Thursday, July 2, 2015

Preparing for a car accident

Summer is here and that brings the road trip season with it, especially in the Northwest.  As these peak summer travel days approach so do your chances of being in an accident.  So before you set out on the road make sure that you are prepared in case of a collision.  

Knowing what to secure from your insurance company beforehand, and whom to call life a collision happens can make a huge difference.  Learn what to do before and after a collision so you can protect your family even when you're stressed and get back to your road trip summer adventures faster.  

Remember to be polite even though emotions will most likely run high.  Stay at the scene until it is appropriate to leave.  If someone has been seriously hurt you could face hit and run charges if you leave before appropriate.  If there is significant damage or injuries call the police.  Notate badge numbers and request the police report number to share with your insurance company.  Remember more information is always better.  When exchanging information it's a good idea to get the VIN, Year, Make and Model of the vehicle that was involved in the accident.  Most of this information is available on the door sticker of most vehicles.  If there are passengers obtain their names and contact information as well.  Talk to witnesses if there are any and get their names and contact information to share with your insurance company.  Promptly contact your insurance company, don't wait.  Take pictures as soon as possible of the vehicles involved and the people involved if possible.  Photos can help your insurance company accurately determine the loss encountered and the appropriate compensation.    

Be safe this summer and remember to stay calm if an accident does occur.  Drive safe.