business a get IRS tax break when you purchase a qualifying new Ford truck, van or SUV by December 31 2013.  Whether you are a small business owner, sole proprietor, partnership, S-Corporation or LLC, you will want to learn more about how Ford can help your bottom line with the best vehicle lineup ever.  Ask your tax professional about IRS Section 179 depreciation and plan now to take advantage of this opportunity.  Visit the Gresham Ford Fleet department for special deals on these qualifying vehicles.  Gresham Ford does not provide tax advice and suggests that you speak with your tax advisor prior to purchase.  Gresham Ford Fleet also provides a locating service; if we don't have what you need in stock we will find it and secure it on your behalf.  Contact a Commercial Account Manager at 503-669-5343 today to discuss your specifications.  Commercial vehicles like your work trucks and work vans are most likely the life blood of your business and Section 179 may provide an opportunity to update your current fleet.  Whether your fleet is one vehicle or one hundred Gresham Ford is happy to help find you the best fit for your business.
Consult your Tax Professional about Section 179
PLEASE NOTE:  This information supplied is provided by Gresham Ford as a public service to you.  It should not be construed in any way as tax advice or as a promise of potential tax savings or reduced tax liability.  Individual tax situations may vary.  Federal rules and tax guidelines are subject to change.  For more information about the Section 179 tax code and tax deductions please contact your tax professional or visit the Internal Revenue Service website at

Gresham Ford provides the entire line up of Ford vehicles including Ford Commercial vehicles.  You must act by December 31st 2013 to get your deduction for the 2013 tax year.  Consult your tax professional for advice on your business tax situation today, hurry.

Are you asking what is the IRS Section 179 and how can it help your bottom line?  Section 179 is the current tax code that allows you to buy qualifying Ford vehicles and deduct up to 100% of the full purchase price (including any amount financed) from your gross taxable income if purchased before December 31st, 2013.  That means that if you buy a piece of qualifying equipment, you may be able to write off the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your gross taxable income this year!  Remember you must act before December 31st 2013.
Ford Commercial Vehicles offered by Gresham Ford Fleet 503-669-5343

1 This analysis applies only to vehicles placed in service in the United States after December 31st 2012, and by December 31st 2013.  The aggregate deduction of $500,000 under Internal Revenue Code Section 179 is most beneficial to small businesses that place in service less than $2,000,000 of "Section 179 property" during this year (vehicles and other business property.) The $500,000 deduction decreases by a dollar for every dollar spent in section 179 property in excess of $2,000,000.  
2 Each $25,000 deduction contributes to the $500,000 aggregate deduction limitation under section 179.  Passenger vans that sear nine (9) or fewer people behind the driver's seat will have a limit of $25,000.  Vans that seat ten (10) or more people behind the driver's seat and cargo vans will have a $500,000 aggregate limit under section 179 on the amount of first-year deduction. 
3 On the purchase of a new vehicle, each $25,000 deduction contributes to the $500,000 aggregate deduction limitation under section 179, SUVs over 6,000 lbs. GVWR will have a limit of $25,000 plus 60% depreciation on the remaining basis, if any, then normal depreciation under MACRS method on the remaining basis, if any.  

4 IRS Section 280F(d)(7)(B) requires that the limitation under IRS section 280F (a)(1) be adjusted annually, based on the CPI automotive component for October of the preceding year.  Section 280F depreciation limits in Revenue Procedure 2013-21.  The passenger automobile limitation is $3,160, the trucks/vans under 6,000 lbs GVWR respectively.  Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS).  The expensing restriction under section 280F do not apply to vehicles that are considered to be "qualified non-personal use vehicles".  (QNUVs). A QNUV is generally a vehicle that, by virtue of its nature or design, is not likely to be used more than a de minimis amount for person purposes. For more information, see Income Tax Regulation Section 1.280F-6(c)(3)(iii), Income Tax Reg.Sec. 1.274-5T(k), and Revenue Ruling 86-97, and contact your tax advisor as to the proper tax treatment of all business-vehicle purchases.  2013 vehicles shown.  Vehicles are for representation purposes only.  See Gresham Ford for complete details.  

Visit the Gresham Ford Fleet department at 2173 East Powell Blvd. in Gresham or contact a Commercial Account Manager directly at 503-669-5343.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A New Option in the Ford Special Service Vehicle Lineup

Ford Motor Company is proud to serve the first responder community and is now addressing customer requests from police agencies by adding a 2.0-liter EcoBoost® model to a new Special Service Police sedan to provide best-in-class fuel efficiency.  The “special service police” designation for Police sedan designed to meet the needs of detectives, administrators, campus police and police agencies looking to maximize fuel efficiency.  The EPA fuel economy certification expected in December of 2013.

