Friday, April 17, 2015

Do I need my brakes checked?

If you are anything like us, your brakes don't weigh on your mind often.  However we do recognize that regular inspections on maintenance items like your brakes can help you get the most value from your vehicle and save you on costly repairs bills later.  So what are signs that your brakes need some tender loving care from an automotive professional?

Reduced Responsiveness
If you have noticed that you are having to pump harder or longer in order to stop - please get your brakes checked.  

Sounds Like Metal on Metal
If your vehicle is making new and exciting noises when you hit the brakes - please get your brakes checked.  

If you vehicle pulls to one side or the other while braking this can be a sign that your pads have worn unevenly or are warped.  Please use this opportunity to get your brakes checked.

If you are noticing a vibration or pulsing sensation when you brake this is also a sign that you need to have your brakes checked.

Paying attention to any of the warning signs above and visiting the Gresham Ford Service Department for more information can help keep you and your family safe.  And now you can feel even better about bringing your vehicle, no matter the make or model, to Gresham Ford because of our Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee.
Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee at Gresham Ford
You aren't going to pay more for this Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee either.  Until June 30th 2015 Gresham Ford is offering a Complete Brake Service for $179.95 or less.  The Quick Lane inside Gresham Ford services ALL MAKES & ALL MODELS so if you don't own a Ford - no problem.

Complete Brake Service Available for $179.95 or Less until June 30th 2015
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If you still aren't sure about your brakes or your safety, Gresham Ford offers a FREE Brake Inspection thru May 31st 2015.
Free Brake Inspection Available at Gresham Ford