Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Keeping Safe this Winter on the Road

The wet rainy and sometimes icy northwest weather has fallen upon the Portland Metro area.  Whether that means black ice and school closures or just torrential downpours and a nasty wind we all need to guard against the weather when driving.  The suggestions below is one way to help keep you and your family safe this holiday season.  
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The first and foremost concern is to make sure that your car, truck or SUV is running smoothly.  Gresham Ford knows that you are busy especially during the holiday season.  Remember that our Service Department is Open 7am to midnight weekdays and Saturday 8am to 4pm for your convenience.  Gresham Ford may be a Ford Dealership but we service ALL Makes and ALL Models - that means your vehicle too!  Because we service all makes and and models our technicians are more trained and certified than almost any other shop in town.  Diesel, gas or electric engines are our speciality with our Senior Master Certified Technicians on staff and ready to make your car, truck or SUV ready for winter.  

Gresham Ford Sells Studded Tires
Unfortunately even if your vehicle is in fabulous shape, you should be prepared - just in case something happens in your travels.  Below is a list of tips and items you should keep in your vehicle - just in case.  Some of the items seem obvious but they are all worth mentioning.  

  • Don't allow your gas tank to get below a half a tank of fuel.  If you are stranded on the highway you want to have more than enough gas to keep you nice and toasty.  This will also help to avoid gas line freeze ups.  
  • Keep a first aid kit, shovel, broom and ice scraper, sand or kitty litter to provide traction, jumper cables, warning devices (like flares or triangles), a cell phone with charger, blankets, and enough food and water for everyone who’s travelling. Any medicine should be brought along as well.  Just imagine what you would need if you had to send 6 to 10 hours in your vehicle, then you will always be over-prepared.  
  • Avoid driving when you are fatigued.  
  • Check to ensure your tires are properly inflated.  
  • DO NOT use cruise control when driving on slippery surfaces
  • Make Sure Your Battery is Up to Snuff and Charged  (Gresham Ford offers Battery Testing Free of Charge)
  • As Oregonians we all know this but keep your windshield wipers in good working order.  If you hate installing them, no problem, Gresham Ford will install them for you at no extra charge.  
If you ever have any questions about getting ready for a road trip feel free to come in and ask.  Gresham Ford is OPEN 7am to midnight Monday thru Friday and 8am to 4pm on Saturday.  Stay warm and safe this holiday season.