Northwest Police and Fire have been looking to reduce fuel costs and be more environmentally conscience.  As a response Ford is launching a non-pursuit-rated Special Service Police sedan using the 2.0-liter EcoBoost® engine that produces 240 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft. of torque. This “special service police” vehicle will combine the durability of Police Interceptor sedan with the fuel efficiency of the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine.

The Eco-Boost engine is available to order in the Police Interceptor Utility starting today and has been immensely successful in the Police Interceptor Sedan.  The EcoBoost engine should help make this sedan the first police vehicle to achieve 30 mpg or better in EPA highway ratings. The special service police sedan is a modified version of the 2.0-liter Ford Taurus that achieves 22 mpg city, 32 mpg highway and 26 mpg combined with the standard six-speed automatic transmission.

This same engine in Taurus gained notoriety as a Ward’s 10 Best Engines winner earlier this year.  “Not every police officer needs a pursuit-rated vehicle, and as agencies look to replace older, less-efficient V8-equipped cruisers with more efficient vehicles, Ford wants to offer the most fuel-efficient – yet still very capable – full-size police vehicle,” said Jonathan Honeycutt, Ford Police Marketing Manager.

While expected to be more fuel efficient than the 3.5-liter FWD, or the 3.7-liter AWD or 3.5-liter EcoBoost AWD variants, the new special service police sedan retains all the essential police DNA that goes into pursuit-rated Police Interceptor sedans including safety and durability features. Plus it is upfit-friendly and purpose-built. Commonality of parts also helps to reduce the expense of maintenance while achieving best-in-class fuel efficiency, the sedan will offer Active Grille Shutters that manage airflow to optimize

The addition of the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine means agencies will now have four choices of powertrains in the Police Interceptor sedan is also available with a 3.5-liter V6 with FWD, 3.7-liter V6 with AWD and the powerhouse 3.5- liter V6 EcoBoost engine with AWD – allowing police to choose the powerplant that best meets their patrol requirements.

For more information or to receive an order guide and price list for available options contact the Gresham Ford Fleet Department at 503-969-4184.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle Now Offers 365-Horsepower EcoBoost Engine

Gresham Ford Fleet is now accepting orders for the Eco-Boost Police Interceptor Utility 

The first purpose built Police vehicle now has an available 3.5-liter EcoBoost® model that provides the best-in-class horsepower and torque for northwest police agencies.  With the rain, sleet and snow of the northwest all-wheel drive is not just a bonus but a necessity to keep first responders safe.  Since launch of the new Police Interceptor Utility and PI Sedan, the utility model accounts for half of all Ford police vehicle sales, more in Oregon and Washington.  

Ford Motor Company today announced that police agencies will soon (September 18th 2013) be able to order a Police Interceptor Utility vehicle with the 365 horsepower 3.5-liter EcoBoost® V6. The engine, which delivers 350 lb.-ft. of torque, has been available in a variety of Ford vehicles, including the Police Interceptor sedan, and is the choice for more than 40 percent of Ford F-150 truck buyers.  

“We continue to look at ways we can offer our customers additional product enhancements to further meet their unique needs,” said Gerry Koss, Ford fleet marketing manager. “Our Police Advisory Board and customers across the country identified the EcoBoost engine as their No. 1 want in the Police Interceptor utility vehicle.”
Eco-Boost Engine is now Available in the PI Utility
Agencies often need to outfit vehicles with an increasing amount of equipment but still require first-responder, pursuit-capable performance and handling; the new Police Interceptor utility is designed to meet these requirements.

“With the Police Interceptor utility representing half of our police orders, it is evident our two-vehicle strategy was on target, and our engineering team designed this vehicle specifically for the police market,” said Koss.

The Police Interceptor utility vehicle has received very positive feedback from law enforcement agencies, including the performance of the standard 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V6 engine, which delivers 304 horsepower and 279 lb.-ft. of torque, said Bill Gubing, chief engineer for the Police Interceptor.

Gubing cited recently released results of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s test and evaluation of 2013 model year vehicles, which show that Ford’s Police Interceptor utility vehicle swept all test categories, including acceleration, braking, 32-lap high-speed and pursuit versus the Chevrolet Tahoe equipped with a 5.3-liter V8.
Purpose Built Police Interceptor Utility
The 3.5-literEcoBoost will offer best-in-class performance and top-notch fuel economy,” said Gubing. “That means law enforcement agencies that require this level of capability won’t have to compromise.

