Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chuck Riley joins the Fleet Team at Gresham Ford

I started here in fleet sales Jan 4th, and have met, and received a very warm welcome and positive support from quite a few of my fellow workers already, and I'm sure I'll eventually meet everybody.
Chuck Riley - Fleet Manager at Gresham Ford

I moved to Portland from Riverside, CA the end of May 2014.  I lived in Southern California for 32 years, and worked as a fleet manager at Fritts Ford, also in Riverside, for 15 years.  I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela for 11 years, (I speak Spanish),
lived in England for a year, then lived in Chicago for 12 years, (yes, I'm a Bulls fan!).  I did 2 years in the army at Ft. Lewis, near Tacoma, WA, then 5 years at SIU at Carbondale, IL.  

I was hired by Bess to promote & sell upfitter trucks & vans, so if anybody at the dealership bounces into somebody considering a new work-type truck, please let me know.  If we can make a sale out of it, I'm sure that Bess will be happy to reward you for it.

Again, I'm very excited to be here, and am looking forward to contributing to Gresham Ford.