Monday, August 24, 2015

Tips for staying cool with your vehicle this summer

Last year was the hottest summer on record, and heat and humidity are again bearing down across the United States. Heat waves on both coasts are contributing to shattered weather records already this year, with 31 cities and towns across the country posting the hottest June temperature ever recorded. While driving to and from the office, or with your family on the weekends, your vehicle’s air conditioning is a luxury many take for granted.

Tips to remember on your daily commute:

 When you first enter a hot vehicle, lower the windows completely for a few minutes to push out hot air.

 Use the max A/C button to quickly cool down the vehicle.

 If you get too cold, don’t switch the unit on and off; adjust the temperature or fan speed to help keep the temperature consistent.

 Too cold in the front, but still not cool enough in the back seat? Instead of shutting the A/C vents in the front, redirect them to the ceiling or sides of the vehicle to keep air flowing to the rear.

 Parking in the shade whenever possible or using a reflective windshield shade can dramatically reduce heat buildup in your parked vehicle. Cabin temperature at startup will be much lower, and temperature comfort will be achieved much sooner on your drive.

So, before you head off for that last trip as the kids go back to school, drop by Gresham Ford. We’d be happy to take a look to make sure everything is ship shape.  We service all makes and models and we’re open until Midnight (Monday-Friday).

Stay cool and enjoy the ride!