“It also complements our strategy of offering a choice of either sedan or utility vehicle based on a common platform, and sharing a large amount of common components, including powertrains, brakes, wheels/tires, seats and maintenance items.”

Lieutenant Charlie Powell, commander of fleet operations for the Nevada Highway Patrol, said Ford “has made a good vehicle even more impressive” with the addition of the EcoBoost engine.  “This is good news,” he said. “We at Nevada Highway Patrol look forward to putting this platform in the field as soon as practical.” 

Ford’s Police Interceptorengine strategy provides a V6 lineup that outperforms V8 engines of years past. The Police Interceptor sedan is available with three powertrain options a 3.5-liter V6 with front-wheel drive, 3.7-liter V6 with all-wheel drive and the performance powerhouse 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine with all-wheel drive allowing police to choose the powerplant that best meets their patrol requirements.

For more information on Ford Police Interceptor, visit

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About Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 177,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, please visit

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The 2014 Police Interceptor is now available at Gresham Ford Fleet

Bigger, Faster, Stronger - Purpose Built for the NW Law Enforcement Community

Gresham Ford Fleet is proud to offer the first pursuit rated, all wheel drive (AWD) Police Interceptor to the Oregon First Responder community.  Compared to the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI), you will experience bigger brakes, springs and MPG figures for super stopping, more stable handling even in the rain and greater fuel efficiency.  You will also enjoy the faster, ultra-tenacious acceleration thanks to higher horsepower combined with standard AWD capabilities.  With the heavier-duty alternator and radiator you also get a higher electrical capability and cooling system.  

These vehicles may look like an Explorer and Taurus but that is where the similarity stops.  Both the Police Interceptor Sedan and Police Interceptor Utility are made in the USA specifically for police and first responder duties.  They hail from the same platform and share many common maintenance parts (no matter which powertrain you choose), including tires, wheels, brake pads, rotors, calipers, and alternator.  This makes for proficient easier fleet management and inventory of replacement parts.  Ford also provides 5 year/100,000 powertrain warranty coverage at more than 3,400 Ford Dealerships across North America.  If you are lucky enough to be in the Portland Metro area, remember that the Gresham Ford Service Department is open until midnight during the week to better serve fleet customers.  

Call 503-969-4184 for State of Oregon Contract #0434 Pricing for the 2014 Police Interceptors

Intelligent AWD is standard in the name of unrelenting pursuit especially for the wet northwest weather of Oregon.  Ford has calibrated the all wheel drive in the Police Interceptor specifically for aggressive driving, plus enhanced handling and precise control.  By the milliseconds this self activating system preemptively distributes torque among all 4 wheels to help prevent wheelslip no matter the road and climate conditions.  AWD helps improve traction during inclement conditions oron loose dirt and gravel.  The Ford Police Interceptor is equally impressive off the line - or in the turns  - on completely dry roads.  It was co-developed with EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operator Course) instructors for the utmost responsiveness and performance in the challenging driving situations Oregon has to offer.  
Call 503-969-4184 for State of Oregon Contract #0434 Pricing for the 2014 Police Interceptors

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ford Motor Company Adds Jobs at Truck Factory

Ford Motor Company announced that it is adding 2,000 workers to the Missouri plant that produces the Ford F-150 pickup due to a growing US truck demand, the Associated Press reported.  Ford is adding a shift with 900+ workers in the third quarter of 2013 to produce the F-150 half ton work truck.  This is in addition to the 1,100 workers Ford is also hiring to produce the new Transit van.  The Transit, full-size work van, will begin the fourth quarter.
Gresham Ford is Proud to Offer American Made Trucks

The Kansas City plant already has 2,450 workers in two shifts just outside of Claycomo Mo. in a 4.7 million square foot plant.  Ford made 800,000 F-Series truck at three plants last year and is looking forward to doing even more in 2013.  The full size half ton F-150 is growing at three times the pace of the rest of the American auto market.  Ford is also making efforts to rehire those workers who were laid off when the Escape production was closed in Claycomo.

