Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ford Gives You Smart Steering

Gresham Ford is proud to offer a new technology that helps drivers lock into a lane by altering them to unwanted swerves.  Just imagine, its after midnight and you're on the last leg of a cross-county trip.  Eventually your coffee supply is going to run dry and that's where the Ford Lane Keeping System kicks in.
Gresham Ford Demonstrates Safety Technology Like the Lane Keeping System

Making its debut as an available option in the 2013 Fusion, the latest Ford technology tool is designed to keep drivers from drifting out side the lines of their lanes.  At speeds above 40 mph, the system uses a windshield mounted camera to watch for unwanted swaying in either direction.  If a swerve is detected, the system will deliver - depending on severity - one of three wake up calls: a vibration in the steering wheel, a gentle correction from power assisted steering or a combination of the two.  

With each new ignition cycle, the driver must turn the Lane Keeping System On by pressing the button (location will vary from vehicle to vehicle). The system is defaulted to the Off setting. The feature will turn itself On automatically when MyKey is detected.  Your Gresham Ford Sales Specialist can help demonstrate how the system functions and answer you specific questions. 

Driver Alert is designed to help prevent driver inattention. Like the Lane-Keeping System, Driver Alert uses the forward facing camera to detect lane markings on the road ahead. When the system detects that the driver’s alertness level has decreased below a threshold, the driver will receive a series of warnings —
both visual and audible — to help keep them alert. Warnings First — the driver will receive a visual warning in the instrument cluster (coffee cup) and a chime to alert them.  Second — if erratic driving continues, another warning will appear and remain displayed for a longer time.  Reset — all information is reset as soon as the driver stops and opens the door or turns off the engine.  Drivers do not necessarily have to be tired to lose concentration when driving; even simple tasks like changing a radio station can be distracting and the
consequences severe. This system will help them stay alert and attentive while driving.