Saturday, January 26, 2013

The CMax has great MPG and lots of room

The Ford CMax Hybrid is offered at Gresham Ford

The all-new 2013 C-MAX is different looking Ford's other sedans and SUVs - that's because the CMAX is a Multi-Activity Vehicle.  This is  the first dedicated hybrid line of vehicles from Ford in North America — and the first of the multi-activity vehicles. After visiting the Portland Auto Show it appears that MAV's are making a big impact here in the northwest and may be here to say.  So what is a MAV?  There is no universal definition however there are some things that everyone agrees upon.  A MAV is a vehicle that combines the best features of a smaller vehicle with the versatility and flexibility of a sedan. For instance the Ford CMax has many small-car attributes like a sporty, responsive handling and feel as well as fantastic maneuverability which is important when you are trying to parallel park in the Pearl District of Portland.  The best aspect from my viewpoint is the fuel efficiency of the Ford CMax Hybrid - 47mpg combined highway and city.  Ford has worked hard to make these MAVs lighter and better the technology in order to achieve these surprising MPG numbers.

The Ford CMax has more horsepower
The Ford CMax is far from gutless, it provides more horsepower than may other comparably sized competitors and offers may sedan like attributes as well.  When you drive the Ford CMax (at Gresham Ford of course) you will experience a smooth ride while enjoying comfortable seating for 5 passengers and while appreciating the cargo-carrying capability.  Ford has worked hard to acheive a well rounded impressive vehicle.
You won't feel the CMax shift

The CMax combines power from the engine and electric motor to drive the wheels and get that fantastic MPG.  Ford has designed the Ford CMax with a Electronically Controlled Continously Variable Transmission that effectively eliminates the noticeable upshifts and downshifts of conventional transmissions, providing smoother operation.  It makes sense if you remove the gears you would also create a smooth ride accompanied by impressive fuel economy.  The ECVT signals the VSC (Vehicle System Controller) to shut down the gasoline engine at low speeds and idle so the electric traction motor alone drives the vehicle and all of this happens without you doing anything.  The CMax is possibly the smartest vehicle in the marketplace.  It uses one planetary gearset for all the ratio changes, unlike other CVTs that use a steel link belt to provide continuous ratio changes this means less maintenance concerns for you in the long run as well.
The Ford CMax has lots of room for you and your things
The 2013 Ford CMax also touts grade assist which provides additional grade braking with a combination of engine motoring and high-voltage lithium-ion battery charging to help maintain vehicle speed when descending a grade.  As the CMax determines the amount of engine motoring and high-voltage lithium-ion battery charging, the driver may notice engine speed increasing and decreasing to help maintain vehicle speed when descending a grade.  If you live in Oregon City you will appreciate this feature all the more.  The CMax grade assist is activated by the driver via a switch located on the shift knob while in Drive (D) or Low (L) then  the grade assist lamp in the instrument cluster is illuminated.  When you want to return to normal Drive (D), the driver presses the transmission control switch again - that's it, mission accomplished.

Ford has even spent considerable time work to reduce noise in the cabin and has done a fantastic job by providing the thick hood blanket that helps reduce powertrain NVH (noise, vibration & harshness) levels.  The side door glass is thick and provides further improvement to the quiet interior environment.  The rear cargo isolation in carpet and trim helps lower interior noise as well and combined they do a fantastic job to keeping the inside of your vehicle quiet.
The Ford CMax has better technology and better MPG
The CMax is the "in between" vehicle you have been wanting
CMax just handles better