The need for full size trucks shows a strength in our economy and is a good sign for America. The Ford F-Series trucks have been the best-selling trucks for 35 years and the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for
30 years, with unparalleled levels of capability and functionality.  Ford is offering four-engine powertrain options in their lineup — all paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission.  No matter which option you choose they all offer an excellent combination of capability and fuel efficiency.  The four-engine lineup, all paired to a robust 6-speed automatic transmission with tow/haul mode help to provide the right option for every line of work.
– 3.7L 4V DOHC V6 and 5.0L 4V DOHC V8 engines with Ti-VCT and Flex Fuel (E85) capability
– 6.2L 2V SOHC V8 engine
– 3.5L EcoBoost 4V DOHC V6 engine
Ford also offers a aggressive deceleration fuel shutoff (ADFSO) technology helps maximize fuel efficiency.  While the Ford also offers best-in-class 11,300 lbs. of towing capability is made easier with standard trailer sway control and the available trailer brake controller and best-in-class payload.
Ford's New 2014 F-150
The productivity screen provides convenient customer access to a wide range of vehicle information.  The Ford F-150 work truck offers comfort and convenience that includes standard driver-side integrated blind spot mirror, available rear 110-volt household-style outlet and telescoping steering column.  Gresham Ford Fleet is proud to sell the F-150 because it offers class-exclusive(1) high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps as standard or available equipment in addition to the MyFord or MyFord Touch is standard or available on select models.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Roadside Assistance - Your Comprehensive Concierge-Style Services

Although it is often overlooked, the Ford Roadside Assistance Program from Coach-Net provides invaluable services when you purchase a Ford work truck.  It is a 24 hour, seven-days-a-week, 365 days-a-year complimentary feature on all new Ford Commercial Vehicles including the Ford Transit, Ford Econoline, Ford Super Duty trucks and Chassis Cabs.  Program coverage for the E-Series work van and the F-Series work trucks are 5 years or 60,000 miles - whichever comes first.  With a single call to 1-800-241-3673, Ford Commercial Customers are quickly connected with phone technicians in a US based call center.  They have access to an extensive network of qualified Ford Dealerships, including Gresham Ford.  Arrangements for towing and repairs are made simultaneously, using advanced GPS technology to quickly identify the vehicle location.  Owners of motor homes built on a Ford Class A or Class C chassis are able to access the same services by calling 1-800-444-3311. 
Extended Service Plans from Gresham Ford Fleet

This is a nationwide service and can connect you with over 4,000 dealerships that specialize in commercial vehicles and commercial fleet management.  Gresham Ford Fleet maintains its status as a Business Preferred Network Oregon Ford Dealership in order to effectively reduce the overall cost of ownership for minor and major fleet customers.  For more information about how you can reduce your overall cost of ownership contact a Gresham Ford Fleet Manager at 503-969-4184 or  

Friday, June 28, 2013

New Exciting Options Come with the New Transit

Full Size 2014 Transit Wagon Available at Gresham Ford
Our very own Fleet Manager, Paul Blankenship, recently returned from Detroit where he got a firsthand look and the all new full size Ford Transit.  The new passenger wagon will seat up to 18 people plus the driver and has some exciting benefits.  You can now change the seating as your needs change with the maximum flexibility all in one van with more than 1000 seat configurations.

Ford Commercial Trucks has partnered with Mobility Works Commercial to bring the NW Fleet Customer the exclusive Smart Floor flexible seating floor plan.  Ford Motor Company will soon be saying goodbye to the Ford Econoline Wagon that has transported so many people so many places.
Easy to Drive Mobility from Gresham Ford Fleet
Mobility Works is the same company that brought you the Transit Connect "right size" wagon that so many mobility companies have attempted to replicate.  For more information about the all new Smart Floor System by Mobility Works and the new full size 2014 Transit Wagon contact Gresham Ford Fleet at 503-969-4184 or  Early orders will soon be accepted with estimated delivery in the Spring of 2014, sooner if you order early.  
Maximum Flexibility from Gresham Ford Fleet
Smart Floor Technology Exclusive to Mobility Works
It's Easy to Change with Gresham Ford Fleet

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Built Tough Ford Commercial Vehicles Dominate the Market

At the recent 2013 Work Truck Show Ford Motor Company showed the big picture for the commercial products, Gresham Ford Fleet among other Oregon Ford dealerships, offer to the commercial and municipal marketplace.  The event was held in Indianapolis and had one of the most impressive Ford Commercial Vehicle Presentations ever.  In spite of a virtual blizzard that engulfed Indiana, over 10,000 committed car people attended the Green Truck Summit showcasing alternative fuel seminars.  They visited over 500,000 square feet of exhibit space with more than 520 exhibitor companies showcasing their wares.  Over 60 OEM sponsored educational sessions covering industry topics, engineering, business, government, new products and market trends were on hand as well.  Ford Commercial Truck was aggressively involved in all facets of this huge convention and used every opportunity to reinforce its position as the leader in the commercial truck industry.  Ford even brought the 2014 Transit and Transit Connect to showcase just a few of the exciting offerings differentiating Ford Commercial work trucks and vans in the marketplace.  

