Monday, July 6, 2015

2016 Ford Escape is now available at Gresham Ford

2016 Ford Escape now available at Gresham Ford

The 2016 Ford Escape is the Smart Utility Vehicle that balances technology, design and engineering with intelligent, with intuitive controls.  The 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 engine provides V6-like performance - that saves you money on gas wherever your day takes you.  This compact SUV also provides the capability you have come to expect from Escape — from a large interior with plenty of storage to the 3500-lb. towing capacity and Intelligent 4WD, The Ford Escape 2016 model is as capable as it is smart.  
Interior View of the 2016 Ford Escape available at Gresham Ford

Many Gresham Ford customers enjoy the versatility of this compact SUV and find that the renewed "Kinetic” exterior design conveys a sense of athletic grace and motion, even when Escape is standing still.  Ford has even made available hands-free liftgate makes cargo loading and unloading even easier  - just use your foot.  Also available power panoramic Vista Roof provides a large opening and a nearly unobstructed view for second-row passengers.  
Download the 2016 Ford Escape Brochure Digitally

There are a few new things in the 2016 model that just weren't available in the 2015 version. In the Comfort/Convenience department you now have audio input jack deleted from standard audio
system on S trim model.  However Ford did add configurable daytime running lamps and enhancements made to SYNC.  There have also been revisions made to SE Cold Weather Package that so many in the Northwest enjoy and ordered.  You will also notice upgrades to the handsfree Bluetooth system Ford is calling SYNC 3.  
2016 Ford Escape S Available at Gresham Ford in Gresham Oregon

In the Quality/Reliability/Durability department for 2016 there is now acoustic-laminated front door side glass standard on SE trim version of the 2016 Ford Escape.  When examining the Design/Styling of the new 2016 Ford Escape you have a few new colors like : Electric Spice and Shadow Black.  However there are two Exterior colors that have been deleted: Karat Gold and Tuxedo Black.

Escape features adaptable airbag deployment that uses various sensors throughout the vehicle to measure a variety of inputs, including the size of the passengers and how fast the vehicle is decelerating, to determine how the airbags will deploy.  The Safety Canopy System combines with side-curtain airbags and a rollover sensor to help provide protection for outboard passengers during a side-impact collision.  The robust unibody construction of the 2016 Ford Escape is nearly one-third of the steel used in the body of the all-new Escape is composed of advanced, high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel that add safety and improve weight efficiency.  The Personal Safety System of the 2016 Ford Escape tailors airbag usage to the severity of the crash, driver and passenger safety belt
use, driver’s seat position and passenger classification.  The System components include:
• Dual-stage driver and front-passenger airbags
• Electronic front crash severity sensor
• Driver seat position sensor
• Front outboard safety belt usage sensor
• Restraint control module
• Front outboard safety belt energy management retractors
• Front outboard safety belt pretensioners
• Front-Passenger Sensing System

In addition to the chest, and incorporate new venting technology has also been included in the 2016 Ford Escape now available at Gresham Ford. The adaptive vent in the side airbag takes into account the size of the occupant and varies the pressure so a smaller occupant gets a lower pressure.  The adaptive vent is lined up with the shoulder area of the occupant. For larger passengers, the shoulder engages the vent and keeps it from venting so the gas stays inside the airbag. For smaller passengers, the effect is just the opposite: Because the shoulder is below the vent, the gas vents out of the bag.

Ford Personal Safety System

Gresham Ford knows that keeping your family safe is your ultimate priority and is happy to take the time to share all the upgraded safety technology included in the full line of Ford products like the 2016 Ford Escape.  The advancements in technology are truly remarkable and will help to make you feel good about trusting your family's safety to Ford.