One of the key presentations at the Green Truck Summit included a seminar entitled "OEM Perspectives on the Future of Clean Technologies".  It was designed to provide insights from the OEM point of view concerning anticipated changes in the transportation fuel sources as well as vehicle technology.  Obviously, the majority of attendees were interested in the opinions on how these changes impact commercial trucks and their associated equipment.  Rob Stevens, Ford Chief Nameplate Engineer, provided a wide-ranging insight into the Ford sustainability plans for Ford Commercial Vehicles.  Gresham Ford Fleet is proud to offer the full line of alternative fuel vehicles offered by Ford Motor Company and its Qualify Vehicle
Commercial Truck Season
Modifiers.  It includes a strategy to offer commercially-based customers a broad selection of powertrain options that include both traditional gasoline based technologies and hybrid/electrical variations utilizing current Ford vehicle platforms.  The chart below captures some of this Ford powertrain strategy and graphically demonstrated to attendees the level of Ford commitment and participation in the future of alternative fuel based vehicles.  The OEM panel included the Moderator Bill Van Amburg, CALSTART: Dave Majors, International Truck; Frank Schenk, Peterbilt Motors; Robert Carrick, Freightliner Trucks; Rob Stevens, Ford Commercial Truck division.  Gresham Ford is a proud Oregon Ford dealership minutes from the heart of Portland, located at 1999 East Powell Blvd in Gresham Oregon.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ford's 2013 Spring Commercial Truck Season has arrived and brought a new Aerial Bucket Package with it!

Gresham Ford Fleet is proud to participate in the 2013 Spring Ford Commercial Truck Season.  Now through July 1st 2013 Ford Commercial Trucks are being offered with some great incentives including a  all new 2 year/30,000 mile maintenance plan when you purchase a new commercial truck.  Rebates and upfit reimbursement are also available; for more information contact your Gresham Ford Fleet Manager today.  

Ford Extended Service Plans in partnership with Commercial Truck Operations is pleased to announce a complimentary 2 year/30,000 mile extended service plan with limited maintenance coverage for any business owner purchasing one of the following vehicles during this Commercial Truck Season: E-Series Cutaway and Stripped Chassis, E-Series Cargo Vans and Wagons, F-350 F-450 and F-550 Super Duty Chassis Cabs or even the Transit Connect Work Van or Wagon.  Gresham Ford Fleet believes in a holistic approach to fleet management and can show you how extended service and maintenance plans can reduce your overall cost of ownership.  
2013 Econoline Vans Available at Gresham Ford Fleet

Gresham Ford Fleet is also excited to have begun April 1st 2013 with the E-Series Vans intended to be completed as a aerial lift bucket truck with the 86A Aerial Lift Suspension Package.  This package also requires the 53S option also known as the modified vehicle wiring system.  The completed vehicle Vertical Center of Gravity (CGv) must be a minimum of 39.4 inches and a maximum of 44.25 inches in order to meet Type II compliance requirements as noted in the Incomplete Vehicle Manual to comply with FMVSS 126, Electronic Stability Control Systems.  The maximum front gross axle weight rating (GAWR) (672) is 4,600 lbs while the rear GAWR is restricted to 5,400lbs.  The GVWR remains 9500 lbs and Ford Commercial Vehicles has added a new front stabilizer bar, new 80 PSI tire pressure and new 8,500lbs 9 leaf springs also from the E350 DRW Cutaway.  Your favorite upfitter will need to complete your Aerial Bucket Package Econoline with a verticla center of Gravity between 39.4 inches and 44.25 inches.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gresham Ford is excited to report that the F150 has been chosen above all others

Gresham Ford has many F150's to chose from
Both Popular Mechanics Magazine and have chosen the 2013 F-150 as the best light duty pickup truck.  The 2013 Ford F-150 beat five competitors and is being recognized for its outstanding capability and performance.

In the performance oriented NW truck market the Ford half-ton F150 is dominating.  The Ford 150 finished first or second in 11 of 13 events sponsored by Popular Mechanics and  Judges tested the F150 against the Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra and the Ram 1500.  The Ford truck group marketing manager, Doug Scott shared that "The results of this test show why F-Series has been the best-selling pickup truck in America for more than 30 years.  We know our light-duty customers are looking for a pickup truck that delivers the leading combination of towing, payload, horsepower, torque, and fuel economy, and this shootout proves F-150 continues to lead the pack."

If you haven't already driven a F-150, Gresham Ford would be happy to take you out and show you the performance it provides.  The 2013 Ford half ton truck features up to 11,300 pounds of towing capability and best in class 3,120 pounds of payload.  The F-150 is available with four powertrains including the all new 6.2L V8, a 5L V8, a 3.7L V6 and the awesome and wonderful 3.5L Eco-Boost engine.

If you own or operate a business contact, Gresham Ford Fleet, to access your special fleet pricing.  Or just email any of our Gresham Ford Fleet Managers for a your business pricing on a new F150.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS) with Pull Drift Compensation

Pull-Drift Compensation is a software-based technology enabled by Ford’s shift to fuel-efficient
Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS) systems.  The technology detects road conditions – such as a crowned road surface or crosswinds – and adjusts the EPAS steering system to help the driver compensate for pulling and drifting.  For drivers, Pull-Drift Compensation is designed to be unnoticeable as the system adjusts to help with pulling or drifting conditions.  Because EPAS uses an electric motor to provide steering assistance, its control can be precisely programmed to enable technologies such as Pull-Drift Compensation or Active Park Assist – a new option debuting on several 2010 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles – that help or take over steering.  Visit the Gresham Ford showroom for your own personal demonstration of EPAS.
Electric Power Assist Steering from Ford

Pull-Drift Compensation starts with EPAS technology, which replaces the traditional hydraulic-assist power steering pump with an electric motor.  This increases fuel economy because the electric motor operates only when steering assistance is required.  Sensors constantly measure steering wheel torque applied by the driver to maintain the vehicle’s path. Continuous adjustments are made as the system resets to adapt to changing road conditions or maneuvers, such as the vehicle turning a corner.  When the system detects a pulling or
drifting condition, such as a crowned road surface, it provides torque assistance to help make steering easier.
For drivers, this assistance is seamless and imperceptible.   EPAS technology can be fine tuned by engineers to fit the driving characteristics of varying products, whether it’s a luxury sedan or sporty compact SUV.

Today's vehicles offer immense technology and safety features.  Gresham Ford is proud to offer such a complete and wide ranging platform of vehicles that showcase the newest and most innovative technology available.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ford Gives You Smart Steering

Gresham Ford is proud to offer a new technology that helps drivers lock into a lane by altering them to unwanted swerves.  Just imagine, its after midnight and you're on the last leg of a cross-county trip.  Eventually your coffee supply is going to run dry and that's where the Ford Lane Keeping System kicks in.
Gresham Ford Demonstrates Safety Technology Like the Lane Keeping System

Making its debut as an available option in the 2013 Fusion, the latest Ford technology tool is designed to keep drivers from drifting out side the lines of their lanes.  At speeds above 40 mph, the system uses a windshield mounted camera to watch for unwanted swaying in either direction.  If a swerve is detected, the system will deliver - depending on severity - one of three wake up calls: a vibration in the steering wheel, a gentle correction from power assisted steering or a combination of the two.  

With each new ignition cycle, the driver must turn the Lane Keeping System On by pressing the button (location will vary from vehicle to vehicle). The system is defaulted to the Off setting. The feature will turn itself On automatically when MyKey is detected.  Your Gresham Ford Sales Specialist can help demonstrate how the system functions and answer you specific questions. 

Driver Alert is designed to help prevent driver inattention. Like the Lane-Keeping System, Driver Alert uses the forward facing camera to detect lane markings on the road ahead. When the system detects that the driver’s alertness level has decreased below a threshold, the driver will receive a series of warnings —
both visual and audible — to help keep them alert. Warnings First — the driver will receive a visual warning in the instrument cluster (coffee cup) and a chime to alert them.  Second — if erratic driving continues, another warning will appear and remain displayed for a longer time.  Reset — all information is reset as soon as the driver stops and opens the door or turns off the engine.  Drivers do not necessarily have to be tired to lose concentration when driving; even simple tasks like changing a radio station can be distracting and the
consequences severe. This system will help them stay alert and attentive while driving.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ford Commercial Trucks Dominate the NW Region

Ford F Series vs Dodge Ram
For the entire 2012 calendar year the Ford Commercial Truck lineup continues to be the undeniable leader in the Commercial Truck Market.  Based on industry figures through September of 2012 Ford captured 46.4 percent of industry sales.  Nowhere is this more evident that in the situation where Dodge Ram tries to take on the Ford F-Series Super Duty line of work trucks.  It is obvious that Ram has tried to develop a product that mirrors many of the key attributes of the Super Duty, but today's sophisticated truck customer also wants and needs a complete package of support services to keep vehicles "on-the-road" and generating revenue.  Ford has tackled this obstacle by offering plug ins for your laptop and space for a printer so that your truck can truly be mobile office.  Gresham Ford appreciates the need to stay on the road where you are generating income and can help facilitate your transition to a mobile office.

 Roadside assistance on every new Super Duty work truck is complimentary for 5 years or 60,000 miles.  This roadside assistance covers lock out service, running out of gas, changing a flat tire, all that fun stuff so now there is no need for AAA.  With over 600 Business Preferred Network Dealerships, Ford can offer customers a large and experienced dealer network.  With trained technicians and almost instant parts availability, Ford dealers can get vehicles back in service with minimal customer downtime.  Ford dealers understand the truck business and what it takes to support the commercial customer.  Ram fails to bring this hard-earned experience to the table.
Roadside Assistance is Complimentary for 5 years or 60,000 miles

For commercial customers, buying a Super Duty Pickup F-250/F-350/ F-450 is a big investment. The Ford Motor Company New Vehicle Limited Warranty and optional Ford Motor Company Extended Service Plans will help protect the value of their investment and reinforce their purchase decision.  Commercial customers choosing an F-Series Super Duty Pickup have access to qualified service technicians available beyond the standard 9-to-5 business day.
Gresham Ford Fleet is a Business Preferred Network Oregon Dealership

Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company Business Preferred Network (BPN) certification is only provided to dealerships that satisfy a number of skills, knowledge and dedication.  Participating BPN dealerships are supported by a dedicated training curriculum for sales, parts and service and finance roles
These programs supporting BPN include Quality Fleet Care, Commercial Service Plus, National Fleet Parts Pricing, Ford Extended Service and Maintenance Plans for fleets and more. for example, provides parts support 24/7 while featuring  national “Rapid Referral” and FedEx shipping.  Gresham Ford recognizes that you can't make money if your work truck in is the shop, so Gresham Ford Service gets you back on the road faster, where you belong.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Northwest Companies Explore Emissions Control Systems that Could Replace Liquid Urea Solution

Researchers are developing emissions control systems that could someday replace the selective catalytic reduction setups now found on diesel-powered medium duty trucks.  Their work has been driven in part by concerns that diesel exhaust fluid presents problems that alternative technologies could overcome.

The Ford Super Duty offers a 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel offers 300 horsepower @ 2800 rpm and 660 lb.-ft. of torque @ 1600 rpm while being the cleanest Power Stroke diesel ever.  The Ford-engineered, Ford-tested and Ford-built engine is also bio-diesel capability up to B20.  Because bio-diesel is not regulated Service & Maintenance experts suggest being diligent with your maintenance schedule if you do decide to use B20 fuel.  The engine is designed to handle a mixture of up to 20% bio-diesel by volume and 80% petroleum diesel fuel without any performance change.  The compacted graphite iron (CGI) deep-skirt engine block and aluminum cylinder heads help reduce weight while maintaining maximum strength for the horsepower and torque capacity of the Power Stroke V8 Diesel Engine.  This is the kind of technology that Gresham Ford Fleet is so proud to offer.  This is the first North American use of CGI in a Super Duty-class vehicle.  CGI is stronger than traditional cast iron and provides the dependability you only get from Ford work trucks.  The aluminum cylinder heads help to reduce weight and increase your fuel economy.

The Ford diesel work truck also offers dual water jackets for enhanced cooling and increased strength.  While the six-head bolt design helps improve sealing and maintain cylinder integrity to keep you on the road where you belong.  The unique inboard exhaust design is an automotive industry first for a modern production diesel engine and Ford will continue to be on the leading edge of alternative fuels and new technologies.  The new technology helps to reduce exhaust system volume and heat transfer to the engine compartment and helps improve throttle response.  Ford has also worked hard to improve NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) characteristics so when you are in your work truck you can hear.

The Ford work truck has a single-stage turbocharger that is a compact and efficient variable-geometry design helps deliver maximum power quickly, so there is never turbo lag.  The turbo charger provides up to 30 psi of boost that you can feel immediately.  It also features a center-mounted pedestal design at the rear of the engine to help improve NVH characteristics and access for service.  The high-pressure common-rail fuel injection utilizes piezo injector technology to deliver fuel at 30,000 psi and delivers up to 5 fuel injections per combustion cycle for excellent throttle response, fuel efficiency and NVH characteristics.

The 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel Ford Work Truck delivers quiet operation throughout the entire rpm range (similar to gasoline engine noise levels) and helps the Power Stroke V8 meet the latest diesel emissions standards with the urea liquid solution.  The work truck had instant-start glow plugs help provide quick engine starts, even in extremely cold conditions.  The structural oil pan bolts to the engine block and transmission to help improve powertrain stiffness while the Organic Acid Technology (OAT) engine coolant

and Intelligent Oil-Life Monitorwork together to ensure that you are reminded to maintain your work truck to ensure a long life.

So what is a Turbocharger?
A turbocharger (or turbo for short) uses the engine‘s exhaust gases to spin a turbine, which in turn drives a compressor to force more air into the engine. Increasing the airflow allows more power to be generated. A turbo consumes very little power under light loads or easy engine use and allows smaller engines to generate the power of a larger displacement. When extra power is needed, the turbo spins into action.

What is Turbo Lag?
This is the time it takes for the turbocharger to spin after the driver steps on the accelerator. This delay can be caused by the turbo having to wait for the exhaust gas to spin the turbine and drive the compressor. Another factor in lag is the size of the turbo. Bigger turbos make more power but take longer to respond. In the past, the typical solution was to use two smaller turbos for faster response. However, this approach added the cost and complexity of two turbos and generated twice the heat.

The Innovative Power Stroke Approach
The 6.7L Power Stroke includes a single-stage turbocharger design. The turbocharger incorporates a variable-geometry design to help deliver maximum power.

The Power Stroke Benefit
The turbocharger is mounted between the cylinder head exhaust manifolds. The reduced distance between the exhaust ports and the turbocharger minimizes turbo lag.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The CMax has great MPG and lots of room

The Ford CMax Hybrid is offered at Gresham Ford

The all-new 2013 C-MAX is different looking Ford's other sedans and SUVs - that's because the CMAX is a Multi-Activity Vehicle.  This is  the first dedicated hybrid line of vehicles from Ford in North America — and the first of the multi-activity vehicles. After visiting the Portland Auto Show it appears that MAV's are making a big impact here in the northwest and may be here to say.  So what is a MAV?  There is no universal definition however there are some things that everyone agrees upon.  A MAV is a vehicle that combines the best features of a smaller vehicle with the versatility and flexibility of a sedan. For instance the Ford CMax has many small-car attributes like a sporty, responsive handling and feel as well as fantastic maneuverability which is important when you are trying to parallel park in the Pearl District of Portland.  The best aspect from my viewpoint is the fuel efficiency of the Ford CMax Hybrid - 47mpg combined highway and city.  Ford has worked hard to make these MAVs lighter and better the technology in order to achieve these surprising MPG numbers.

The Ford CMax has more horsepower
The Ford CMax is far from gutless, it provides more horsepower than may other comparably sized competitors and offers may sedan like attributes as well.  When you drive the Ford CMax (at Gresham Ford of course) you will experience a smooth ride while enjoying comfortable seating for 5 passengers and while appreciating the cargo-carrying capability.  Ford has worked hard to acheive a well rounded impressive vehicle.
You won't feel the CMax shift

The CMax combines power from the engine and electric motor to drive the wheels and get that fantastic MPG.  Ford has designed the Ford CMax with a Electronically Controlled Continously Variable Transmission that effectively eliminates the noticeable upshifts and downshifts of conventional transmissions, providing smoother operation.  It makes sense if you remove the gears you would also create a smooth ride accompanied by impressive fuel economy.  The ECVT signals the VSC (Vehicle System Controller) to shut down the gasoline engine at low speeds and idle so the electric traction motor alone drives the vehicle and all of this happens without you doing anything.  The CMax is possibly the smartest vehicle in the marketplace.  It uses one planetary gearset for all the ratio changes, unlike other CVTs that use a steel link belt to provide continuous ratio changes this means less maintenance concerns for you in the long run as well.
The Ford CMax has lots of room for you and your things
The 2013 Ford CMax also touts grade assist which provides additional grade braking with a combination of engine motoring and high-voltage lithium-ion battery charging to help maintain vehicle speed when descending a grade.  As the CMax determines the amount of engine motoring and high-voltage lithium-ion battery charging, the driver may notice engine speed increasing and decreasing to help maintain vehicle speed when descending a grade.  If you live in Oregon City you will appreciate this feature all the more.  The CMax grade assist is activated by the driver via a switch located on the shift knob while in Drive (D) or Low (L) then  the grade assist lamp in the instrument cluster is illuminated.  When you want to return to normal Drive (D), the driver presses the transmission control switch again - that's it, mission accomplished.

Ford has even spent considerable time work to reduce noise in the cabin and has done a fantastic job by providing the thick hood blanket that helps reduce powertrain NVH (noise, vibration & harshness) levels.  The side door glass is thick and provides further improvement to the quiet interior environment.  The rear cargo isolation in carpet and trim helps lower interior noise as well and combined they do a fantastic job to keeping the inside of your vehicle quiet.
The Ford CMax has better technology and better MPG
The CMax is the "in between" vehicle you have been wanting
CMax just handles better